Hellooo World ~

Okay then, I’m unintentionally attracting pageviews while I’m playing around with this blog, so I might as well do a proper intro. To be honest, I seriously can’t wait to get started on it >_<

Buuut I’m going to have to wait just the same, because… this will be my Animal Crossing 3DS blog :mrgreen: It’s still not set in stone though. If you know me, you’ll know I am terrible at keeping at something consistently 😛 Anyhoo…

Lily of the Valley

To be honest, I always felt the blog name ‘ACWW Happiness ^_^’ was a little awkward (no kidding, it even comes with a smiley whose mouth disappears every time it gets put into a link -_-). After all, I didn’t put much thought into the name when I hardly even knew what I was doing or how seriously I would take blogging at the time.

Well, the name Lily of the Valley struck me about a year ago, and I thought it would be very appropriate if I were ever to create a new Animal Crossing blog. It’s the name of the flower that got lost in translation, the “Jacob’s Ladder”.

I don’t know if there are Lilies of the Valley in AC:3DS. But when I first learned of the actual species of the flower that signifies a town’s perfect status, I thought it had a lovely name and that it was a shame it was no longer used in the English version. So even if they continue to be localised as Jacob’s Ladders, or even if AC:3DS doesn’t have them at all, I wanted to have my own little “Lily of the Valley” right here 🙂

My Blog Theme

I spent a while going through Themes and settled on this one, called Oxygen. My other blog, for AC:WW, has a very dark theme that helps enhance the colours of my pictures. Subsequently, I wanted to try a light theme for a spacious, clean feel for this blog.

I also think the Oxygen theme layout is good for my blogging style. When I post, I post lots of pictures. My AC:WW Hemingway theme always annoyed me because it simply lists the title of each post, with no sort of preview whatsoever. On the other hand, using a theme that displays entire posts in a list would probably frighten half my visitors away, so I really like Oxygen’s approach.

Hmm, that’s it for now, I think. Oh, and look at the date. I did actually have this blog set up and waaaiting for AC:3DS since the start of the year 😛 Well, I knew it wasn’t coming out then but I knew I would be getting it. BUT WHO KNEW IT WOULD TAKE THIS LONG!! Haha 😛

Oh well, see you round. I think.




5 responses to “Hellooo World ~

  1. I admit I was a few of the views, lol, I saw that one of your posts had been reblogged and I was curious. 😛 Sorry about that, it probably seems nosy… I’ll get to be this blog’s first commenter, though. 🙂

    Aw, I’ve always liked the blog name AC:WW Happiness. I’m not too happy with mine either, AC Town Record, meh… But I wanted to have a sort of official sounding title rather than going with ‘twiskacww’ or something like that, and it came to mind. I think I also considered “Forest Life” and I like that a lot better, after my favorite K.K. Slider song in AC:WW, which is based off of the theme for Animal Crossing GameCube that I love. Plus, forest life also kind of sums up Animal Crosisng nicely, but the domain is taken in WordPress.

  2. I didn’t mean to post the comment, I wasn’t done yet. >_< Well, I was going to continue by saying that I really like this blog's name and theme! The picture previews for the posts look lovely, and I notice that this theme comes with automatic previous/next post buttons (a feature I wish my theme had, it's wonderful) so you won't have to make your own anymore.

    When you google "jacob's ladder" you get a lot of paintings and some purple flowers, but they don't really look like the Animal Crossing jacob's ladders, that's weird… the lily of the valley images do, though, so pretty! ^_^

    Have you thought about what you will name your Animal Crossing 3DS town/island?

    • Oh sweet, I have 2 comments already, lol 😆 And my first commenter, woohoo!!
      It’s not nosy at all! Like I said, I can’t wait to start using it x3 Though right now it’s just a completely empty blog.

      Don’t worry, at most I would have called it “AC:WW Bliss” instead 😛 I was so disoriented while starting my blog that I couldn’t think of the right word and so I ended up writing ‘happiness’, haha (which isn’t far off, so it’s not like I regret it at all).
      Ah dang, that’s exactly how it was with “Lily of the Valley”; I had to add ‘AC’ in front of it because the domain was taken. And the cool domain names are always either abandoned or deleted T_T

      Yes I think this theme is much more user-friendly ^^ I guess I kept the black Hemingway theme pretty much just for its appearance. I just tried out the comment box in this blog though, and it didn’t seem very easy to use (it didn’t let me scroll through my message once I wrote more than the height of the box).

      They probably localised the Jacob’s ladder as such due to a character limit. The original Japanese name for the flowers was Suzuran, which does translate to lily of the valley.

      Aaand I am really clueless about my town name ¬_¬ I thought my AC:WW town name was perfect because it was a real place I knew and I liked that that made it feel less superficial to me (as opposed to my original ‘Nicetown’), but I never counted on getting a 2nd AC town! 😛 I have no more interesting place names, lol. What about you? (And do you mean you can name the island, as well?)

      • It wouldn’t be bad at all to reuse the name Bundeena, I think many people do keep the same town names across different games. Yeah, I have a feeling we’ll get to name our island! I think it was that way in AC:GC, and with all the new customization options in AC:3DS, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t leave that out. I even think it’s a possibility they might increase the character limit this time, I hope so! Eight just isn’t really enough, they should at least make it 10.

        I have two ideas for town names/island names:
        Starmere – I like the way it sounds and the idea of it. Mere means lake, so it’s like star lake… stars reflected in the water I guess. 😛 I got the idea from a lake in the Lord of the Rings, Mirrormere (which is better but too long for the limit >_<).
        Ys – After the mythical city swallowed by the ocean (so maybe it wouldn't be a bad name for the island). With the new outdoor furniture and things in this game it would be fun to landscape it like an beautiful old-fashioned city.
        But if we will be able to use more than 8 character letters this time, I'll definitely make use of that and think of something else 😀

        • I really hope they increased the character limit for this. I already get the feeling they didn’t increase the item limit per room from my counts while watching the preview videos >_>
          I could reuse ‘Bundeena’ but I do sort of want a more creative name for this one, like yours (and believe it or not, AC:3DS became too modernised for ‘Bundeena’ to apply anymore :P). But in that case I just simply can’t come up with a cool name 😛

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