Why I’m Really Looking Forward to New Leaf

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And stuff that better stay in the localisation!!
So yeah, as the title says, here are some aspects of AC: New Leaf that I’ve really fallen in love with, aside from the obvious things that have already pulled me in like the customisation options and features they’ve been showing off in previews and trailers.

Btw the picture is from the footer of a page from a Japanese AC: New Leaf pamphlet. You can see scans of it from this Japanese blog.

One step at a time…

Back when all the information emerged about what you could do as mayor, all the customisations possible on various levels, all the new buildings and activities… etc, it all felt like a lot to manage in one go. Now that I’ve seen the various accounts from people playing the Japanese version, I’m glad that everything seems well-paced. You do actually start off with next to nothing, and gradually work your way up unlocking all the features, including some that you probably took for granted in previous games, such as the Roost.

D-pad to Quick-Select Tool

I think I got this right… Use the D-pad to instantly equip and cycle through your tools! Exactly what I was wishing for :mrgreen: I was also hoping they would have their own section in your pockets and not take up item space, but it seems not. But…

Stackable Fruits

Fruits are stackable! 😀 Up to 9 in each item space, saving you a lot of space and trips to the shop. If only you could stack other like items.

Improved Watering Can

Ooh yeah, come to me, souped-up Harvest-Moon watering can! Silver and Gold cans now water multiple flowers around you (which they apparently did in AC:CF, but it was invisible). The way I understand it…

▣ is You.

Silver waters a cross shape like this:
▢  ▦  ▢
▦  ▣  ▦
▢  ▦  ▢
Gold waters 9 flowers but I’m not sure if it’s:
▦  ▦  ▦ ________▦  ▣  ▦
▦  ▣  ▦ _— or ___▦  ▦  ▦
▦  ▦  ▦ ________▦  ▦  ▦

Jam-packed with past NPCs

At least, this is how I feel it is. I’m not sure who was in which game and who’s missing, but there’s so many that weren’t in AC:WW that I’m really looking forward to meeting, especially Jingle ^_^ From what I can see, special characters from the past (though they may have new roles) include:

Chip, Franklin, Gracie, Gulliver, Jingle, Jack, Katie, Dr. Shrunk, K.K.Slider, Katrina, Nat, Pascal, Phineas, Rover, Saharah and Wendell

From your town:
Tom Nook, Timmy, Tommy; Mabel, Sable, Labelle; Pelly, Phyllis, Pete; Blathers, Celeste, Brewster; Booker, Copper; Harriet, Joan, Kapp’n, Kicks, Lyle, Porter, Redd and Resetti

I almost think the game developers thought, “The more the merrier!” 😛
And I love that 😀

Gulliver’s quizzes

Each time you meet shipwrecked Gulliver, he gives you a quiz to guess which country he was trying to reach (not that he really knows, either). He gives you a hint, and if you guessed right presumably sends you a souvenir the next day from that country. REAL COUNTRIES ^_^ I love this method of referencing the real world, plus it seems fun to guess and maybe you can also learn new things.


Seriously? I can call out my townies’ names in frustration next time I need to do a 10-minute super express delivery for someone? Awwwesome.
I hate talking into mics, and AC is making me want to.

Campers, Hide ‘n’ Seek, AC:GC and AC:CF Holidays

All that old stuff, they brought it back! :mrgreen: I’m super happy about that because a lot of it was omitted from AC:WW. Since I haven’t played the console versions, though, I don’t know which activities are missing from AC: New Leaf. You can even walk in on your neighbours standing having a snooze ^_^

Increased item limit?

I’ve been deliriously counting items in people’s rooms (that’s AC rooms!) in their blogs and gameplay videos, and I have definitely counted over 24 on multiple occasions. No figures greatly higher than 24, but at least the item limit is no longer 24, and that’s a start. That’s also including items hanging on walls, though, so I don’t know if those have a separate limit.

Real vs Fake?

I think there are visible discrepancies between the fake and real artworks! So far I have seen a miscoloured Girl with a Pearl Earring, a Nude Maja with her clothes on, a Winged Victory of Samothrace with demon’s wings, and quite a few others. Problem is, Redd has a new system where you choose from the items he has on sale on the day he visits you, and then he insists on mailing the desired item to you. I don’t know if he’ll send you the exact item from his shop. I hope he does, because it seems like collecting genuine masterpieces for the museum just became a whole lot more interesting 😀

There’s more – so, so much more x3 I just can’t think of it all now, so I’ll add more as they come.


Random info I don’t want to do another boring text post for :P:
(More of these as they come, too.)

❧ On the train Rover shows you up to 4 maps while choosing a new town, and cycles through them if you don’t make your choice the first time round.

❧ There are many public utilities for you to build as mayor, but your townies must request them (by running up to talk to you) before you can build them. Requests are based on the townie’s personality and gender.

❧ You can demolish a public utility after you have built it, but it costs 10% of construction cost.

❧ Your town does not come with a police station, so you build one once you get the request. You choose from an old style or modern style. Old comes with Booker, modern comes with Copper. I guess you can’t have both…



❧ Hey animals, what’s with you dumping your house any-old-where in my town? I had a French garden planned there, my town hall needs space, hey that’s the middle of my tree-lined footpath!

❧ Classic (default) town hall and station’s colour themes cannot be altered, even after remodelling options are unlocked.


6 responses to “Why I’m Really Looking Forward to New Leaf

  1. That picture is so cute, I love the distant view of all those little cottages and trees! It looks like a neighborhood, but I guess it’s the model home area.

    I do tend to get caught up in the new aesthetic, landscaping, and customization options, like when I see the new flowers, furniture, fountains, house exteriors and stuff, I’m just overjoyed and excited about the possibilities. 😛 But you’ve highlighted a lot of other great things to look forward to for this game! A fair amount I didn’t know about, like the ability to cycle through tools quickly with the d-pad, the stack-able fruits (suddenly harvesting fruit is a lot more convenient! It would sometimes take me an hour or more to sell it all in my first AC:WW town, and in Dafdilly I didn’t bother), a possibly increased item limit for rooms, and the police station. And thanks for clearing up the questions I had about the map-choosing process when you start the game with Rover!! Four options will hopefully make resetting unnecessary for most (if you’re not too picky, chances are you’ll like one of the maps) and less time-consuming for others (one reset is like resetting four times). I’m still hopeful they’ll increase the character limit for town names; in Japanese 8 might be more than enough characters, but in English it’s not enough for a lot of great town names. You can only fit a four letter word before “town,” for example.

    It looks like AC:3DS will incorporate what was great about all the Animal Crossing games, especially the different holidays and characters, along with lots of new features, so it’ll be a wonderful blend of all the games without the things that are lacking about some of them (AC:GC-lack of customization, AC:WW-lack of holidays, AC:CF-not too many new features and annoying wiimote controls). I’m glad you’ll get to meet characters like Jingle and Franklin, and even those monkey characters who stand by the train station. 😛

    Literally the only news I haven’t been thrilled about with AC:3DS is that the grasswear from AC:CF is back. Someone who’s been playing everyday on tumblr posted a before/after picture that shows their grass has deteriorated a bit. I don’t like grasswear because it makes me worry about where to walk and when to leave the paths. I was even thinking about not using patterns for my AC:3DS town, just having it be all natural with flowers, bushes, trees, and outdoor furniture/accessories, but I think paths are basically necessary so that you can control where the grass wears away. There is also a lot of talk about a grass seed/fertilizer item or tool that will be sold in the final expansion of the flower shop. I hope that it will make grasswear easy to manage, and not just speed up grass growth in a few squares by a tiny bit. My wish is that it’s a tool (so you don’t have to keep buying grass seed bags over and over or something) and that you can clear up a dirt area into a grass one almost instantaneously (for comparison, in City Folk it took most of one year to completely grow grass back from a desert). But I bet people will be researching how grasswear and the fertilizer thing works, so that by the time we get the game, we’ll know how to manage it and create beautiful natural-looking dirt paths. 🙂 I still think this could’ve been done a better way, though… I was hoping creating dirt paths could be part of your mayor duties, and that you could choose where to lay down the dirt (and maybe even fancier paths that look better than patterns could’ve been an option, like these stones).

    • I bumped into a blog that had clean scans of the pamphlet, so I got a clearer picture ^_^ You can follow the link I added for the scans if you like. I really like all the customisations I’ve seen so far. I’m hoarding pictures wherever I go and maybe if I get enough I can put them up in this blog. Ahh, so depressing, we English-speakers can only make do feeding on the scraps of people playing the Japanese version and making speculation posts until it gets localised T^T 😛

      It’s a shame they had to leave the animal tracks in. It certainly sounded like a pain in AC:CF. Well, I’m hoping if the game devs saw the value in keeping it, they had something up their sleeves to make it more manageable (to the extent that players would be happy to have it around too). People are saying it’s toned down a lot from what it used to be, so we’ll see 🙂

      Haha, look at the amount of stuff this person has shoved into their house. Clothes and hats counted as items in AC:WW, didn’t they? Aaand sorry for the link spam, but I saw these map images by the same person. They didn’t seem to say anything about where/how they made the maps, but if it’s accurate it’d be helpful in seeing how much space each feature takes up. I’m not sure what the grey squares are though. It divides well into 4×5 acres of 16×16 squares with extra space on the top, right and bottom.

      • I checked out the pamphlet and really like the seasonal themed images too. Especially the winter one at night with the snowman, igloo, snowflakes, sweaters, and all the lights on the trees! ^_^ And it looks like that important tree you plant at the beginning loses its leaves in the winter?

        Yeah, I didn’t think they would put in Animal Tracks again after all the complaints about it in City Folk. Maybe not many of the complaints reached their ears, or they think it’s sufficiently fixed this time. For the brief time I tried out City Folk, I didn’t end up with a desert, so I really shouldn’t be complaining about it too much, but the grasswear was still always in the back of my mind when I played; I was careful about always walking and I knew I had to carefully plan paths as soon as possible, so the lack of freedom (I felt) made the game less fun to me. But I’ll be optimistic about AC:3DS’s grasswear, if it’s slowed down and the fertilizer works well, it shouldn’t be a problem and I’ll try not to worry about it.

        Wow, I counted almost 40 items in there! 😯 I think you’re right, the item limit definitely seems increased! In the previous games, I think stuff on tables (like neighbor pictures) counted, and so did “physical” items like clothes and hats, but the stuff you can walk over, like fruit, stationary, and flower bags, didn’t count towards the item limit.

        Those gridded maps are very cool, I wonder if the blogger made them on their own. In google translate (which obviously isn’t very good :P) there are a few phrases that imply that, like digging holes to “count the squares,” “working for a few hours,” and “map was finally completed.” I have a feeling I’ll be making a gridded map of my AC:3DS town, too, unless a fantastic map generator like Sarouk’s for Wild World is made. I wonder if those spaces in front of the doors of buildings, where you couldn’t put down patterns or items in Wild World/City Folk, will be gone, because I don’t see those spaces included as part of the buildings, like they often are in gridded maps.
        When I made my City Folk map, I had to use a few weird brown squares when gridding the cliff area because there were some spaces that you couldn’t dig holes (or plant flowers/trees or lay down patterns) on either the top level or the bottom level because the cliff was curving in those places (I don’t know if that makes sense…). It looks like the grey squares were used the same way in the cliff area of this blogger’s gridded map for AC:3DS, where the cliff is curving. Not sure what the grey squares near the waterfall are, though.

        • I was actually wondering if the tree could lose its leaves in winter, but I just thought it was wishful thinking again 😛 I hope those pictures are realistic representations of the game ^_^ And I hope that special tree gets to grow biiiig as the years go on. That huge plaza looks a bit bare in the pictures right now…

          I bet I Google-Translated the wrong part (trust me to do that). Now that I translated the whole thing, it seems obvious they made it 😛 I bet I’ll end up making one as well; somehow mapping AC towns has a nice meditative effect ^_^ Also, definitely way too early to promise anything yet, but looking around blogs and asking someone on Youtube (the person who made the gameplay video I showed you before), it looks like trees in AC:NL have a much lower mortality rate than AC:WW 😛 I see people growing even rows of trees, and the Youtuber said of the 20+ trees she planted, only one died, because she planted it “way too close to another one”

        • I agree, I noticed that too. I would like it if it becomes really monstrous when your town is perfect. 😛 I wonder if it’ll be around the same size as the tree at the Wishing Well in AC:GC, but I hope it’s even bigger.

          That’s good to hear, it’ll be great to plant trees according to a plan and have most of them grow. 😀 I think I remember that blogger at Sosostris writing that she had succeeded in planted a bunch of trees near her paths.

          • Ooh the AC:GC tree had a nice thick trunk ^^ I hope the AC:NL branches spread out more, though maybe they had graphical limitations to consider.

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