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Uh… this isn’t really a proper post, and most of the pics will be everything but New Leaf, but I wanted to post it for now. I’ll probably go through my blog later (laaaaaaaaaater) when AC:NL comes out and weed out all the unimportant posts.


Tobidase Official Guidebook

See this? See it, see it, see it?
I’m getting my hands on this no matter what 😛

It’s the official guidebook for AC:NL in Japan. It’s 480 pages thick, A5 size and in Japanese (of course). I was super happy when I found out it was in print already for a Dec 21st release 😀 Buuut amazingly, by the time I checked it out on Amazon.jp, the preorders were already sold out! So right now, I’ve preordered it on Amiami. If they also run out I’ll just have to wait for a reprint. Either way, I’m getting it 😛 And I’ll be getting it before the English AC:NL comes out at that, at the rate this “localisation” is going.

So, why do I want this?

P1330727 edit2

Because I love game guides. They’re like… games in book form! xD I actually own these books, even though I don’t have the respective games apart from Wild World (and not to mention I can’t even read them! xP). I especially wanted the books for the games I don’t have, so that I can have a look at what they’re all about, all the different items etc. :mrgreen: (Can you tell which is which?)

I also especially want one for NL because…
[All pics from AC:WW book; Right-click > New Tab to view full size]

It comes with a whopping huge visual catalogue of all the items!! And as far as that catalogue goes (all the guides from different publishers have one), the one from the official guides looks fantastic! (Look here for an example of another publisher’s catalogue. Looks like a true catalogue.)

I’ve been scrounging around for weeks looking through screenshots and blogs to gather information on items, and then all of a sudden the option emerges for me to just get the damn guidebook like I always do and that’ll have all of the items listed in it. Easy!

There aren’t any preview pictures of the actual contents of the AC:NL guidebook though, so I don’t know for certain what’s in it. But whatever it is, it’ll sure beat sitting around biting my nails til “Q2 2013” 😛


7 responses to “About Books

  1. That’s a good idea, you’ll have a better overview of the gameplay and items (and maybe even the town customization items, if that’s included) for when the game’s finally released in English. I like the guidebooks, too, but I passed on one for AC:CF and only have them for AC:WW and AC:GC. I used the guidebooks a lot more when I was younger and they’re really worn out now, with dog-ear corners and all, yours look neater! 😛 These days I tend to use online guides a lot more, the ones by Liquefy at gamefaqs are fantastic. I have the English versions of the guidebooks and I’ve heard that they’re not as good as the Japanese guidebooks in terms of accuracy and detail (I can tell yours are a lot thicker than mine!).

    I think the one on top is for Wild World, because the planet-like view of a town was a theme for the art of that game; the one below it is obvious because the GameCube logo is visible; and for the one on the very bottom I recognize the flowery tree leaves as part of the art for City Folk. I’m not sure what the second one from the bottom is, though, is it for the very first AC game, Animal Forest?

    • I’m really hoping there’s a list of town customisation items. (It’s not that much of a tall order; the Japanese game guides I’ve seen have been very good at listing everything. I just hope the pictures are nice and clear like the normal items catalogue.) I probably keep these guides more for enjoyment than information. I’m kind of weird, I don’t read nearly as much as I should, but I love books, and a book that holds the entire contents of a game in its pages is kind of cool, and fun to flip through xP I especially love Japanese guides because they’re small and thick. (They’re about half the size of Western guides.) But yeah, despite having guidebooks, I also turn to the internet when I want quick info 😛

      Haha, you got them right, including the Animal Forest one :mrgreen: It was for N64 and apart from the first few pages, the guidebook is just one big catalogue 😛

      • Yeah, I bet there will be, I guess the customization items are only a question mark somewhat because it’s a new type of item that wasn’t in the previous games; we’re used to furniture and carpets and things being listed in the previous guidebooks. I’m surprised to hear the Japanese guidebooks are actually smaller! My English ones (I have this and this) do look thinner, but I guess maybe the pages are bigger. I know what you mean about the fun of flipping through these guidebooks, and I think part of it is because of how well layed out the pages are, and the pictures are often a lot better quality than online ones (especially gamefaqs, where pictures and different fonts aren’t even allowed). If you get the guidebook long before the localization is released, maybe you could post some scans/pictures of the catalogs on your blog 😛

        • I downloaded an English AC:WW guide once upon a time in PDF form, which might be the same as your one. (Yes somebody took the time to scan it page-by-page x_x) It had some cool things, like a picture of all the house expansions and a list of all the 16 colour palettes together.

          The Japanese ones are “A5” papersize, which is about 8.5 x 6 inches. Btw here’s someone who went and got all 4 publications 😛 The official Nintendo book is the thinnest one. I’m having trouble imagining what the others padded out the extra 200+ pages with 😯

          Of course I intend to use the guidebook’s catalogue to contribute to my blog 😛 (So I guess catalogues don’t count as spoilers to you? :D)

        • A few months ago I was set on no spoilers, so I didn’t watch the official trailer and things like that, but since it’s come out in Japan I’ve deliberately gone and browsed the tumblr AC3DS tags and non-tumblr blogs for pictures, so I’ve pretty much spoiled myself on a lot of the new additions. xP Once I saw the extreme variety for the town customizations (like you, I didn’t expect random things like oil rigs :P), I was curious and wanted to find out more, so that I could know what sort of things I want to put in my town ahead of time and plan a good town name and layout that would fit (instead of choosing a name like Simpletown, then decorating extravagantly with fountains, bushes, and Märchen decorations). So I don’t mind learning new things about AC:3DS much anymore. 🙂 One thing I haven’t done too much is watch video footage of people playing the game, and I still haven’t watched the entire official trailer, so I bet when I’m actually playing the game, it’ll still feel new and fresh because there are some things you can’t capture in a still screenshot.

          I look forward to seeing the scans and of course, for when the game actually comes out! I think Kammile has gotten a 3DS now, it will be exciting for all of us old AC:WW buddies to WiFi together in AC:3DS again, won’t it?

          • Yes, I can’t wait! There’ll be so much more to do now too during WiFi! x3
            Ah, I guess I can’t help going after those gameplay videos people put up, especially the few that have English commentary ^^; Btw I saw Märchen house parts too, which looked quite nice. But maybe you love the candy theme more 😛

            • Yeah, there should be a lot more activities for WiFi, I think, can’t you go to the island and play the games there with others? That would be fun!

              Ooh, the exterior house design options are another thing to look for in the guidebook, I haven’t seen the Märchen house parts. The candy design looks absolutely amazing to me, like a gingerbread cottage! :mrgreen: I’ll probably have fun changing up my house’s style over time and trying different things.

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