Japan-only Puzzle and Town Tree Info

Highlight the white text at the end for the spoiler-ish town tree info.

AC Streetpass Puzzle

Old news but since I went to the trouble of putting this together I thought I might as well post it 🙂

It was a Japan-exclusive Streetpass Puzzle that was given out in November around when New Leaf was released there. It seems abnormally long compared to usual puzzles, and I couldn’t find a picture of the whole thing so I merged some pics of it together in PS. The characters all shift a little to the left or right in each of the pics I used which probably means there’s an awesome 3D effect when scrolling through the puzzle 🙂

I’m… not really sure why they’re falling down. The Straw Hat lost his balance and knocked the others over? It must have been Lyle’s doing, that creepy weasel. And the two sleepyheads in this picture are really cute ^^

Edit 18/5/13: This puzzle is now available in Puzzle Swap.

And the other reason I posted this is because, unlike all the CG artworks of the game, this is actually more like a screenshot, and it shows you how big the tree (the tree) really gets. And boy does it get big xD. Out of the 8 stages shown in the guidebook, this is the 7th, and despite the 8th being just a couple clumps of leaves more on each side, it really does look formidable.

To get to the final tree stage you need to have had your town for 500 days and clocked 500 hours’ playtime, so you can’t just get there by time-travelling ^_~


9 responses to “Japan-only Puzzle and Town Tree Info

  1. I’ve been more lax recently about looking for new AC:3DS news and blog posts, so thanks for sharing this! I remember a conversation a while ago about the tree’s size and we were both hoping it would be bigger, so it’s good to see that it will get huge eventually! And it’s good to see that it takes a long time to get to that point, making it more special, and maybe it will discourage players from resetting their towns and hard work more. I hope I’ll be satisfied with my first AC:3DS town and won’t end up resetting later on, it’ll be nice to watch the town and tree grow and work towards all the goals and catalogs. Ahh, I can’t wait 😀

    • Back then I was really dubious about the tree because if it grew large it would “intrude” into the space of other objects (eg. visitors to the plaza), and no object I can think of in Animal Crossing does that so I thought it was something they couldn’t program. But I’m really happy about it and it also explains the big empty plaza 🙂 I wonder if either of us has passed the 500hr mark in WW. It seems like enough of a demanding goal, but also just within reach.

      Speaking of looking for info and in continuation of an earlier conversation, I did a little search the other day (I don’t do this everyday, honest!… :P) of pictures from different blogs and it looks like each animal has their own unique house exterior, which I haven’t seen evidence that you can change.

      • Yeah, I’m also glad that the tree at its largest will fill up the stone plaza more (btw, I’m not really a fan of the big stone plazas in front of buildings like in Wild World, I hope they’re limited somewhat in AC:3DS). I wonder that as well; I have no concept in my mind for how long 500 hours is or how much all my playing has added up. I think I’ve definitely played over 500 hours of AC:WW total over the years (across multiple towns), but I’m not sure about Dafdilly alone. Sometimes I’ve gone stretches without playing it (like a lot of last year :oops:) and many times I’ve just logged on for a quick 30 min. a day. Anyway, I agree that it seems like a goal that is difficult enough, but not too difficult, as long as you keep the same town and play it for a long period of time.

        Ooh, thanks, some more great information! I could tell that there were too many different house styles in one town for the house styles to function the way they used to (2 or 4 unchangeable styles in 1 town), but I didn’t know that each neighbor had their own house, that’s interesting. I wonder which neighbors will have my favorite houses; I’ve seen ones that I liked a lot and ones that I thought were pretty weird. 😛

        Another thanks just or putting AC:3DS news back into the front of my mind! I went to check the tumblr tag and some other blogs, and everyone’s towns look much more developed and flowery now, which is great to see. 😀 I’m looking forward to spring in Animal Crossing for both my own town (hoping to start playing in Dafdilly again regularly) and to see what the AC:3DS towns will look like!

        • I think you’ve seen pics of it already but the town hall plaza is greatly downsized in AC:3DS, though there are probably variations between towns 🙂 The station has a bit of a plaza but I think it’s reasonable because 1. You won’t visit your train tracks much to sight-see and 2. It’s a visual link to the developed area (shops and model homes) beyond the tracks.

          My favourite house so far has been Wolfgang’s, and the wackiest I’ve seen is this one, belonging to a crazy-looking clown of a sheep. I also had a look at the animal houses I hoarded and noticed 6 basic shapes, which was something I could never do in WW. Here’s a sketch if you want to see, arranged by door shape. I think each shape in the top row sort of corresponds with each in the bottom.

          I’m not sure bringing AC:3DS back to the front of your mind is a good thing, lol. It seems to make the wait harder xP
          Oh and I got your Swapnote reply about Dafdilly; good luck with re-candifying it! 😀

        • I’m glad that the pavement is reduced for some buildings, and especially that there’s no pavement in front of your house, which is the plaza that bothers me most in Wild World. And I happened to get one of the biggest pavements that you can get. >_< My favorite house acre for Wild World is the one with a pond next to it because the pavement is significantly reduced there.

          Wow, it seems like you're on your way to a AC:3DS villager house stye guide, and you don't even have the game yet! I have seen villager house styles here and there while browsing blogs, but haven't saved any of them. I google searched just now and this one caught my eye, and I’d have to say it’s my favorite so far. Nice spring-like color scheme that looks great with the green grass and yellow pansies, and it reminds me of a cottage. But after seeing your house shape list, I don’t think this house style exists in the current game anymore. It must have been included in the teasers/previews before they had come up with the real house styles. 😦

          I think there are some pros and cons to AC:3DS’s house style system. Pros: 1. I won’t have to worry about resetting for my favorite houses. 2. Since the houses are unique to each animal, it means that they might actually reflect the neighbor’s personality. 3. It looks like the neighbors use the same materials in their houses that are available to your player in Nook’s shop, like the doors, roof tiles, fences, and walls. This makes more sense than in previous games, where your own house looks so different (more basic or “classic” looking and has its own pavement area) than the other villagers’ houses. Cons: 1. I like that the house shapes in Wild World varied so much, and many looked like they had two stories and multiple rooms (example). The ones in AC:3DS look small and simple in comparison, especially the one that looks like a cube with a flat roof. 2. In a way, I like how AC:WW and AC:CF limited the number of house styles in one town, because it gave a unified feel. You could also reset to have certain ones you liked, like mine all sort of match with a pastel, whimsical feel, and yours match as well with the white walls, wooden beams, and colored roofs, with a cottage feel. In AC:3DS, you might get Wolfgang and Jupetti in the same town, and their houses are completely different. xP But these are only two cons I can think of, so I like the house style system in this game overall.

          Yep, I can’t wait to finish re-decorating and get posting about Dafdilly again! I’m working on some new candy patterns to put in my town, like a gingerbread house and new-and-improved lollipops with the shadow tips you gave me a while ago (thanks again for that! :)). I hope I can make them more realistic.

          • Ooh, I never noticed that house 😯 My list might not be perfect because it’s only based off about 40 houses. The door isn’t in the customisations list either though, so you could be right, which is a pity because it would have been one of the more interesting house shapes 😦 I wonder if it was the game designers’ intention to revert to an AC:GC style of house shape?

            I also realised just now that the houses shrunk to 3 squares across. That would explain why the door is always in the boring old centre and was probably also a necessary change they made to save us from an overly-cramped town. Otherwise I have the exact same pros and cons, especially not having to worry about anything yet losing a uniform town appearance.

            • Yeah, it’s almost like they were originally going to have house styles similar to AC:WW and AC:CF, but then decided to make them more like AC:GC’s, that’s a really good observation! (And I don’t know how you knew without having played AC:GC! :P) There are probably even better examples/similar houses, but this one for instance isn’t dissimilar to a few of the sketches you made and some houses we’ve seen in AC:3DS. It’s interesting how they seem to have drawn inspiration from AC:GC with the wishing well (it looks similar to the tree area in AC:3DS), train station, and now house styles.

              I didn’t notice that the houses are now 3×3 either, that makes sense that they wouldn’t allow for as much assymetry or variance as in Wild World’s houses.

              • I know AC:GC styles from your blog, of course 😆 You know, I was wondering what was up with that chimney when I was looking at the AC:3DS houses; I’ve never seen one like it in real life. So they got it from AC:GC. Where did AC:GC get it from…
                AC:3DS feels like an amalgamation of all the AC games (features, places and holidays), and I really like that. They may have made some funny choices like making the townie houses more minimalistic (even the size factor aside, they seem especially roundish and cutesy) and keeping grasswear, but in the long run they didn’t hold back, and we won’t have to feel disappointed about missing out on something they omitted. Not sure there’s a ball to kick around, though 😛

        • I agree, I’ve noticed that too about AC:3DS, and I bet I’ll see even more similarities and connections as I’m actually playing it. Even though AC:WW is my favorite game so far, I admit it has its share of limitations compared to the others (especially holidays), so it will be great to have a new (and portable like AC:WW :)) Animal Crossing game that mixes features from all the installments. The igloos and island are other things that come to mind as being influenced by AC:GC, though AC:3DS has definitely put its own spin on them.

          Yeah, the houses are really minimalistic, I think they could have come up with more interesting variations even with the limited size. I hope that some of the house shapes/styles at least have a window in the roof or something, like this or this. But maybe they’re being true to the fact that animals’ houses are only one room, so the outside should match the inside.

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