Short Post of Nothingness


Nothing important to add to the New Leaf scene… but I was happy cos I just found out my birth flower for the first time (was never exactly interested in the topic before) when I happened to see a page from an old magazine, and it is Lily of the Valley! :mrgreen: Lily of the valley doesn’t seem like a very well-known flower – at least I had never known about it before Animal Crossing – so it was kind of cool finding out it was a birth flower ^_^

Also, something I’ve been fiddling with recently is an FAQ on AC:NL (by ‘fiddling with’ I mean having a Word doc open and adding a word at a time here and there while multitasking on the net, as opposed to ‘working on’). I don’t know if it’ll be worth putting up in the end, since it doesn’t feel very substantial at the moment, and I’m not the best at arranging info in an organised way… but there are some questions about AC:NL that are asked over and over on the internet so many times that I just wanted those who came to my blog to at least have a place with all the answers available. That being said, please hit me with any questions you might have about the game, and I’ll do my best to answer them and add them in!

That’s all for today 🙂
Here, have a lily of the valley~



12 responses to “Short Post of Nothingness

  1. Woah, how wonderful and coincidental, to find out that your birth flower matches this special flower from the AC games that you named your blog after! It makes your blog title that much more fitting. 😀 Lily of the valley in three different games ^_^ Wild World’s design seems unique with only two white flowers and the more stylized and curved leaves.

    I wasn’t aware of birth flowers, but apparently mine is carnation. 😛 I guess birth stones are the more mainstream thing, I was never happy with mine (garnet).

    I think the FAQ is a good idea! Many people do wonder the same questions, so it would be helpful, and you’ve amounted a great collection of information about the game. The questions that come to mind for me are how QR codes work (I know vaguely that you scan them to get patterns, but that’s about it) and where new neighbors move into so that you can feel safe in planning landscaping. I know that it’s a bit of a mystery where they move into at the start of the game, but I’m hoping once your town is full for the first time, you won’t have to worry about that anymore? (because new neighbors will move into the old vacant spots?) 😕

    • Why thank you for all the lilies of the valley 😛 I have to say, I think I like the delicate curved leaves of the AC:WW version the best. I never really liked my birth stone since I was a kid (emerald), but now I can’t actually remember why -.- I was probably hoping for something blue instead.

      Trust you to give me the harder questions 😆 (Just kidding, thanks for asking them! 😛 ) I’m not sure I can answer them fully (though I’ll improve on the answers in the FAQ when I get more info), but this is my understanding of it:

      QR codes are there purely for sharing patterns (which I think you already know). You can’t access the QR code function until you’ve befriended Sable, but once you do, you can talk to her to either scan a QR or generate a QR from a pattern you’ve made. (As for patterns, you make them with Mabel, with a variety of choices for the shape and purpose of the pattern -hat, dress, display board etc- and she can hold onto a total of 72 patterns for you! BUT the catch is that you can’t actively use the 72 in storage; you can only display/use the ones saved in your own pocket, which holds max 10.)

      As for villagers’ houses, unfortunately I haven’t heard anything about them moving into a certain spot just because another villager was there before. One of the YouTubers I watch has played AC:NL for long enough to have had a full town, but he still complains now and again of villagers who have moved in onto inconvenient spots. One thing some people are doing is putting up cheap community projects on the locations they plan to landscape later with the more expensive or still-locked projects, however with a limit of 30 projects per town, it’s probably impossible to stake out the whole town including paths. I’m still trying to find out if hedges can be destroyed by incoming houses. The new neighbours’ houses is the most worrying aspect of NL for me too ^^;

      • Thanks a lot for answering my questions and always being so helpful when it comes to AC:NL news, Teru, I really appreciate it! 😀 I hope it wasn’t inconvenient for you to answer right away, I was just offering some possible suggestions for the FAQ. Though I’m not sure how frequently asked my queries actually are. 😛 I guess it depends on how much information you know about the game; if you don’t know as much, you might ask stuff like “can you take in-game screenshots like City Folk?” or “Is the grasswear back?”

        The increased pattern storage is great! It’s only mildly disappointing that you can’t use patterns in storage (after all, that’s the way it’s always been). In the other games I think the amount of patterns you could hold in your inventory was 8, so it’s nice that’s increased a bit. I’ve never scanned a QR code onto my 3DS before, so I’m not sure how that works, but I’m sure I can figure it out once I have the game.

        Ohh, that’s interesting, I thought that even though the signs were gone, there would still be certain vacant spots designated for villager houses, but it sounds like the villager houses are quite flexible. At least they won’t move in right over a community project. A past comment you made about staking your territory comes to mind. 😛 I guess I’d better create my other 3 characters very quickly so that I can get the house locations I want, and in general I’ll just go with the flow as far as landscaping goes (rather than gridding all my future plans the first week).

        • I might just limit my landscaping to particular areas, rather than continuous paths and large enclosures with hedges. That’s pretty much what I did in AC:WW anyway, haha. I’d really like to create some nice areas to surround my cafe and house, and also have an orchard (which I’ll scatter lampposts throughout to repel houses :P) So far I haven’t seen any houses or community projects come closer than 2 squares to each other, so hopefully knowing that (if it’s true) will make it easier to designate certain areas that neighbours can’t move into 😛

          Oh I didn’t realise you meant you hadn’t used a QR code at all before. In that case, here’s a QR code for you to scan 🙂 The instructions are different for scanning from within AC:NL though (but you’ll figure that one out without instructions). This is just how to scan QR codes straight from your 3DS:
          1. From your home screen, press L or R until the camera activates.
          2. Press the QR code icon near the bottom left.
          3. Scan the QR code. Since this QR code is actually a URL, it’ll ask if you want to launch the internet browser (and you’ll need Internet turned on to view it).

        • Ooh, it’s cool to hear about some plans for your town! I think there’s something really magical about your AC:WW town Bundeena (maybe because of the house styles and also the way you landscaped, with the variety of different flower patches/areas that are just the right mix of matchingness/uniformity and randomness/naturalism), and I’m sure that your AC:NL town will be equally beautiful. 🙂

          You mentioned the cafe, which reminded me of something I’ve been thinking about a bit. When mulling over the buildings and community projects, I try to always keep my fairytale city concept in mind because having that specific unified theme throughout town appeals to me. I think I’ll be able to incorporate the cafe in a location where I have gardens and greenery (I should probably try to keep it far away from the extravagant Märchen town hall and gate), but some of the other ones I’m not sure about, like the police station might not be so fitting. Do you think it’s normal to pick-and-choose between the buildings you can install, or do people generally build all the different buildings they can? (Because otherwise, they’d be missing out on a feature included in the building?)

          Wow, thanks a lot Teru! 😀 That was surprisingly easy. The 3DS sure is fancy xP I haven’t used it nearly to its full potential yet.

          • It should be completely up to you whether or not you build some of the buildings, especially since they can’t be demolished later like normal projects. Hopefully none of them become requirements for future achievements, though (I have no idea about this). To be honest I haven’t seen anyone deliberately not do the building projects :P, but that shouldn’t affect what you decide to do. In fact, neither police stations suits my tastes either, so you might be starting a trend there 😆
            I’m kind of obsessed with the cafe, maybe because we didn’t have one like that in AC:WW, and I’ve seen some people do a great job landscaping around it. I can’t wait to see how yours looks in a garden-type setting ^_^

        • The cafe is a lovely building! At first I thought it would look nice in a secluded garden area, but I think it would also look nice in the hustle-and-bustle main part of town too. Resetti’s center isn’t too obtrusive, I guess, it just looks like a manhole cover. And I’ll probably want the dream mansion if it fits in with the rest of town well enough. Thanks for letting me know that you can’t demolish buildings like regular projects, I didn’t know that!

          • Actually the dream mansion goes in the main street where the shops are (and that street’s pretty broken-down and ghost-town-looking when you first arrive, so any upgrades will be a huge improvement regardless of taste :)). The three community projects that look like a ?-mark are all for the main street (and if you only noticed two in my list, it was because I was negligent and omitted one :P)

        • Ohh okay, that makes a lot of sense! I was wondering why something like the dream mansion would be important enough to have in the main town. 😛 Yeah, I will definitely want to build and upgrade everything possible in the shopping area, but maybe be more selective in town. Wow, I guess that means the museum isn’t in the main part of town anymore. I should’ve noticed that with the maps, probably, but I didn’t process it. xP I look forward to having customizable exhibits!

  2. What do you think of this Animal Crossing 3DS XL? Do you like the design of it? I follow some AC blogs on Tumblr and some were enthusiastic about the prospect of this, but didn’t like that the game was a digital download, and preferred a physical copy. I didn’t even know you could have a digital download of a huge game like Animal Crossing! Are there any true downsides to having it digital? I assume you won’t be able to switch playing your town to a different 3DS, but I would hope it’s permanent and won’t have any problems. And maybe you could also play a physical copy of it on the same 3DS with the digital copy as well? I already have a 3DS, but I’m just curious ^_^

    • I think it’s great they’re bringing the AC edition XL out of Japan and not leaving us out. I think the design suits the feel of Animal Crossing, although it does remind me slightly of the patterns you might expect on a baby blanket :P. I have a plain white 3DS XL which I personally prefer, but I don’t know if the US has that colour, so the AC edition would be closest. (I kind of like the ‘clean’ feel of white consoles.)

      Obviously the main downside to digital copies would be the inability to play on more than one console, but for most people that isn’t an issue. I feel a bit uneasy with a digital copy because it seems if your console has a problem, your game goes down with it. The upside is having your AC town with you no matter what other games are inserted in the 3DS (including another AC game). I’ve never really considered digital copies of games, though; I just kind of expect all the games I pay for to come as a physical gamecard in a box with a manual (though these days they’re more like pamphlets), especially as they cost the same, which in Australia is near $70.

      Do you think you would trade in your current 3DS towards the AC edition XL? I remember you saying you would have preferred a 3DS XL if you had known AC:NL would take this long to come out.

      • At first I was tempted by it, because I’d heard that this existed in Japan and wasn’t expecting it to be released here as well — Animal Crossing seems especially popular in Japan! So I was excited and surprised once it was announced that it was being released here. I received my current 3DS as a Christmas gift, and I’ve been thinking of buying a second 3DS (an XL version this time) myself, and giving my dad the old one. So this seemed like a perfect opportunity to not only get that new 3DS XL, but a special Animal Crossing version! 😀 But since then my mind’s gotten clearer, I’ve kind of decided that the pattern doesn’t add a whole lot to it (for me)… I’d be fine with just a plain white 3DS XL. The fact that the AC 3DS XL is bundled with a digital copy of New Leaf is probably seen as a plus for many people, but ironically, for me it’s kind of the biggest downside and why I wouldn’t want to buy it. I don’t know, I expect to play this game for a long time, and having a town that I’ve put a lot of work into on a digital copy that’s tied to just one 3DS doesn’t seem ideal. I would rather pay a little more for a physical copy. Thanks for the pros and cons! 🙂 I agree that digital games seem a little more uneasy and less equal to physical games, so they should probably be cheaper. It’s often that way with music, right? You pay more for the physical copy, and it’s cheaper if it’s digital.

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