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I’m sorry I don’t have anything big to say, haha. I just wanted to do a quick post about some stuff.

Firstly, I put $10 toward a preorder for New Leaf! I was wandering around the city after uni the other day, kind of out of it. I walked into EB Games and saw empty AC:NL boxes with stickers over them saying, “Town Hall Edition”. When I asked the staff what it meant, they told me their preorder was coming with a little figurine of Isabelle and the town hall, which I thought was awesome since I love figurines and I love buildings, so I put down my preorder 😀

Here is a promotional picture of the two figures.
They’re not very big; the town hall is just a bit over 2″ (5.5cm) long.


Btw, how many hours are on that clock?

Speaking of figurines, I’m also waiting for a different figure to be released:
(This is NOT the preorder bonus figure.)

Nendo - Shizue 4 b

It is from a brand of figurines in Japan called Nendoroids, which are exaggeratedly cute ‘chibi’ figurines of characters from a variety of animes, Japanese popular culture, games and the occasional Western persona. The wonderful thing about the Nendoroid for New Leaf‘s Isabelle, though, is the fact that they didn’t try to force their super-cute aesthetic onto the figure, and kept faithfully to Isabelle’s original design. The proportions of Nendoroid figurines also match those of Animal Crossing characters perfectly! I really hope they make Nendoroids for more characters, but I get the feeling this is a one-off.

To give you an idea of how Nendoroids usually look, here is a set for my other favourite game series, Tales Of:

Tales petite nendoroid 00

Nendoroids are also posable and usually come with extra parts to allow for different actions and facial expressions. Isabelle also has a simple neutral pose:

Nendo - Shizue 3 c

So there you have it. I don’t consider myself a figurine fanatic (but I may have just contradicted that in this post?), but I’ve always liked figurines of things since I was little. I know they’re just about the most useless thing you can own, but there’s something nice about being able to touch and hold these real-life versions of otherwise imaginary or non-existent things from other worlds 🙂

EDIT 18/5/13: The preorder and official pics of Isabelle’s Nendoroid went up last week, so I got one preordered via Amiami ^_^


She comes with those accessories, and apparently the bell is “real”. Even though I’ve waited 3 months to preorder her, it’s another 5 months until she’s actually released in October x_x This is normal for Japanese figurines, though, and the company who makes Nendoroids usually only keep their preorder window open for about a month, despite the final release of the figurine being months away.

In other news…

This is the last thing, I promise!
Basically I’m super hyped because I may or may not be getting a particular past issue of the Japanese magazine called Nintendo Dream. It’s the February 2013 issue and has a big Animal Crossing feature, but the only, single reason I wanted it was because it has an AWESOME page-spread that looks something like this:

Nintendo DREAM2月号 226_mori_po02

That. Is. Awesome.

The magazine also has a similar spread for the bugs. I just love how it looks like a real fish poster, reflecting all the relative sizes of the species.

I’ve had that picture saved in my computer for a while, always wishing I could find a larger resolution of it and the bugs counterpart. I knew it was from a magazine, but… a past issue of a magazine from another country? No-one could expect to be able to get a hold of that.

But then recently, I’ve discovered the joys of using deputy shopping services to purchase stuff from Japan that otherwise doesn’t ship overseas. While browsing the compatible stores, I found this 2nd-hand copy of that exact issue for 580yen! 😀 (That’s like ~$6, though with deputy service fees it will be somewhat dearer.) There weren’t even other issues of the magazine; the only copy for sale was this issue! 😯

So now 2 things need to happen for me to unite with those loverly page-spreads:
1. The deputy service needs to have ordered it successfully.
(There was only 1 copy and I ordered it as part of a larger order, so they don’t notify me if individual items were not available 😦 )
2. The previous owner needs to have not ripped the page-spread out, LOL.

Sooo… wish me luck? 😛  If I get it I’m definitely making a bigger scan of it and sharing it here x3


7 responses to “Micro-News & Figurines

  1. I’ve also got it pre-ordered, so I wonder if I’ll get the figurines too? I don’t have any AC merchandise other than the games, so it would be cool to finally have something! 🙂 I think a figurine or plushy I would definitely be interested in buying is one of Melba! I don’t know if there are many of her, though; the ones I imagine are most produced are characters that are especially cute like Peanut and Rosie, or the major NPCs. I also like the other figurine of Isabelle! I see what you mean about it being simple and natural.

    Wow, that poster looks awesome! Does it have the times of year and day that the fish are available written in Japanese? Good luck in obtaining it successfully! 😀

    There’s one thing I’ve been wanting to tell you about grasswear in New Leaf, which I’m not sure if you’ve already found out or not. I’ve heard that if you want to have natural-looking dirt paths around town, the way to go is to actually not have pattern paths because patterns protect the grass underneath from wearing away. But bordering where you want dirt paths to go with flowers, bushes, trees, and/or patterns, and then consistently walking on the paths everyday, can produce dirt paths after a month or two. I think I will still go with pattern paths because it’ll go with the theme I want for my town better (a city feel).

    • You’re right, all of the plushies and figures out there are of the popular characters >_< Including Peanut and Rosie, lol xP I wish there was a figurine of Anabelle x3 If I'm not busy these holidays (still a ways off), I'm thinking about trying to make some with clay.

      It looks like the info on the poster is the:
      – Name
      – Times of year
      – Selling price
      – Location
      But I just like the visuals of it in general 😛

      That's a good way of controlling the grasswear paths, I didn't know about that! Maybe I'll try that in some areas where I usually take the same path. I'm really not good at planning paths though, so I'll have to see some grasswear happen before I can lay it out -_- I know there will be lots of grasswear around the bridges and ramps 😦 But I'll see… Maybe it'll turn out that the natural grasswear doesn't bother me much in the end 🙂

      • It does seem like they’ve made changes to the grasswear to make it less rapid, easier to grow back, and somewhat easier to control. I’m less worried about it than I was when I first found out about its comeback. But I wouldn’t have minded grasswear happening under patterns, since it makes sense for forming dirt paths that way. 😛 Because I plan on mostly having pattern paths, I also wonder where my grasswear/dirt will end up… probably around bridges and ramps like you said, and commonly visited places.

        • I think the grasswear that will bother me most will still be that left by villager houses and demolished public works. Those are much more distinct and obvious. I haven’t really noticed any towns with overwhelming bald square patches though, so maybe the grass recovers quickly enough.

        • Maybe you know this already, but I just wanted to correct my old comment about patterns preventing grasswear. Apparently it’s not true because this person picked up their paths and their was dirt underneath. It looks like some people are sad about it (maybe they were hoping to protect their grass with patterns) and some are happy about it (it’ll help with planning dirt paths). Do you think you’ll want dirt path(s)?

          • Wow, that entire strip still wore away, just like normal? o_o It looks a lot neater to me than I seem to remember the AC:CF grasswear being, so maybe in general, dirt paths won’t be as bad to have in NL. If I had any dirt paths I’d like to keep them 1 square wide, though. At this stage I think I would want dirt paths if they became necessary (i.e. if it became apparent grass was wearing away over a certain area, I’d try to start narrowing it down to a single path).

            • He said it was one of his main paths that he was running along a lot. Yeah, I think it’s interesting the way they changed the look of the dirt paths and dirt in general. No more orange-ish dirt with dots on top (which has been around for a while!), it’s now a fairly solid light brown. It took some getting used to for me, but I do like it now. 🙂 I like the idea of maybe having a dirt path in earthy/garden areas, but for other parts of town I’ll use patterns eventually (probably not for a while, though).

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