Creatures of the World

World Fish 4blog edit

World Beetles 4blog edit

. Oh bask in their glory.


7 responses to “Creatures of the World

  1. Wow, This looks so awesome! Honestly, I have a phobia of butterflies but i thought some of this looked cool. (but what i didn’t like is that big brown moth there. lol.)

    I like the fishes and heard you can even get stung by jellyfishes when you swim on the ocean xD

    • Haha, I was thinking some people might be a bit squirmish seeing all those bugs when I put that up xP
      Bugs I am okay with, but oh my gosh there are some creatures you can pull out of the ocean while diving (a new category not included in these posters) that make me shudder >_< Giant isopods, brrr.

      Yeah the jellyfish are a cool addition xD The dangers of swimming!

      • I’m really fine with sea creatures, and seeing new ones are interesting! Buttt…. Giant Isopods creep me out too. xP

        Jellyfishes ruin the fun in swimming but could you catch them? 😮

        • Jellyfishes actually looked kinda fun to run into xP I don’t think they give you any injuries like bees. Hmm, strangely I don’t think you can catch them, or at least I haven’t seen anyone do so.

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