Nintendo Dream Magazine

So, as you saw from the previous post, I GOT MY MAGAZINE!! Ahh I’m so happy :mrgreen:
It was 2nd-hand but in perfect condition, and I felt oh-so-bad for the previous owner about semi-destroying it in order to remove the page with the fish and bugs to scan. (It wasn’t a removeable lift-out and the printing went right into the binding!)

The magazine is called Nintendo Dream, or Nindori for short (Nintendo Doriimu). It covers a range of games for Nintendo consoles, and includes some fanart and comics. At the start of this issue there is a little feature for New Leaf, covering some things on customising your home, items, the Happy Home neighbourhood and dream villages. (Rollover the images to view any descriptions.)

Thennn, in the middle of the magazine is the good stuff! The few pages in the middle are printed on stiffer paper, and include the Fish and Insects spreads. The editors chose to put the fish and bugs on two sides of the same page, so if anyone displayed it, they would only see one group at a time…

World Fish 4blog edit

World Beetles 4blog edit

There’s also a mini 4-page newspaper 😛 The name down the top right of the front page says, “Nindori Monthly Publication: ANIMAL FOREST NEWS”. Then throughout it is a little guide for the events of the month, including Xmas and New Year’s.

For some reason, there is a TV guide on page 3 (does it change throughout the year?), and on the last page is some snowman fun 😛 Finally, throughout the “newspaper” are ads for things in-game, which is cool 😀
(eg. “✨✧ Gracie Grace Winter Collection: Stylish Gorgeous Series release ✧✨✧”)
By the way, although this is the “February 2013 issue”, it came out on December 21st.


Lastly, there is an imitation brochure (there’s a dotted line for you to cut it out) for “The Southern Island: Round trip 1,000 Bells. Maximum 4 people.” In it is all you need to know (I’m assuming :P) about activities on the island Kapp’n can take you to, laid out in travel-brochure style.


2 responses to “Nintendo Dream Magazine

  1. This looks like a really fun thing to have! 😀 I’m glad it got there safely, with everything intact. Can you read it pretty well? It reminds me of a segment in Nintendo Power and an online newspaper called the Crossing Guardian that I was always excited to read when I was younger.
    The fish and bug pages are awesome! It looks like they’re in somewhat relative size to each other, which is cool to see. I also love that there are “ads” for various items and for the island, it’s such a cute realistic touch for an Animal Crossing newspaper. Now that I think of it, naming an AC blog something newspaper-themed would be a pretty good idea. 😛 (I’m happy with A Forest Life, though :lol:)

    • I really didn’t think I’d get it xD I can’t really read Japanese at all, but I know just enough about Japanese to know or find out (via Google Translate :P) what the veeery simple things say. Animal Crossing is great because it uses a ton of English words, just disguised in the Japanese alphabet.
      I love how they sized the fish and bugs like that 😀 It’d be cool if it was done according to their game data. I tried setting the scale to real-life size though and some of the big bugs look really big o_o
      Yeah that would be a cool idea, I wonder if anyone will do that… I’m happy with the names we both have too though 😛

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