Super Short Awesome News

** Edit for more awesome news: I have now seen footage of a working megaphone in the English version (via WiiFolderJosh on YouTube). I can finally rest in peace. Oooh this is gonna be awesome :mrgreen: **

You can receive Happy Home Showcase houses via Spotpass!

I’m sooo excited about it, I just had to post it!! xD I was watching the new series of videos being put up on AC:NL‘s Facebook/Twitter pages leading up to the Western release of New Leaf, called Inside the Treehouse, and the localisation team basically said they implemented a feature especially for America and Europe that would let us (yes I’m shamelessly including myself with Europe) receive home data for our Happy Home Showcases via Spotpass (that’s the Internet) from Nintendo of other people’s houses! They took into consideration the differences in gaming culture between the regions and did something about it. It’s a dream come true! 😀

In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, the Happy Homes Showcase is a special area north of your town and shops that showcases other AC:NL players’ homes, which in the Japanese version you get by Streetpassing with people.

2013.05.18 HHS 3

You can collect up to 48 homes. When you visit those homes, you are able to check the names of items and furniture displayed, and order them for yourself from a catalogue! You can also favourite up to 16 model homes so that they don’t get replaced by new houses.

Here is the whole video of In the Treehouse: Episode 2:

Seriously, I was wishing they would make the HH Showcase Spotpass instead of Streetpass for US and EU, but who’d actually believe they’d do it?? ^_^
**Streetpass for the HH Showcase will still be available.**


10 responses to “Super Short Awesome News

  1. That’s great news! 😀 I remember hearing about this Happy Homes Showcase (though for some reason I thought it was called Model Homes), and I thought that I wouldn’t be able to get much use out of it since I don’t carry my 3DS around with me to places (and I don’t know if I would get any streetpasses from doing that, anyway). So I’m glad that I’ll get to fill up my showcase after all! ^_^
    I’m not completely sure what Spotpass is, though. 😳 Is it connectivity between you and your friends that you’ve added on 3DS? Or is it broader than that, like I could get houses from people I don’t even know?

    • All these new features in AC:NL had a variety of English names since all we had to go off was the Japanese version. I’m used to Model Homes as well (and actually that might be from the English Nintendo Directs, before they decided on names). I’m the same, even though I carry my 3DS around with me, I don’t put it on sleep seeing how short battery life is in the first place. Even if I did, I would hardly get any streetpasses. (That’s how it is in Australia.)

      The way I understand it, while Streetpass is exchanging data via local wireless, Spotpass is exchanging/receiving data via the internet (as opposed to online multiplayer). I think things like receiving system updates, new Puzzle Swap panels, new videos if you have the Nintendo Video application and notes sent via the internet in Swapnote are all examples of Spotpass. In the case of AC:NL, I’m pretty sure you get houses from random people. It also sounded like Nintendo was going to send out the data, rather than have us receive it straight from other 3DS’s. Actually it reminds me of Blanca’s faces in AC:WW, where I think Nintendo roughly filtered them.

      *For the record, I do not understand why they called it Spotpass >_>*

      • Oh okay, thanks for explaining! I get it now, it also reminds me of the Blanca faces. There’s something mysterious and intriguing about them to me, I’m always curious to know more about the town and character they came from. 😛 I guess the model homes might be the same way, and it’ll be interesting to see all the different exterior and interior decorating tastes. 🙂

        • I take that back about “hardly getting any streetpasses”. I brought my 3DS with me on sleep mode each day I went to uni the past fortnight and each day I got 1-3 streetpasses. Now it’s a matter of defining “hardly”. A few of the people also had pieces for the new AC:NL Puzzle Swap panel 🙂

  2. Wow, that looks awesome! I just discovered this blog and i think it’s really great, with the detailed posts and updates about AC:NL and all!

    • Yay, welcome to my blog, Choco! I’ve been a bit (read: very) sluggish in “announcing” it since there’s not much to post about yet, so I’m glad you found it and find it interesting 🙂

      • It’s okay! I really love the updates on everything you find about nl and how you go out to get magazines just to get info about new leaf! 😀 Wish to hear more from this blog!

        Also, Would you still take care of AC:WW once you get NL? Sounds difficult to handle two towns on a busy life?

        • I don’t know… I don’t think I will be more active in AC:WW than I am now (which isn’t a lot, but I haven’t stopped playing either), but I think it’ll be nice to change from NL to WW once in a while for a change of pace, since they feel completely different and both have their own charms.

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