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2013.06.09 Feature 4

Over these past six months, I’ve been hoarding screenshots players in Japan have taken of their towns in New Leaf – their landscaping, their houses and their patterns. Some of those creations are just so breathtaking, and others so clever, that I had to share them. I thought now would be an appropriate time to do so, since after I start blogging properly, it might feel out of place to keep posting other people’s pictures. Maybe if later I have more to add, I will put them in this post.

Most of these are based on my own tastes, but others were just clever and even though I mightn’t do something similar in my own town, they’re just a joy to see.

To start with are a couple of towns that I just love in general, and are (and I hope will continue to be) available to visit as Dream Villages:

Kinmokusei ~ Town of Mayor Hijiri

1500 0180 4141

Kinmokusei 1500-0180-4141 2 Kinmokusei 1500-0180-4141 3 Kinmokusei 1500-0180-4141 1

Oh. My. Gosh. That room… I feel like nothing I put together will ever be that beautiful… I want a room like that >_< I’ll call it the Kinmokusei Room if I have to. The Kinmokusei Chapel…

The rest of the town is beautiful too, with flowers of all colours and märchen and mermaid style architecture.


Umineko ~ Town of Mayor Mayu

1700 0292 4432

Umineko - 1700-0292-4432 - 2bUmineko - 1700-0292-4432 - 1bUmineko - 1700-0292-4432 - 3bUmineko - 1700-0292-4432 - 5b

This town has such gorgeous colour coordination. Especially the first picture: despite not being as vibrant as the windmill picture, the purple, pink and blue hydrangeas and wild flowers come together to create a rich but delicate field of colour, and it feels like there are so many more hues than are really there.

And the creator’s coordination skill doesn’t stop at colours – there is perfect harmony in the lovely Japanese garden outside the town hall.


Namahamu ~ Town of Mayor Ricchi

3000 0181 5981

When I Google Translated this name it became “Raw Ham Town of Mayor Rich”…

なまはむ村 3000-0181-5981 5なまはむ村 3000-0181-5981 7なまはむ村 3000-0181-5981 8 なまはむ村 3000-0181-5981 3

This is one of the towns featured more for their concept and execution, but what awesome execution! It looked like their whole town was covered in patterns for this theme, which looks like it’s based off Alice in Wonderland.


Well that’s it for the Dream Villages. Those were the villages out of the ones I saw (via blogs, videos etc) that were extremely impressive to me, and if I don’t stop at that then this post would go on forever.

However, there are still plenty of other little ideas and places I saw here and there in other towns that definitely deserve a mention. A lot of them are good examples of how certain combinations would look, and can maybe give you some ideas for your future town.

Cocoa Diary - lamps and red brick

Cocoa Village Diary

Lovely combination of well-arranged lamps and pink flowers.

Outdoor Flowers nice colours 20121130175716c5f

Mimimimimi blog

More beautiful flowers.

Outdoor - Lamps at night 1356129068

Papachi Village

Tranquil atmosphere created by streetlamps at night.

Nice Park

Yulie’s blog

A nice park-like area.

Outdoor 20121211192456e58

Temari’s blog

Märchen themed Western-style castle and matching flowers in winter.

Outdoor cm_20121101

(From a Japanese New Leaf commercial.)

A lovely scene of picnic on a riverbank during cherry blossoms.

soeurs-doigts-de-fee 3162499106_2_2_IwrU8wHy 2

(From Les Sœurs Doigts de Fée, but I’m not sure who made it. Click to view QR codes, but they’re a bit blurry.)

Such a beautiful outdoor path pattern! I can completely imagine it going in a damp, mossy clearing somewhere in a forest with trickling water. I… don’t know if you can work that into Animal Crossing xP

Outdoor Nice Red o0400024012298255453

Leona’s blog

Just a simple scene with red roses. I will ultimately be having a lot of red roses decorating my town. Apparently “hybrid” red roses can breed to make blue roses too, so it’ll be awesome when I can get to the point that all my red roses are hybrids o_o (Apparently purple and orange roses breed to make special red roses…? Unless I misunderstood the diagrams…)

JENOVA img_1840727_67764360_28

JENOVA Village 3700 0178 7486

A nice, quiet indoor Oriental garden.

Outdoor Marchen theme 2013013016065165f


A fairytale colour scheme.

Pattern Idea img86_0045_2


I love those bricks! And of course the lovely little moss-lined ducts – quite convincing!

These are basically all my favourite hoarded pictures of towns and outdoor scenes, so I think this would be a good place to end this post. This is not all the pictures I wanted to share, however. Like I said, I also saw some impressive houses during my NL “research”, so I’ll be putting those in a 2nd post,  along with some other random fun photos I saw along the way!

Just one last photo that I really liked:

Outdoor o0400024012341492905

Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun

I thought it was kind of a poetic scene. I don’t know… 😛


8 responses to “Towns of Inspiration

  1. Ahh, these really are beautiful, thanks for sharing Teru! The flowery pictures of Kinmokusei and Umineko appeal to me the most, such pretty color combinations with the flowers. 😀 I was planning on color-coordinating certain hybrid flowers with the Marchen decorations as well. xD Lilies are probably my favorite new flower in Animal Crossing, I absolutely love them and plan on having lots in my town.

    I keep seeing so many incredible patterns/QR codes on my Tumblr feed, it’s amazing what people are able to do now that palette restrictions aren’t so limiting!
    I hope I can make some of my own path patterns eventually, but they probably won’t compare to these, wow! 😯

    Argh, I’ve been resetting for probably a few hours now. T_T I keep getting maps I’m not crazy about… hopefully I’ll find something soon, I can’t wait to get my town started!

    • Wow those patterns are amazing! I love the flowery brick ones on the second blog. I really like the new lilies and violets too – up until now all the flowers were kind of cute and round, and now there’s two new “elegant” flower shapes.
      WHOOO, you got your copy! (Couldn’t wait til June 10th to play? :P) Good luck with your resetting if you’re still going!

  2. Ahhh, This is making me jealous, They’re all so beautiful! xD I don’t even know what pattern i’m gonna design yet.. argh D: and school’s gonna start at June 13th. D:

    • Haha, don’t be jealous, it’s supposed to inspire you xP One day your town will look even better! Naw, too bad school is going to start soon, but there’s no rush; it’s not like AC:NL is going anywhere 🙂

      • You’re right, A side of me is inspired and another side that’s kinda jealous. xP

        I’ll be busy though. Balancing my game and my projects/homeworks etc. 😛

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