Inspiration Pt 2

2013.06.10 Feature 3

Here is the rest of my picture collection, mostly of some very impressive and lovely interiors. In the first group are themes and furniture that I’d actually love in my town. In the second group below that are some really cool ideas people have come up with that are just impressive to see. Warning that some pictures in the second group (Cool Ideas) will spoil some furniture series/themes (if the first group doesn’t spoil you already :P).

Then at the end are just some cute and unrelated screenshots 🙂

I do not own any of these pics. If the pictures are clickable, then they’ll take you to the sources, but otherwise I’m a little pressed for time today so I won’t be able to add all the sources until after a week or so.

Lovely Interiors

Putting my favourites towards the top 🙂 Some of the animal villagers have pretty nice homes too!

Decor - Classical room and clothes

Decor - Classical

Decor - Classical Rococo ultimate

Decor - Classical Executive feel

Decor - Classical Awesome Sheep

Decor - Classical Elvis

Decor - Classical white

Decor - Classical Rococo

Decor - Classical Aida

You probably got a good idea of what types of furniture I’ll be trying to get 😛 They’re mostly rococo items, which is actually a tad too ornate for my tastes, but it’s as close as I’m going to get 🙂 I don’t have many pictures of it aside from Elvis’ house, but I really love the Gorgeous furniture series, too.

Cool Ideas

And now some other cool ideas and impressive rooms that couldn’t have been done as convincingly before, but with New Leaf‘s 48 items limit, some are pretty amazing!

Shop - Coffee Shop - Victorian Ice Cream parlor

I really really love this one!

Shop - Coffee Shop - cool 121129_mori1

Shop - Restaurant by フランチェス子の日記

Shop - Coffee Shop - 20121204

Shop - Restaurant Family by フランチェス子の日記

Very convincing cafes and different types of restaurants!

Decor - Pants by Chii's Cake

Decor - PLANTS

The second one is just an assortment of items, but I never put much thought into having plants in my house before. They actually add a pretty nice effect.

Shop - Supermarket by トクサネ村便り Tokusane Village News

A cool convenience store! These are the 7/11 items that were exclusive to Japan though, so we might not get them.


Amazing assortment of teddy bears from remaking!

Decor - LV

Haha, a Louis Vuitton room 😀

Decor - Complete Chess

Finally, enough space to put all the chess pieces!

Some furniture themes:

Theme - Mermaid

Decor - In the Sea

Theme - Cards

(Woosh! Just kidding :P)

Theme - Egg

Decor - Mush Room             Theme - GOLD

Theme - Xmas

Furniture Lamp

I mostly saved this because of the lamp, but everything goes together nicely, too.

Lovely Exteriors

Just a few houses I really like. I haven’t decided yet what exactly I want.

Home 121126_001

I really like the bright, warm-coloured bricks, even brighter and warmer in the sunlight! 🙂

Home 35790994_p0

This looks a bit haunted now, but I really like the combination!

Home 20121123070947

Nice and clean exterior. I like it but it’s a tad too neat and clean 😛

Home Candy Blue roof

A really nice blend of the candy-themed and other parts.

Home mmiddle of nowhere 2 20121116_210518

Classic with a hedge.

Home 20121121_220355

This is from someone’s H.H. Showcase. On the left, that’s probably all the candy parts aside from the letterbox.
On the right, the warm blue roof and bricks go together nicely.

Home Fairytale + Candy

The candy roof and letterbox go quite well with other non-candy parts, too.
You pretty much have to be going for a candy theme if you want to have that fence, though 😛

Home 20121121_220350

I like the white walls contrasting with the dark grey exterior wall. I’ll see if I can get a look like this for one of my houses, but less modern.

Home img_435800_46829916_0

Sometimes the humble classic house is the best 🙂

For Fun

Now that those are done, some really cute and funny pics for fun!


Awwwww, so sweeeeeet!


Another sleeping shot, but that human also looks like he/she’s up to something…


Haha, sleeping right in that spot 😆


Ah, so that is what the Enclosure is for. Poor Isabelle…

Outdoor - Purpose of Enclosure

Admit it, you all tried to do this in your old game at some stage.
Just minus the sparklies.


Privacy and self-consciousness? What’s that?

And a couple stills from AC:NL video journals I watched on Youtube:

LinandKo Illusion Pierce in the Pond 1

What’s Pierce doing in the water???

LinandKo Illusion Pierce in the Pond 2

It’s just an optical illusion 😀

LinandKo white bunnies

I loved this moment when the player ran past Ruby on the bridge 😀

WiiFolderJosh - Friga sooo cute 2

And lastly, my new favourite picture, from WiiFolderJosh’s latest video.
She’s sooo cute! x3 And I love the colours!
In that video Mayor Joshy has some fun with the megaphone (including waking up Friga!), and it’s the English version, so go and check it out if you want to see it!


14 responses to “Inspiration Pt 2

  1. Wow! I’m actually inspired by these! I love the first pictures! ❤ I love anything that's elegant and lovely as that! I wish to have a main room like those– ^^ But I bet it'll be expensive to do so..

    • I wish I could do my whole house like that, but there’s not enough items and it would be boring 😛 I also want an entire Gorgeous room, and that’ll be suuuuper expensive xP

      • lol! You can save up. 😀 After you completed all your accomplishments, you can just earn money for the gorgeous series. 😛 I was able to afford that at city folk. ^^;

  2. These really are are so beautiful and inspiring! (All these cafes look so cute, unique, and fun to make and visit!) And it doesn’t seem like New Leaf has been out in Japan that long (it hasn’t even been a year yet, right?), so it’s exciting to know that we might have a lot of progress to look forward to in that amount of time as well! 😀 Right now it doesn’t feel like I’m making a lot of progress, though, lol.

    I like the Rococo series too! In general I hope to use some of these lavish furniture series, like the Princess, Regal, Rococo, Gorgeous, etc. in my two future mansions. I’d also like to have two humble cottages with a cozy feel. 🙂 I was thinking about not fully expanding the cottages because I think some of the lower expansions are pretty, but eventually it might be nice to have more rooms to decorate with, so I don’t know…

    Thanks to your house customizations page, I’ve also somewhat planned what the exterior of each of my characters’ houses is going to look like! But the thing is, the house appearances I want are part of the overall vision I have for my town, and it will take a lot of time to start implementing that vision. ie. unlocking and paying off community projects, getting enough flowers, arranging trees (which will be hard to do until I get enough axes, or a golden one), making paths, etc. So I don’t know if I should start collecting my dream house parts yet (if I see them in the store) because the rest of my town won’t be fitting for them for a while. It might be better to just experiment with different house parts for fun at first, just buying whatever I like at the store, instead of seeking my dream house parts at the very beginning. Or maybe it takes a while for certain house parts to show up, so I should start collecting my dream house parts right away. Do you have advice on this subject? 😕

    Hehe, my dad has New Leaf too, and I visited his town yesterday and saw the big organ thing at his Nookling’s Junction, it seemed so out of place there. 😛

    • That’s a nice idea, having two cosy cottages and two lavish mansions. I just assumed I’d be working towards getting four mansions, but I probably won’t even find enough matching themes to fill each one. I haven’t even decided yet whether I want houses in unique locations around the map like I assume most people have, or do one big feature somewhere in town of all four mansions in a garden type area, which would be cool if planned well but detract from the uniqueness of each house.

      Hehe, that’s a bit of a conundrum. I think it depends on how many other combinations you want to try out. For me, I don’t have a specific combination in mind yet so I think it’ll be a matter of going for the look I want right from the beginning, and then slowly finding parts that work better than what I currently have. In general, there’ll be some parts you want that’ll take a while showing up, so you have plenty of chances before that to play around a bit. Also you have more than one house, so you could just test combinations on one or two houses, while the rest work towards their final appearance. It’s Animal Crossing, so we should just take it for granted that some things are going to take a long time to finalise 😛

      How cool that your dad got the game too! You didn’t buy the organ? 😛 It kind of like it and it matches with the Rococo stuff. Do you and your dad have different fruits?

      Edit: Btw are you going to try to get the special DLC that are going to be available via Best Buy? From what I heard though, not everyone has an easily-accessible Best Buy store…

      • I’ve tried to look for outdoor/exterior pictures of the house upgrades, but I only see the tent, the starting house, the upgrade with windows on both sides of the roof, and the mansion. I thought there might be more stages in between the starting house and mansion than that, with so many loans available! Maybe there are some upgrades that will expand the size of the rooms, but don’t change the exterior of the house? If so, then maybe I would try to have my cottage houses be the largest they can possibly be on the inside, without looking like a mansion on the outside. (Not sure about all this! I guess I’m used to AC:WW, where the exterior of your house changes with each upgrade)

        That’s a really good idea, having a little neighborhood of four houses! I never thought of that, how creative. I agree that it could look really nice, it reminds me of how four houses were grouped together in AC:GC.

        Thanks a lot for the advice! There was a bunch of blue stuff (fence, wall, pavement) on sale at Nook’s Homes, so I thought that it would be cool to try it all out on Violet’s house to see what it’d look like. But all that blue together is kind of overpowering, and some of the blues don’t look good enough together for my tastes. So I think I’m slightly disillusioned now from “experimenting” with house parts, I might just buy the ones that I really want from now on. 😛 Oh well, I bet a lot of our houses will look strange when we’re in between changing house styles and still waiting for certain house parts to show up.

        We both have apples, unfortunately. 😦 It would’ve been nice to have different fruits, but I would feel bad about making him reset, he seems to like the map and everything. Oh, and it’s not that I disliked the organ, I just thought it looked funny and out of place in the tiny Nookling’s Junction. 😛

        I am! I think the first one is soon 😀

        • Guidebook to the rescue xP
          Yeah, since the added rooms can all be expanded, there are some upgrades that happen without change to the exterior shape.
          I think the info says:
          Pic 3 – Extended 1st floor room (main room, I guess) to 6×6.
          Pic 4 – Extended 1st floor room further to 8×8.
          Pic 5 – Room on 2nd floor is completed.
          Pic 6 – Extended (Added?) 1st floor left room. *I’ve also seen pics of the other side extruding instead.*
          Pic 7 – Extended (Added?) 1st floor right room.
          It doesn’t actually say how big the upper and side rooms are for those pictures, but it would make sense that even the smallest of rooms should cause the house shape to change when added… At least it’s like that IRL 😛

          Yeah, since the original house combination is quite nice, I won’t be making many makeovers if they’re too outlandish (for me). There’s certainly still plenty left to try, though, which is one reason I wanted at least 3 houses 🙂

          N’aww, and I can say that I’ll most likely be getting apples, too 😛 We’ll all have to go to Choco’s to sell our fruit xP

        • Oh wow, thanks so much for that Teru! I do love the two expansions before the mansions, they have such a cute cottage-y feel, maybe I’ll have two of my houses be those. 🙂

          I agree that the original decorations that come with the houses are really nice; I probably prefer Violet’s house as it was originally to how it looks now, oh well. 😛 The red mansion in this post with the Fall colors looks so beautiful!

  3. Hey Teru! Do you have the game now? 😀 (Though I assume you’ll probably reset some and not start your town right away)

    • Yeah, I got the game :mrgreen: But then I had work yesterday and today, so I’ve just been restring in my spare time, and haven’t found my town yet. A couple came close, but with the wrong fruit >.<

      • Good luck with finding your perfect town! You can do it! 😀
        I’ve never been to my Activity until just now, so I’m afraid the information there won’t reflect only my resetting anymore. But it says “times played” is about 200, so I assume a fair amount of those were resets at the beginning rather than daily playing since June 10th. My average play time is surprisingly low because of it as well, I think.

        • When I saw your reply yesterday (I couldn’t reply cos I was at work), I thought, “Wow, 200 :shock:”.
          Now… I’m also at around 200 resets T_T I think I got too picky, to the extent that I even reset on a perfect town that met all 3 conditions (blue station, blue or grey town hall, red fruit) because I nitpicked that the river was too long. Anyhoo the right town will come along eventually 😛

          • I remember getting nitpicky a few times like that, finding a town that met all or almost all of my requirements, but just didn’t feel right, or there was something I didn’t like something about it. To be honest, there are things I could nitpick about the town I eventually picked, but I was pretty sick of resetting, and I could see potential and a lot of things I liked about this town. Anyway, I really hope your dream town comes along soon! Good luck! 😀 *fingers crossed*

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