Day 1

2013.06.22 feature

Even though I have finally found a town, right now I have a major case cold feet about it :lol:. Right now I do not know if I will keep this town, rebuild it, or get a 2nd game card because I already love this town and have put a lot of work into it in two days. My grudge about it is the placement of the shop in relation to the town hall.
With that out of the way…


1. I started my town!
2. It’s in German 😛

Well, the starting pictures are in German. I tried out the game in French while resetting, German and then finally switched back to English later. I’m really glad that I can play Animal Crossing in more languages than just English this time, as we’ve switched regions from NA to EU for the 3DS. Unfortunately that means I’d have a hard time learning everyone’s names because they’re different for every language, so I may just stick to English in the long run.

Welcome to Arcadia! I like all of these villagers 😀 It’s so cool being able to get Ankha.
I originally only wanted apple, because perfect apples looked so lovely. But about midway through resetting, I stumbled upon a town with cherries that changed my opinion about it. Compared to the normal apples, the new towns filled with normal cherries looked even nicer with the beautiful strong red colour against the green. I started resetting for either apple or cherries, and got a town with cherries 🙂
Map of Arcadia! 🙂
My requirements were:
1. Blue or grey roofed town hall
2. Blue train station
3. Red fruit
4. Windy river yet with a large empty area on the lower side for my house(s) and other features.
Using flowers to plot my house, lol 😛
Done. The house should go bang in the middle!

“Kleo” urging me to see Tom Nook, seeing the worry in my face 😛
Off I go, then.
Yes yes.
Should you build my house here? Heck yes, convenience! xD
He tells me the train tracks are nearby. No kidding.
 “Tada”?? You were meant to conjure a house, not a tent!
Commemorative first-day-in-empty-tent picture.
Now off to do my first mayoral duty:
It took me a second to realise nothing was gonna happen until I pressed A.
Ahh, A is pressed. I feel accomplished.
Later on…
Oooh who send this??
Up until now I just went by the theory that this whole thing was a ploy by Tortimer to pass on the reins to someone new and retire 😛
Hehe, I like Mac’s personality 😛
Monty the monkey. I only realised today when I looked at a guide that he was a cranky villager. It’ll be interesting, relearning all the traits and habits of the personalities in New Leaf. Everything’s so familiar, yet so new.
So red, so shiny, so pretty 🙂
My perfect cherry! Actually it’s two cherries, mwahaha.
No point shaking it off yet though – I don’t have a shovel.
00000400000039  0000041
0000043 0000044
Apparently the rainbow screen is available for Europe and Australia as well ^_^
0000049 0000050

*Smack* Ah, yummy.

0000045 0000046
0000047 0000048
My first possession! ^_^
0000051 0000052
Awww, Isabelle’s so cute x3 And I love the new Shyness emotion in New Leaf!
N’aww, wouldn’t you fetch anything for this pooch? 😛
Haha, it’s so cute every time Isabelle reminds you that she’s a dog 😛

How sweet that the foreign fruit Isabelle gives me from her hometown is apple 🙂

Hehe, I suppose it is charity 😛
I have a strange waterfall. You can’t see it at all from the beach, because there’s this odd bit of the cliff juts out.
Visiting Re-Tail for the first time.
Sleeping blue guy.
I know this happens, but I can’t resist doing it myself x3
He’s not working! He’s drawing doodles of his wife!
Examining all the shells on the beach that day. The clam shell is cool!
0000065 0000066
0000069 0000072
Yay, my first fortune cookie got a prize ^^ I wasn’t very familiar with other Nintendo games but I guessed this item’s name exactly: fire flower 😀 Not very hard to guess though 😛
I think the Japanese fortunes are actual fortunes, rather than clues for prizes. I’m not sure which I prefer, but this guessing is fun, too.
Odd pile of disused items here.
The goldfish. Makes me wonder why they’re in the river.
Visiting the Ables’:
This can’t be good for my neck.
Oopsie, every is German now 😛 It says it’s by someone from somewhere, and it’s called flower dress.
Haha, I actually have an undergarment xD
Ahhh, something more fitting for the “freshman mayor” to wear 🙂
I think this was my first time designing actual clothes (in Wild World I made wearable patterns and not really clothes), and I really enjoyed it! I think it came out well ^_^ The preview of the clothing on the top screen is very helpful! BTW You can make it stop spinning by pressing L or R. It took me a while to realise that!
 0000101 0000103 0000104 0000106
There’s so many small changes to fishing, like the size of the shadows and the way the fish move. The red snapper now has a shadow about the same as the olive flounder’s, and the olive flounder appears so much bigger in the hand.
I like this spot in Nook’s Homes. Pity it will become more unpleasant soon 😛

From all the zoomed out pictures I’d seen before, I’d thought these flowers were Jacob’s Ladders, and wondered how Nook had a whole frickin’ bunch of them. But upon closer inspection they’re actually orchids! I want some >_<

A pic of my town hall 🙂
Wow, they even have the equipment Isabelle uses to make announcements.
0000124 0000127 0000130
Fishing mischief:
0000131 0000132
(Hey I can finally see my waterfall.)
0000133 00001340000135
I never actually find any fish out here, so I guess they only spawn right at the beach.
Uhhhhh, we only just met… today.
Victoria wanted to give me some wallpaper.
Naww dang 😛 Where’s the creativity??
0000137 0000139
My townies have strange catchphrases now, because they’re from the German version 😛
Woohoo a bed!
Ankha was in so I visited her. Wow her room is impressive!
Ahh, my rightful place. You there, hurry and bring me meat and wine.
Ahh noo, she asked for furniture but all I had was a fish, which she put in her room immediately >_<
It’s so pretty in the evening ^_^
NOOOO, you are staying out of my museum!!!
Btw mosquitoes in New Leaf are polite! They don’t you until you’re done fishing.
Char. It’s good to catch them from here (and on the other side).
Hehe, it was cute the funny pose the character does when pulling up the fishing pole.
Woooah, that’s a freshwater goby? You could hardly see it in Wild World xP
Gack! I took a screenshot because this shadow was especially big and fat, and missed pulling the pole up on time because of the lag xP I will never know who this shadow belonged to!! >_<
I like the lightning that comes on in the evening 🙂
0000153 0000154
0000155 0000156 0000157
. . .
Back to the Ables’ to do some more work:
Hah! I’ve been waiting forever to push you behind the counter! 😈
My 2nd design ^_^ It’s a steampunky dress, but I already have an undated version now with long sleeves. I’ll post it in Day 2.
The only suitable backdrop for photos right now 😛 I suppose the museum would be good too.
I’m missing some long boots 🙂
Aaand last item of business for my first day.
PHEW that was a loooong post, sorry! >_< Day 2 is probably even longer, because I played the whole day (literally x_x), and I can’t help taking pictures! xP
See ya!

13 responses to “Day 1

  1. Awesome, congratulations on finding a town! 😀 We have different town fruits after all (and so does Choco), so we’ll have options for selling our perfect fruit during WiFi!

    That was a good idea about planning/plotting your house with flowers. I don’t think I knew how big the houses would be (in squares) when I started. Now that I’ve made my gridded map, I’ve noticed that I’d rather have my house slightly below where I ended up putting it, but oh well.

    It’s great you got neighbors you like! 🙂 I don’t love most of mine, I’m just lukewarm about them. The wait for neighbors I like better to move in, and to get house locations that I like better, will probably be a bit painful for me. xP

    I think the fish you missed might’ve been a dorado. They have a distinctive, large shadow in the water compared to most river fish.

    Haha, your mayor outfit is perfect!

    • Yeah, I’m glad I got cherries ^_^
      I didn’t especially love my set of neighbours, but they grow on you. I particularly like Victoria who falls asleep often while talking. And she gave me a persimmon! x3 Their houses could be better, but they’ve got plenty of time before they need to vacate the premises 😛
      Naww, a dorado >.< I caught one of those that day but I had to donate it. Because I felt dutiful…

  2. Oh my gosh! I think i saw you play on the June 15 or 16… Then I saw your town opening it’s gates though my internet wasn’t good that time.. xP Can I say that I looove your town already? :mrgreen: btw, I love that steampunk dress. 😀 ahhh I wanna have it too ❤ I got steampunk glasses to pair with it. 🙂

    • I saw you playing too, and your gates were open for a little bit x3 Aww thanks, that makes me want to keep my town more 🙂 Haha, I can give you the design when I visit ^^ I’ve also found one online that I’m waiting to try on when I get the QR reader. It looks so much cooler than mine.

      • That looks cool too! I think your steampunk dress and that dress looks both awesome. :mrgreen: As much as i like steampunk, I can’t design any steampunk dress.. xD

        Thanks for the steampunk dress btw! 😀

  3. Hey Teru! Let me just start by saying I like how your blog’s formatted kind of like a newspaper, and it’s really neat! 😀 I sold my perfect cherry…grr! 😦 I have the same kind of out-cropping of land over my waterfall! I never tried to fish over it, though.:3 You have quite a talent to make designs in New Leaf! I tried it…but we’re not gonna go there, haha. It looks like you had a very eventful first day, I’d love to visit your town sometime! ^^

  4. Hey, I’m Ryann! I own a little blog named the Shantaki Times – please check it out if you have free time! 🙂 It would be pretty neat to play the game in a different language, only one that you might have a chance understanding. ^^ I sold my perfect cherry at the beginning of the game…smart move on my part. >.< You were very observant to notice just what Cyrus was doing at his desk. :3 And it takes skill to design patterns in this game! I tried to…but we're not gonna go there, haha. I really like your 'freshman mayor' outfit. Is that what you decided to name it? 😉 I have the same kind of outcropping over the waterfall, too! It was cool at first, but then I couldn't see my waterfall. I planted bamboo on it. now, and it's re-earned itself the 'cool' title. 🙂 It's also neat that you can catch char in there! ^^ Overall this post was really witty, too, by the way. 😀

    • Hi Ryann ^^ Your blog looks awesome! Do you have two towns? Thanks for adding mine to your blogroll; I’ll do the same for yours 😀 Ahaha whoops, well you can get a perfect cherry from me if you like 😛 My “freshman mayor” outfit isn’t really called that, but my villagers kept coming up to me and calling me that. I’m wondering when I’ll stop being a “freshman” xD
      P.S. I got your other comment too (your comments were “awaiting approval”, is all), so I dunno if you wanted me to approve it since you wrote this one 😛

      • Thank you! ^^ No, I don’t, haha, the other one is my sister’s. xD Aww, I’d like that, thanks! 😀 Oh, yeah, they call everyone that. 😉 I’m a ‘happy tourist’, because I like to WiFi, and apparently do it often enough! 🙂 OMG, awkward…haha sorry bout he double comment.m I looked on your blog to see if you commented the next day, and my comment disappeared! I could’ve sworn I commented on this blog already! So I was really confused, heheh. :$ Herre’s my friend code, in case you’d like to be friends: 0748-2174-8389 :3

  5. Aww this post is amazing!! I didn’t know you had a blog about AC:NL Teru! I found it thanks to the referrers on my blog’s views. Someone clicked on my blog from here! Heheheh
    I remember changing my game to Spanish and all the names were different and I was so stressed out so I changed it back to English! Hahah.

    The cherries look sooo pretty, I have them in my WW town as well, I think they’re also my favorite… But peaches would have to be my second one, because they look like a tiny pink butt, hahaha, haven’t you ever though of that?
    I love how everyone was welcoming you to the town and it was just so sweet!! “Because that’s what good puppies do” awww!! That just made my day, so adorable!

    Also, the shops are so different! What’s the hole story about Timmy and Tommy with that pink dog and blue sleepy one? Hahah, everything except for the Able Sisters, same old, same old 😛 Well I guess it does look bigger!

    I loved this!!

    • Hiya Jemma, welcome to my ACNL blog! 😀 I was gonna ‘announce’ it via my ACWW blog soon but then I hardly posted anything here due to being too addicted to ACNL to blog >.<

      Yeah, I think all the villagers I met had a different name in German (and French). If it weren't for that, I'd play in one of those languages for practice! (Which wouldn't have been too good for this blog :P)

      "…Because they look like a tiny pink butt". Ahahaha, cannot unsee! xP

      The pink and blue guys are actually alpacas (very cute! x3), and they are the owners of that shop, where Timmy is only visiting (as an introductory scene). It's the little pink shop with a heart on the door. In ACNL Timmy and Tommy took over Nook's shop out on the main street, because Nook is working in real estate.

  6. Hello the name’s Nehamiah & it’s an honor to post to you. You should
    check out my town it’s really pretty. My friend code is

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