Welcome to Arcadia

FINALLY I’ve gotten my town and my screenshots sorted out, and can welcome you properly to my Animal Crossing: New Leaf town, Arcadia ^_^ As I was saying in my previous post, there was something about my first town that didn’t sit right with me, and I’m glad I got a second town, because I love this new Arcadia. I hope this post won’t be too long, because I’ve compiled the events of the past 18 days here. I mean, I’ve done 200+ pic posts before, right? =P

EDIT 04/08/13 This post is so ridiculously long that even I avoid clicking on it, which means it’s too long. I’m splitting it into seven parts for easier reading, which means some of the comments might refer to things from later parts. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope it’s an improvement!

Day 1
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0-0000000 DAY 1

The most random “Day 1” picture ever, haha. But Wart Jr’s room is the most colourful part of my town right now.


Blue station! My last welcoming party included a horse, as well 😛
The town hall was the one with a dark blue roof.


This time my house is still positioned in a river bend as I always wanted, but with as much space as possible around it, which I’ll be able to isolate using streetlamps later to keep to myself 😛

0-Map Day 1

I found a way to take a screenshot of the map: Tell Isabelle you want to demolish a public works project, and she’ll show you a list of your PWPs with the map in the top screen 😀


The villagers from left to right are: Wart Jr, Papi, Olivia, Peggy and Kody.
I’ve actually been guilty of manipulating the date for this town >_< In order to catch up to my where my old town was up to, I set the date back to around the 20th June before I started resetting. Then I’ve been playing about two days per real day.


Olivia’s house.


Peggy and Cody’s houses.


The outside of Wart Jr’s house is… completely different to the inside.

Papi’s house wasn’t as nice as the others and not as disastrous as Wart’s house, so I forgot to take a picture 😛


I really like my new beach. It’s looong and varied, with both wide and narrow parts. My old main beach was just a long monotonous strip.


Viewing from the top of the waterfall (which we can SEE now), you can see the tiny “private beach” below the railway bridge. I hadn’t planned on having one but it’s nice, even if a bit small.


The isolated cliff on the other side 🙂


My first item of business was to get Rain 1 over from Arcadia 1, because she had a ton of Bells to transfer over that she’d been saving up for the new town 😛


Good time for a shoot, while Rain 1 was glitched on a smile while “thinking”.


Back in Wart’s house, he has a pet frog 😛


Going to the museum to deposits my first batch of catchings. Except this is the wrong way!
After I came out of the museum, I went the wrong way again 😛


Aaand lastly, my first fortune cookie [in New Arcadia] 😀 Do you know what it is?

Day 2


My first clover… is a four-leaf clover! 😀 It’s a sign xD


Clicking the camera at a funny moment, when the fish is still in the water 😛

0000035 from Peggy

Peggy gave me a lucky gold cat, which jingles and meows when you touch it 🙂


Ah, she’s such a hard-worker.


What… I don’t even understand the question =_=


Getting this over with early.


I should have taken the commemorative photo first, huh?

0000058 Creepy

Visiting Papi, and this music he is playing is creeeepy. Seriously, his room is perfectly normal, and then the music kicks in and sends chills down my spine.
Maybe it’s because I’ve seen videos of Aika Village, where this music is used. Once you’ve seen that place, it’ll stick with you for a while.


Odd new sort of fetch quest… where you fetch another person.


I got some nice flooring, from the new wood series. I might have a room for that series some time in the future. I have other priorities, though.


Peggy wanted a Goliath beetle, which I went alll the way to the island of Arcadia 1 for. Jeez, you villagers don’t start small with the errands.
My mayoral approval was adamantly stuck on 95% and wouldn’t shift until I completed this last. dang. errand.

Day 3

0000081 DAY 3

A unicorn!!! But… even the Easter Bunny doesn’t exist in this game… Maybe he’s just a horse who wears a horn on his forehead for kicks?


Jumping in with my first streetlamp a.s.a.p.

0000086 Peggy Visit

Visiting Peggy the piggy, who likes stripes.

0000091 Olivia Visit

Uh yeah… totally!


I like this fortune cookie item! Do you know what it is? ^^

Day 4

0000104 DAY 4

Yay! This is on the eastern side of my house. There’ll be a rock on my “property” 😛


Onto the next one!


First new neighbour, Deirdre. Can you guess what animal this is?

This reserved plot actually snuck up on me. I’d been doing the “new resident trick” in order to scout the town each day for new villagers’ plots for houses before actually loading up Rain’s file, whereupon any bad villager house placements would have become permanent. I somehow missed this one and went ahead and saved the new player character file. It’s not in the way at all, though. Deirdre picked a very sensible spot, south of the town plaza 🙂

0000109 Yep just right

Oh yeah, doing it just right.


I didn’t realise I needed to pay off my first home loan in order to unlock the island, so doing that right away!


I’m still trying to figure this one out… My villagers sometimes tell me this, and I don’t really understand it. They start off by talking about the sign outside Re-Tail which tells you the special item of the day, but then why this stuff about “chance of high-value resales”? Is that the occurrence of the item, or the frequency they list the item, or…? Anyhoo, plenty of other ways to make Bells, so it doesn’t really matter 🙂

Cont’d in Part II >>


19 responses to “Welcome to Arcadia

  1. I’m glad that you found such a great town! 🙂 Good job with not giving up and having patience in the resetting process!
    And congratulations on the perfect town already 😀 The flower clock is so pretty! In front of the town hall seems like the perfect place to put it, but I have a rock in front of my town hall, guess I’ll have to put it somewhere else. xP Btw, your maps look perfect! I’m guessing you edited it some, because mine came out really ugly and blocky when I cropped my map from the screenshot and blew it up.

    Oh gosh, I had no idea my dream character would say that! 😆 I thought it’d just be something simple like “Hello!” I saw that Liam wrote myachub.wordpress.com on the top of his TPC card, and thought it seemed like a good idea to do the same thing so that people I was WiFing with would know who I was and where to find me. But I tend to WiFi with people who know about my blog, anyway, so it’s kinda useless 😛

    When I first saw the gray brick wall with your little red house, I also thought it looked a little too heavy for it, but wow, it sure looked great when you changed the wall! And that’s definitely not a combination I would’ve thought to put together, I feel like you discovered a nice new combination there. ^_^ The interior looks great too, with your two Venus de Milos (how lucky)! And I noticed in one of your screenshots you have a wallpaper that looks like temple columns or something, like the Rococo wallpaper, but it’s not the Rococo wallpaper — what is that called?

    Haha, it’s fun to see the pictures with both Rains, reminds me of when you got cloned in WW 😛

    I loove your stepping stones! 😀 I also thought about the possibility of mixing multiple greens together (and browns for dirt) to try to get the blending-in look, since there’s not one specific color that blends in well. Reminds me of pointillism or optical blending, like how you can put lots of red and blue dots together and from far away it’ll look purple. So it’s nice to know that that could possibly work well for blend-in patterns in New Leaf 🙂 (though I haven’t tried it yet)

    The neighbors’ interiors are often so well put together (it seems like even more so than past games)! Love Julian’s, Deirdre’s, and Wart Jr’s 🙂 They’re interesting and creative, too, like it probably wouldn’t have occurred to me to put a traditional flooring with an outdoorsy wallpaper.

    I feel like there’s more I could comment on, this is such a big juicy post! 😛 I love it, though! I often leave stuff out of my posts for the sake of making them shorter, but now I almost regret it, since it’s been such a pleasure to read this detailed post with all your town’s little events and happenings and miscellaneous pictures! 🙂

    • Thanks for making it through my post xD

      It was easier to persevere at resetting this time because I had another town going already, which is good because it also took more resets 😛 Haha I didn’t make the connection when I first took the picture of the two Rains 😀 It’s like an alternate version of the same scenario as WW (resetting my town) 😛

      Ahh too bad about the rock, though ofc the flower clock can go anywhere. It would look amazing in a garden feature! I picked the stereotypical location for it knowing I can move it later. I have a lot of rocks around my town hall and shop, too (I think 5). Ironically I they help keep the area clear of rogue neighbour houses. Oh yeah, I really wish the screenshots could have better quality 😦 I used the Smart Blur filter in Photoshop, listed in the Filter menu in my version.

      Lol, I thought it was a great idea, letting random visitors around the world know about your blog. It’s not so useless, after all 😆
      The wallpaper with the columns is the palace wall. I’m so glad they added that, because in WW I really liked the palace tile, which for some reason was paired with the floral wall, and they didn’t match at all.

      Haha, I thought of pointillism too 😛 Though I did it that way out of frustration xP These are the colours I used for the “grass”, with the blue as the base and the teal and greens on top.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this marathon of a post! (As opposed to being downright overwhelmed :P) I’m really bad at throwing things away, including screenshots ^^; Thanks for sticking around with my blog all these months too, before I had anything decent to post 🙂

      • Yeah, I guess there are other good options for the flower clock, like putting it near the cafe, or in a special garden area with bushes, benches, and color-coordinating flowers (like I think it would be cool to put yellow cosmos, white and yellow pansies, red tulips, etc., since those flowers are in the flower clock).

        Oh, that’s interesting about the new match for the palace floor! I’m glad they added that too, the floral wall didn’t match too well at all. In WW, mixing-and-matching something like the arched window or shoji screen with the palace floor would’ve looked better than the “official” pairing, but in New Leaf the official pairing is quite good. And it’s good for me to have another fancy wall to work with because I’ll probably be making two of my characters’ houses resemble palaces or castles, with elaborate indoor and outdoor decorations, since I’m going with a fairy-tale city theme.

        Thanks for pointing out the colors you used, that was nice of you to take the time to do! 🙂 I can see how the dark blue-greens and teals would be good for blending in with the fully grown grass (which is much different looking than worn grass).

        No, thank you for making such an awesome post, and in general doing so much work for this blog (like the informational pages)! 😀 I can tell that it took a lot of time! I mean, some of my longer picture posts take a fairly absurd amount of time to make as well, but this one of yours has even more content, cute headers for each day, dividers separating each day, edited maps, gifs, etc. And I love how your blog looks in general, like how this theme allows you to have preview images as the entrance link to each post, and the Micro-Blog on the side! I kinda wish I could do something like the preview images (or like the “Read More” option on Tumblr) for my blog, but the options for editing themes are not very extensive on WordPress, and I feel like changing my blog’s theme just wouldn’t be good at this point, since my whole blog is structured around my current theme.. >_< Anyway, went off on a tangent there, but was just trying to say thanks for all this work you've done, and that your New Leaf blog is great so far! 🙂

        • Aww, this is a super short reply to such an awesome comment, but I had to say thanks for all the nice things you had to say about my blog x3 I’m glad it’s appreciated, though half of it is thanks to the blog theme. I’m surprised to find out that your blog’s theme isn’t available to new blogs anymore o_o It was a neat and versatile theme and I love what you’ve done with it!

  2. Oh. My. God. That is a lot! Anyways, I love your blog and I heard about you from amy! I can’t believe you already have a perfect town!! Achieving that took me a long time! I would like to trade Friend Codes with you if you don’t mind. I don’t remeber it at the moment but visit my blog bluebellcheryl.wordpress.com. It’s on there somewhere. ^_^ I dont have my 3ds with me this month though sooo… It might take me a while to answer and I apologize about that. I’m just jealous you could do that much in such a short period of time! You must’ve put a lot of time into the game 🙂

  3. You know when you were told who had visited your town in a dream? That was ME! I got so excited when I saw my town and name pop up on the screen! I have been following your acww blog for ages, and I guess I shall now follow this one! 🙂

      • Oh no prob, and thanks. 😀 I wish I could figure out how to get my DS working with my internet connection, I’d like to go out visiting … plus, it seems that unless you’ve connected to the internet or something, Isabelle is an insomniac and never, ever sleeps. This is a problem ’cause the Dream Suite site is all boarded up and ugly. :<

        • Oh, that’s too bad. And here I thought they improved connectivity with the 3DS 😦 If you ever get it sorted you’re welcome to come to my town 🙂 There’s not much to see right now anyway.

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