Part II

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Part II of the original Welcome to Arcadia post.

Day 5

0 DAY 5

0000124 Deirdre

Aww, what a cute house!


Huh huh geddit? Deerdre 😆
I wonder how you pronounce it, like Deir-der or Deir-druh. She responds to either on the megaphone.


Nice fall wallpaper.

And today, we have a special visitor…




“Tortimerrr!!” Oh, there you are. You wanted to talk to me about a certain paradise where I can catch a ton of Bell– I mean, rare bugs and fish, and where the weather is always perfect? I’m in!


. . . You’re not gonna backflip into the water now?
Both times now I really expected him to backflip into the water when he was done talking xD I’m so used to that from talking to Pascal in Wild World.


I like giving the villagers perfect cherries when they ask for fruit ^_^ To be honest I’m not really going to get into planting a bunch of perfect cherry trees to harvest for money. They don’t look as nice as the regular cherries, and I have other ways of making Bells. Sooo I just keep a stash of them from my only perfect fruit tree to give away whenever I need to.

Day 6

0 DAY 6

The island is unlocked today :mrgreen:


Aaand of course, my streetlamp of the day 😛


Julian invited me to his home. I really like it!


I looove this music! Until now I’ve known it by its japanese name of Blue Onigiri (riceball) and I’ve been waiting to make a clam shell music box out of it! (Still waiting.)


Ahh, much better! 😛


Ugh, thanks.

0000167 Weird getup

Strange getups at the Ables’.


A nice frog.


I’m so in there.


Deirdre has her room set up now. It’s very nicely put together ^_^


I want this radio!!!


Off to try out the island’s minigames. These awesome clouds appeared during the fossil tour xD


Nice little houses x3



0000183 0000184 0000185 0000186 0000189  0000191

Some nice pics in the sunset, which looks so beautiful in New Leaf. Even Wart Jr’s house looks kinda cool.


Olivia let me choose my nickname! ^_^


Finally, this is Papi the horse’s house. It’s got holes in it…


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