Part V

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Part V of the original Welcome to Arcadia post.

Day 13
0 DAY 13

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Phew, my house goes a bit better with the outer wall now with this façade.


Sable is friendly now, yay 😀
Back to her old soap operas, haha.


The ability to remake item has been unlocked, too ^_^

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Burying this up here behind Re-Tail where I won’t dig it up by accident. It disappeared some time afterwards, anyway o_o I wonder when I’ll be allowed to dig it up x3


Oooh, you tricked me this morning, but I won’t let you get away this time!


Bit of a crowd here?



Where my latest street lamp went. I surprisingly really like the area around Re-Tail (considering I never really liked the pink shop before). It’s right up in the corner with the railway tunnel behind it, and a nice secluded area in front bordered by a long lake. This street lamp is to prevent anyone from moving into this area 😛


Items I got today: a Metroid from a cookie and my first remake, a gold piggybank 😀

Day 14

0 DAY 14


Permission DENIED!

Hehe, just kidding.



Naww, aren’t the villagers accommodating.


I got a *real* streetpass for my HHS 😀 Buuut I got sidetracked before I could get a picture inside his house 😛


Lily happened to be at the Ables’ when I visited, and I thought this lotus shirt would have been great for her. I bought it and sent it to her in a letter, but she never wore it >.<


Excuse me mozzie, I’m trying to take a photo.


I have a little window now above my door ^_^


I don’t know what the correct answer is to this question…


Good job, Julian. Haha 😛


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