Part VII

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The final part of the original Welcome to Arcadia post.

Day 17
0 DAY 17

WHAAAAA–? Does this signify what I think it does? xD

0 DAY 17b

Lol, my rating is from Pavé?? xD


The town hall renovations.

However that’s not what we’re interested in… Off to see about installing a flower clock!


Gack! How dare someone place a pitfall in my way??


Hehe, where else?


I love seeing these Nook leaves change into bugs x3


That’s a heck of a long face.


Uhhh did you make your salad in the oven?


LOL, did you know there was someone behind the town hall? I didn’t until they pulled out their poppers 😛


Peggy it was youuu!!


I got a milk case from somewhere and thought it was interesting there was Japanese writing on it, and that they kept it. Looking around though, the cats and lots of other items probably have Japanese writing on them.


I paid off the loan for my 2nd floor and went to Nook to see about my next upgrade, and he gave me a choice. I kinda skipped this text bubble (even though I took a picture of it) so the options that came up later were confusing:

“Extra room”
“More space”

If you ask me, those kinda look like the exact same thing 😛 But yeah, I picked the first option to add an extra room to the right side of my house. I’m hoping once I add a room to both sides, my house will get the mansion shape ^_^

Day 18

0 DAY 18

Whooo, looking good.


The new room changed my house shape ^_^ For some reason the gable on the other side disappeared 😛 The stone façade looks a bit weird squished up on the right.


Moved some trees to make the new town hall “plaza” a bit more open. I never noticed before this that the normal trees are brighter than the fruit trees.


Ooh, a rare day where I want all three items in T&T.


Yay, construction. I kinda liked it better when my museum was on this end and the lookout was on the other. In this town my museum lake is squished up against the cliff wall.


Admiring the new flower clock. I never actually had plans for the flower clock, but when you get a perfect town you feel like celebrating 🙂

It’s apparently much easier to get perfect town status in this game compared to Wild World. (I don’t know about City Folk.) I’ve read that for New Leaf, they just look at the number of trees and flowers you have in your whole town, without worrying about acres. The part that takes the longest is probably the public works, of which you need 12 or so.


I spent the rest of the day gathering red flowers from the island 😀

Map Day 18

My current town map including street lamps. If I add about 5 more or so, I’ll have all the areas staked out that I don’t want animals to move into 😛 But then that’d be nearing two thirds of my total PWPs allowed so… I don’t know if I’ll do it.

Oh. My. Goooooddddd, this post was long (Parts 1-7)! That wasn’t “Welcome to Arcadia”, that was “The History of Arcadia” x_x But I’m glad it’s out of the way. I also had things I wanted to post about my old town, but I was too excited to post about this one first. If I do do anything for the old Arcadia, maybe I’ll artificially set the post date earlier than this one, just so my blog makes a bit more sense. On the other hand, I’m barely keeping up as it is, so I may forgo it in the end.

Now, I believe I started making this post ten hours ago… I think it’s time for bed.


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