A Lotta Resetti

Not a very pretty post, but I was sorting through the main pictures (3DS screenshots) for my town blog and thought I’d take care of these from my camera first in case I forgot.

So… I got Resetti 😛 Not by resetting. By my 3DS crashing while I paused during gameplay and went to check my friends list. The whole 3DS froze while leaving the friends list to go back to the home screen, and I just ended up holding the power button until it switched off.

When I loaded the game again and after Isabelle informed me that Lily the frog would be skipping town…




P1360299 P1360301


Uh… “My batteries died”?
Nintendo, own up and add a “My console crashed” option xD

P1360304 P1360305 P1360306 P1360308

o_o Manners?
I think we’ve got the wrong Resetti.

P1360309 P1360310 P1360311 P1360312 P1360314 P1360315

P1360316 P1360317 P1360318

Wow, so they really made New Leaf as kiddy-friendly as possible. No evil Resetti to traumatise your children anymore unless you sign up for it (and there was even a warning to parents about him in the manual!).


Thanks o_o I like this Resetti ._.
It looks like he’s been shown his place 😆

And so I have inadvertently unlocked this:


However, I’m hesitant about building it if the 3DS has crashes like this. I’m not taking any slack if I don’t deserve it xD


14 responses to “A Lotta Resetti

  1. I unlocked the Resetti Center as well, though I don’t remember the circumstances that led to it. xD Maybe I just reset once to see what would happen… That’s a bummer about the crash, though, I hope you didn’t lose too much!
    I’ve noticed some of the more kid-friendly changes too, it’s interesting. There are lots of in-game warnings and things like that.
    I don’t have any immediate plans for the Resetti Center either — building the permanent projects stresses me out, and this one is especially low on my priorities (compared to, say, the cafe). But who knows, maybe I will one day!

    • Lol you don’t remember xD I didn’t lose anything because I’d just been checking with Porter for open towns ^^
      This game is super kid-friendly! It keeps reminding you to take a rest, everybody’s nice to you because you’re the mayor (presumably) and the Crankies aren’t cranky anymore. The villagers in WW bordered on mean sometimes xP

      • I’m just gonna add something to what you and Amy said, Teru.
        One thing I noticed is if you look at the manual (on the home screen) it warns you that Mr. Resetti can be somewhat crude. 😆 It also recommends that younger children don’t build the Surveillance Centre due to his strong approach. xD

        • It looks like Nintendo are trying reeally hard not to offend their fans in this version. Don’t know why they’re being so careful 😛

  2. Aggressive Resetti can actually happen in the game. Just build the centre, reset your game, and when he pops up, choose “I wanted to reset!” The more you do, the angrier he gets! 😀 I know about it! He’s shouted at me loads of times ’cause of this! XD

    • I can imagine he’d get pretty aggressive at being told straight out that you reset because you wanted to. (I would too if I had his job :P)

  3. I’m a bit hesitant to build the reset centre after seeing a video on YouTube, I realise you get his photo after 5 visits, but if your batteries die on you or anything like that I just can’t be bothered to get my ear (or eyes, lol) bent off completely by his constant droning.

    By the way, my daughter (Kiki from Meadow) recommended your blog to me so I’m now following you and have added your blog to my blogroll. 🙂

    Crossing in Cupcakia

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