Town Update


Too. Many. Pictures. Not going to bother.

This will just be a post showing you how my town is at the moment and where it’s going. Aside from these my folder stats tell me I have ~1700 pictures of all the small daily happenings around town and I just don’t have the time or energy to sort and post them, or at least I think an overall town update like this would be good first.


For starters, my house at the moment. I quite like this combination so it might be a long-term look, though just today Nook finally got the arch cabin door and I ordered that.


I really like the rough tiles of the stone roof.

0001678 Hedge

A bit of a hibiscus hedge around my ridiculously large “garden” (marked out by street lamps).
(The roof is the old one.)


The “town hall plaza”. I planted only red flowers, and the townies filled the gaps in with white and yellow ones 🙂 I actually moved the flower clock down one space from where I had it before. Also, in the future I plan to replace it with a fountain, and install the flower clock over in front of the station.

0001196 Planting Trees at Plaza

I’ve been planting trees around my plaza and generally trying to make it look nicer. The darker trees are all cherries.


Arcadia has built its café! I left just enough space in front of it to put in a couple of public works projects if I ever want to (such as a wisteria trellis in either corner, or a bench and a bridge).

0000992 Club Open

Club LOL (seriously?) opened as well, and so far I have about one page of emotions. I have a few happy ones and the new flourish, showmanship and pride emotions, but I’m really hoping to get the SHOCK 😯 emotion soon 😛


I installed a new brick bridge (THANK YOU Wart Jr for the request!) up from the centre of the town plaza. Because it was so close to the original cobblestone bridge (just further to the right), I demolished that one. I felt having a bridge here instead would have a few benefits aside from looking good:


With the original bridge where it was (see the pink X ), I felt it didn’t make sense to have this big paved plaza here, yet create a big dirt strip through the nice green grass just right of it from going back and forth to use the bridge, which I had to do a lot each day since my house is where it is.

Also, once I got off the bridge on the north, I didn’t really have set paths to go to the shop and the town hall/station, so I really felt like I was trampling the grass all over the place in my indecisiveness. By moving the bridge, it’s now just a nearly-straight path straight up to the shop, and if I want to I can stick to the railway fence to head out of town (though honestly I still trample the grass a fair bit :P).

On top of this, with the bridge moved, the southern bank of the old bridge becomes a nice secluded area, where I could put a decorative PWP later, or at least a bench.


The cove along my beach viewed from the water. Excuse the bright yellow hair – I was trying out colours at Shampoodle. On this day I also had badly-matching darkly tanned skin >_<

0002619 Today

And a picture from just yesterday: store-bought fireworks! I’ve never actually seen fireworks at a shop in real life; I think they’re kind of illegal here. (As in, not legal but you hear people letting them off around the neighbourhood…).

You can see the current size of my tree, too. I don’t think it’s changed much from before…… It’ll still be a little while before it hits Day 50, and then I’ll be able to sit under it!! x3

And lastly, a more detailed map of my town that I can do my town-planning on. As much as I enjoyed creating my colourful AC:WW map, I think I just work better with a pen and paper.

Map Sketch Orig

(Roughly coloured in Photoshop for your viewing pleasure :P)

Map Sketch with PWPs

This might look confusing, but this is how I’ve been planning the placement of future PWPs in order to stave off villagers’ houses. (This is just a plan; most of the PWPs have not been built yet.) All those lines are the “boundaries” of the areas taken up by the buildings, PWPs and features that I believe other buildings can’t intrude on.

I’ve arranged these PWPs (mostly streetlamps) on the assumption that a villager’s house is a 3×3 square with an extra 1×1 square sticking out the bottom. As long as a shape like that can’t fit into a gap between any of the boundaries, I think a villager won’t be able to move in there unannounced and ruin the scenery. That said, one of the lamps was marked accidentally in an impossible spot (the one right of the town hall), so actually a lot of these will have to be shifted around.

Originally I thought rocks couldn’t have anything move in closer than 2 spaces to them, like the PWPs, but then I was taken by surprise when someone did stake out a spot just 1 space from a rock (but it was during a ‘new-resident-test’ so thankfully it wasn’t permanent):


So now I’m just really hoping that I’m at least right about the 2-space radius around public works, otherwise I’m really buggered ^^;

As for the bridges, the western one is my only current bridge, the north-eastern one will be necessary sooner or later, just because it’s such a looooong trip around any other way. The centre one outside the café is the only bridge I don’t really need, and would cause a lot of unecessary grasswear around the café if it existed (because it’d be bound to be used as a thoroughfare by others), but it would look so nice ^^; I’m still debating it.

I think that’s everything for this post. There’s SO MUCH STUFF I want to post about, like my semi-recent dream visit to a really awesome town called Osukeno and the Streetpasses I’ve been getting. But the semester just recommenced, and I feel like I just spent our first week of it travelling back and forth to uni, attending classes every day, and having just barely enough time leftover to do the required readings and work. Then on Saturdays I have to prepare for my little informal Sunday jobs (teaching languages), and then it’s back to another week of uni. And I know it will get busier. So for now I think these short, irregular posts will be all I can manage. (And I know by normal people’s standards that wasn’t that short, which is probably good :lol:)

Anyhoo, enough with the whinging. I’m really enjoying this game and playing it on the way to and from uni every day (and knowing from Streetpasses that other uni students are playing too :P), and also reading about how everybody else’s towns are going. Keep it up everyone, and see you ’round! :mrgreen:


7 responses to “Town Update

  1. Hehe, this sounds like me before my recent catch up post. Although you managed all those 1700 photos better than I did it seems 😆 I do like what you’ve done with your town so far though 🙂 All the flowers around the town hall and the cafe look very nice ^_^

    • Those pictures just pile up like crazy! (I think every ACNL player knows this :lol:) Thank you, it’s good to know my town is roughly heading in the right direction 😛

  2. Ahh, your town is looking beautiful so far! 🙂 I love the cozy stone cottage look your house has, and it looks especially nice with the black roses you have around it (which look kind of brownish to me).

    Congratulations on the cafe, I know you were looking forward to that long before New Leaf came out! 😀 You picked a great location for it, in that little river-formed nook but with enough space to have some PWPs. The cafe location option I’m leaning towards for my town is a similar river-formed nook, but I’m thinking of waiting until Robin moves out because her house is close by, limiting my placement options in that area. Speaking of Robin, she just requested the brick bridge today, the only bridge I’m interested in other than the fairy-tale bridge 😀 I love how well it matches the cafe, so I was thinking about building that bridge as the sort of entrance to my cafe. It looks great in your town, very fitting for your red theme! x3

    Wooo, a gridded map! Good job with making that! Haha, I couldn’t imagine drawing that out, it seems much easier to do something like that with MS Paint. xP But I know you’re good with pen and paper, hehe! The way you’ve been managing the (unfortunate, imo) villager house situation in this game is fantastic, guiding where neighbors can move in with lamp posts and such. I’ve noticed the same thing about rocks, how they only require one space away to build something. I was disappointed to learn about the two-space-away requirement for PWPs next to each other, though. I was excited about the prospect of putting four lamps around my fountain (one space away, like this), but discovered I couldn’t do that. 😦 A lot of people are blaming “picky” Isabelle for things like this, but I try to look past her and put my annoyance on the game’s requirements in general 😛

    I’m sorry your break from uni is already over, it seems like it went by so quickly! I’ll be starting up classes again soon as well, so I’m sure I’ll also have to cut back on the amount of playing/blogging time and such, oh well. I hope your start to the semester is going well, that’s awesome you’re getting lots of streetpasses! 😀

    • Lol, Olivia who was living in a similar spot to Robin announced she was moving out the day I set the spot for the cafe. I was too impatient to pay it off though to cancel and rethink the placement, so now it’s not far back enough for a huge feature out the front, but not forward enough to be able to see from across the river (which I would have really loved; you can only just see the rooftop, grr :P).

      Haha, I’m going to run out of PWPs super quickly if I keep using them this way ^^; I think in that map I have 27? I’ll have to cut back on some or use some bigger PWPs. Yeah, a lot of blame gets directed at Isabelle when she tells them they can and can’t do things 😛 I just wish she wouldn’t give me the whole lecture on how much space each PWP needs every time – I can’t understand her explanation in the first place! It is a bummer about not being able to put PWPs next to each other, and also that bushes can’t touch buildings and projects. Being able to do so would have created some really nice spaces.

      The break seems like it went by quickly to me too, lol 😆 Though actually it was well over a month long… Oh well, we’ll have Animal Crossing to keep us sane while we survive the new semester. Wait, talking to animals and hitting rocks with shovels all day is sane… Uh-oh.

  3. Awesome map! What I did was I screenshot my map and then printed it, made a grid, then just made a rough estimate of where my PWPs would be placed.

    I can’t say its easier, but just something to try in the future.

    • Thanks! I played around with that method, but decided it just wasn’t accurate enough for what I wanted to do, which was plan my PWPs in order to block out villager houses. One square off, and it wouldn’t work at all! It’s a quick, smart way of getting a gridded map though. Mapping the town out square by square probably seems quite ridiculous to some people.

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