Enjoying August

Yeah, I know my feature pic looks like the last one…
But hey, my tree grew, so it’s different xD

157 HNI_0017

My house after it got the arch cabin door.
I really like this combination and haven’t changed anything else since then 🙂

157 HNI_0025

A better view of the new brick bridge.

157 HNI_0054

It’s now one of my favourite spots in town ❤

158 HNI_0005

Its placement means it intrudes on the waterfall a bit, but it’s a concession I was willing to make.

157 HNI_0044-49

Ehhehe ^^;;;
Thank you Deirdre…

157 HNI_0050 Grass Repair possibly due to cafe

It’s odd, I trample this bit of grass quite a bit (it used to be all green), but a tiny bit of grass started to grow back after I built the cafe. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or because losing a chunk of grass elsewhere forced some old bald patches to shrink. Another bald patch near the cafe that had stayed the same size since creating the town also shrank.

157 HNI_0069 Pirate Coat and some designs

Ohh I like this 🙂

157 HNI_0070 Trying to Catch Transformation

Why am I running through a walking leaf? I’ve been trying to get a picture of it transforming. Haven’t succeeded though.
The weird lines on it is the leaf accessory in my mouth.

157 HNI_0072

Cheri’s time to leave. Bye~

157 HNI_0077 Shopping Peer Pressure

Peer pressure to buy xD

158 HNI_0017



Water, water, water, WATER!

158 HNI_0081

Something satisfying about watching a cuckoo go in and out of its clock.

158 HNI_0097

Hangin’ with a cool toad.

159 HNI_0004

Me and Napoleonfish.

159 HNI_0011

T.I.Y! It looks good!

159 HNI_0016

I think it was just the rolling suitcase >_>

159 HNI_0018

Woohoo! Enter, Rain!

159 HNI_0021

159 HNI_0022

The gorgeous wildflowers at Amy‘s town Citàlune during a super quick visit to drop some things off. They were so beautiful in the sunset!

159 HNI_0048

Stalking my villagers at the cafe to get coffee data. They still don’t tell you much… Sometimes I like serving out-of-towners better.

159 HNI_0054

Savannah. Julian. Switch clothes.
I made them stripes for the zebra…

161 HNI_0051-58

Brewster: ………

159 HNI_0079 Julian Errand

Ehhehe, whoops. Been a while, hasn’t it? ^^;
I had to visit old Arcadia because Julian gave me the most pointless survey errand -_- :

159 HNI_0080-94 Julian Errand

I kind of want Bluebear to move over because her house is pretty, or Victoria just to add a 3rd horse 😛

159 HNI_0085

I kinda like this humbler layout of street lamps around the house in old Arcadia. It loses its cosiness when you make them cover a huge “estate” like the one in new Arcadia.

159 HNI_0099

Fancy meeting someone all the way out here.

160 HNI_0091

Woohooo, my first fireworks! I missed the first one because… I just totally forgot xD


This one’s actually two pictures merged together of the same scene with a firework each, but I wanted more festivity xP

161 HNI_0007

Water the Papi!!!

161 HNI_0038 No Fireworks Here

Remembered my HHS plaza was full. You can’t see the fireworks from here.

162 HNI_0081


161 HNI_0072 So Cute

Naww, so cute when you’re angry ^_^

161 HNI_0086

Babsi… I like this Babsi already; they built their house right on top of the space Cheri just vacated.
From this point I set my 3DS to German in a desperate bid to improve my language skills ^^; Will have to use ’em really soon.

161 HNI_0088 Bam

Turned on my game and headed towards the shops and BAM, got a faceful of leaves xD

161 HNI_0093

Yaaaaay. I imagined this moment to be much quieter…

161 HNI_0095

161 HNI_0098

Deirdre, it ain’t gonna work like that.

161 HNI_0099

161 HNI_0100

Uh…bwuh? It’s still right there, Savannah… 😯

162 HNI_0007

Taking a break from the Bug-Off to visit Babsi…

162 HNI_0010-12

❤ xD
Ohhh, that Babsi xD
Baabara says we’ll get along wonderfully, like two straws in veggie juice.

162 HNI_0052

“In first place with a walking leaf worth 68 points…” Thank you, Savannah ^_^

162 HNI_0100

A festive pic from the next fireworks show. It’s so great to have Baabara again x3 She’s cuuuute~

162 HNI_0061

Oops, didn’t mean to walk in on anything! ^^;
Seriously though, my villagers always hang out down here, right at the end of the beach, and there’s nothing here.

162 HNI_0064

Still learning my German: it took me a long while to realise Björn was the German name for Cyrus -_- And Fundgrube, treasure trove, is the name of the shop. Umm I didn’t realise that til today when I looked at their shop sign…

20130818 2045 3

One more picture from under the tree for good measure 🙂 One not crowded by horses and bug nets.

And that’s it for this post. I didn’t want to make it too long.
I’ll leave you with one last pic:

161 HNI_0089 Major Stack

PFFT, I gotta laugh every time I look at this xP That’s a major stack 😆


4 responses to “Enjoying August

  1. Ahh, your house looks great! I love the combination of house parts, and the non-symmetrical nature of the house shape lends itself well to creating a cozy stone cottage feel, I think. Whereas Estel’s and Lyra’s fancy houses looked terrible with that house shape. xD (I expanded them recently)

    It looks like you’ve already created a lot of beautiful spots in your town through the community projects and floral arrangements! I also especially love that area near the bridge, with the roses to coordinate with the bridge and the cool-colored violets to match the water. It’s pretty the way the arrangement of violets work with the bridge’s location, how the bridge is right in the middle of a curve/dip in the river, with the diagonal lines of violets on either side. 🙂 I have a fairy-tale bridge in a similar location near the waterfall, and it also leads straight to the town tree like yours does, and I even have a similar nook in the river by the town tree — weird! 😛
    I love all the street lamps you have 😀 They do more than just repel houses, they also add a lovely atmosphere to your town (especially at night, but even in the daytime)!

    I don’t think building the cafe caused the grass to grow back, more likely it’s a result of you walking there less. But yeah, I’ve noticed the stages of grass re-growth in my town (like the row of dirt near Fern’s house when I moved it over a space). It starts off like tiny triangles/stars of green on the dirt, then gradually the stars get bigger and bigger until it’s filled in with green, and the last step is the darknening of the grass and making the triangles/squares/circles more visible. Grass re-growth takes longer than I would like; I heard it just took a week, but it seemed to take me more like a month with Fern’s strip of dirt 😐

    Haha, that gif of your coffee serving! 😆 The fireworks shots you got are beaauutiful! They seem much more festive than the ones I got 😛 I also like the shots you took in my town, thanks again for the golden watering can and blossom lamp! The golden can is so helpful in speeding up watering, and I’m using blossom lamp in my pink Rococo room (it coordinates with the pink and brown pretty well).

    Btw, if it’s not too much trouble, maybe you can let me know if Paula moves out? I’ve decided that she’s my dream Uchi! But I can also probably get her via resetting (scouting for houses) in Citalune or in my digital town, or trading online on one of the AC forums, so it’s okay if it’s too much trouble! 🙂

    • Thanks ^^ It’ll probably stay lopsided for a while 😛

      Oh yeah, I noticed before too that our town plaza areas looked really similar, except reversed xP Putting my bridge there was pretty much the only option, but is it nice the way the bank leads onto the bridge. Do you update your dream town often? I should come and check it out again after all your recent fairytale additions ^^ (Or actually WiFi with you if we can manage it :P) I know I’m kind of lazy with my own dream town updates; I keep forgetting.

      Ah right, I was probably just surprised at the time by the speed at which the stars of grass emerged. I haven’t experimented with it again recently but back around the time I took that screenshot, tiny stars of grass would appear next to the pond after just one day of not walking over the area. I feel like grass regrowth is really fast in some places and really slow in others. And then there are bald patches that never seem to disappear no matter how long I avoid them.

      Of course I’ll let you know if Paula moves! To be honest, I didn’t really like her when she first moved in and wanted her to move out quickly xP But she’s in my old town which I haven’t been so active in, so so far only Boomer the penguin has moved out. I wonder if transferring villagers is easy in this game…

      • I haven’t updated my Dream Suite in a while, the last time I did it was before the new fairy-tale projects. I kind of procrastinate it by thinking to myself, “oh, I’ll update it once I have this new project up” over and over. 😛 And I’ve been working on tree-planting and such lately, so my town’s really messy right now with saplings and fruit baskets scattered all over the place for convenience as I work. But I’ll try to update it as soon as I clean up! 🙂 I hope we can manage to WiFi sometime as well, but yeah, it might be difficult with our time zone difference and classes back in session. I look forward to maybe visiting your town when Fall colors are in full swing, and when it snows! ^_^

        I think I’ve noticed that, too, and I think it might be because grass patches close to each other have a tendency to want to merge together, and same with dirt patches close to each other. It’s kind of made my dirt paths more of a pain than I thought they would be because they often merge with nearby dirt patches, which looks messy. >_< I heard that the patches of dirt that were there on day 1 are permanent, you can never grow them back. (I don't think it was that way in City Folk, so that took me by surprise!) But if the dirt patches have expanded since day 1, you can try to decrease them back to their original size.

        I don't like Paula's design as much as some of the other Uchis (like Phoebe and Muffy), but I think her house would look really fitting with my town's fairy-tale color scheme and with the other houses (of dream neighbors) I plan on having.
        Thanks a lot, Teru! ^_^ I've heard that if a visitor talks to a packed-up neighbor, they can convince the neighbor moving out to move to their town. And I think it can also work similarly to the way it did in AC:WW; if you WiFi with someone after a neighbor has recently moved out, and if the person you're WiFing with has 9 neighbors or less, they'll get the neighbor who moved out. This happened to me after Estel visited my digital town, Biskit moved in afterwards.

        I forgot to say, congratulations on your tree's growth! 😀 Since I've had it like that for a little while now, it feels like everyone else has as well, but you got the game a bit later on and deserve a congratulations too — sitting under your tree for the first time is a great milestone!

        • Me too, I think so far I’ve only remembered to update it twice, because I keep thinking, “I won’t update it yet because xxx [PWP] is still being built”, and stuff is being built a lot of the time 😛 Ooh I forgot for a moment about all the other seasons, that’ll be exciting x3 I hope all the red in my town won’t be overpowering in the fall ^^;

          Naww, guess I should stop trying to shrink the bald patches outside my cafe and house xP

          Haha thanks, I’ve got a ton of pictures of sitting under the tree at different times cos I can’t help taking them xP

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