Okay, last bit of spam before I take a break yet again 😛 I think this is just how I roll.

163 HNI_0096 copy 4

Playing around with a wing pattern, which I hid out here in the isolated area with the tree stump ^^

166 HNI_0048

I wonder what the mushrooms are good for? Maybe for cooking during the harvest festival? I ate one to see if I would get sick and I didn’t, so I guess they aren’t poisonous 😛

166 HNI_0043+59

I planted a heap of trees in the area left of my house. The cherry trees toward the front were only because it was too far south to plant cedars, but I mainly wanted a bit of a cedar forest here to match the run-down old cottage feel of my house.

166 HNI_0033

Lol, these were the 3rd and 4th yellow flowers I’d found that day. I’d already seized two more previously that villagers had planted along the main path to the plaza. I don’t have anything against yellow flowers; I just don’t know what to do with them. I dump them all outside Wart Jr’s house 😛

166 HNI_0034

Ah ha! Caught in the act!
I moved this one to Wart Jr’s collection too.

166 HNI_0057

Then later that day I caught Wart Jr. planting another one, in the same spot as Baabara! This is surely his revenge…

165 HNI_0083

A quick look inside my house. This isn’t the usual look of my main room (which is usually whitish with palace wall and Rococo floor), but I got a mossy carpet from Saharah and liked the new garden feel when coupled with an ivy wall. I’ve changed it back to white for now, though.

165 HNI_0085

I put the ivy wall up in my clock room in the basement 🙂

In other news…

166 HNI_0008

I got the golden axe! :mrgreen:
Just put out my fire, rubber plant…

166 HNI_0058

Caught a giant trevally, which has the confusing German name of “horse mackerel”. And a horse mackerel is just called mackerel.

166 HNI_0053

The inside of Baabara’s home is nice! It gave off the same feel as her Wild World home.

166 HNI_0054

This was a bit confusing at first 😛 Pete is saying, “I wonder what Peggy is doing tonight…” I was wondering why he was thinking about Peggy instead of Phyllis for once, and then I remembered Peggy’s name in the German version is Quiekie, and Phyllis’ name must be Peggy ¬_¬

Untitled-1 copy

166 HNI_0067 copy 2

ARRRRRGH!!! Who is this Max who dared obliterate my quiet corner?? You’ll pay 👿

At least I feel better that this was one house I couldn’t have avoided or prepared for. They’re my 10th villager who moved in completely randomly, weeks after my first streetpass with anyone and days after my last……… Except… myself………

Oh man, I just realised I visited old Arcadia the other day to fetch a peach for Baabara =_= Is Max… Boomer the penguin…? I kinda like him… How do you hate someone you like? >.< (I’m writing this post on the 31st Aug so I don’t know who he is yet.)

Two seconds later:

166 HNI_0074

Don’t plant yellow!! D:<<

Phew, all raged-out 😛

Now something to cheer us up…

166 HNI_0001

The other day I got this request from Cody: a lighthouse! :mrgreen:

166 HNI_0082

Which was done today ^^ It’s a whole 5 squares smaller than I had prepared for it to be, not that it changed anything.

166 HNI_0076

I think it goes really well with the bridge 🙂

And lastly…

165 HNI_0029

Someone give Savannah the zebra pattern!!! xP


31 responses to “Yellow

  1. Hehe, I felt a bit of nostalgia reading the sentence at the top of this post — it made me think of your posts from AC:WW Happiness that had “spam” in the title. xD Well, I always love your spam! 😛

    I feel your frustration about the random flower planting by neighbors! I think it’s supposed to a benefit of the beautiful town ordinance, but it seems more like an extra chore to do, having to pick them up and re-locate them all the time (I’ve started to just sell them).

    lol, your commemorative golden axe photo with the plant in the way! What are the odds of that? 😆

    Aww, I’m really sorry about your quiet little tree stump area being run over. 😦 The same thing happened to me with my 10th neighbor Biskit unexpectedly moving in, I’m not happy with where his house ended up (it intrudes on Lyra’s garden).

    Congratulations on the lighthouse, it looks fantastic! 😀 You really picked the perfect place for it! It does coordinate extremely well with the bridge, I would’ve never thought of that! It even kind of matches well with the colors of the red brick bridge a few pictures above, and with your red color scheme in general, wow 😮

    • Haha, I bet the “take a break” was nostalgic too 😆

      I’m not too much against them planting flowers on their own occasionally – adds to the community atmosphere – but they could plant more than just yellow roses -.- The problem probably gets worse the more flowers you have, and is an extra bother for you when you’re breeding for hybrid red roses…

      It did turn out to be Boomer 😛 There could have been much worse places for him to move into, since I hadn’t finished “securing” the upper town. Ah, too bad about Biskit 😦 Those 10th villagers are really wreaking havoc in the AC world 😆

      I didn’t plan for the lighthouse to match the bridge at all, but the reds turned out to be so close to each other ^^ It can help me warm up to that hulking metal structure 😛

  2. Well at least this “spam” is fun to read! It sounds like Arcadia is going really well at the moment (apart from all the yellow flowers 😆 ) The lighthouse really does look good there, it’s kind of matching the bridge ^_^

    Congrats on getting the golden axe! How do you actually get that one though? Do you just have to buy a lot of axes?

    You also mentioned mushrooms somewhere, there is actually a new type of mushroom (I don’t know if it is found naturally), but it makes you grow to twice the size for a couple of seconds! 😀 I think it can only be found in perfect towns, is yours still perfect?

    Oh, and someone really needs to give that zebra pattern to Savannah! It must be driving you mad! 😆

    • Thanks! Though obviously I only show the goods parts of my town 😆

      You actually get the golden axe after buying 50 tree saplings from Leif ^^ Kinda like, “Hey, here’s a reward for planting so many trees – you get to cut some down!”

      My town’s still perfect, but so far I’ve only gotten those round and skinny mushrooms. I’ve seen the special red and white one (famous mushroom?) in Nintendo’s town. Maybe they’re quite rare?

      Lol, it’s completely pointless but I really want to see her wear it! xP

  3. Oh it drives me mad when the villagers plant random flowers. Especially since I plant by colour (for hybrids) or to surround paths, etc. Then I’ll go on and some villager has ruined my hard work.

    Not only that, but the yellow flowers drive me crazy. I have sooooo many excess yellow flowers that I need to giveaway. I love it when hybrids spawn, but why does it always seem to be a yellow flower instead? *hits head on desk!* 😆

    • I had a crazy problem with yellow and white flowers too in my DS town, and in that version villagers didn’t even plant flowers for you 😛 In the end I had these huge dumping grounds for unwanted flowers.

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  5. Hey Teru! I saw you online just now, and we’re rarely online at the same time due to our time difference. Want to meet up — even if it’s just real quick to give you a few things? 🙂

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