So… back in August, I went to an anime convention in the city, and completely filled my Happy Home Showcase in the first hour!

So I’ve been having these screenshots of some nice and interesting houses waiting to be posted since then (but then stuff got busy… and now it’s November).

160 HNI_0044 Merge

A really nice brick house and castle side by side. I like the western quarter best because of the red flowers, and this area also got the most castles and modern houses.

160 HNI_0047

A Japanese-style house with a Japanese-style owner. Is that a warrior design?

160 HNI_0012

This house reminds me of Agnes the pig.

160 HNI_0016

A combination of mermaid and sweets.

160 HNI_0021

An odd tattered-looking house.

162 HNI_0028

More castles. At least, that’s what the modern style houses look like to me.

162 HNI_0030

A gorgeous cottage with a perfect combination of parts.

158 HNI_0071

Now for some indoor shots.

159 HNI_0044

It’s rare to see genuine artworks on display in houses. This one’s very fitting.

160 HNI_0030

A cool room full of instruments. I keep these houses so I can go back and order items later like these instruments, but once I leave I forget which house is which -_-

161 HNI_0042

This person probably has one of every plant 😛 I want to do a ‘plant room’ eventually too, but more of a greenhouse than a pretty garden like this.

161 HNI_0045


160 HNI_0029

This house is nice to visit and frustrating at the same time, cos it has rooms like this just crammed full of good, unorderable stuff x3

160 HNI_0003-45

This is what my HHS plaza was like throughout the day. I had to keep checking out the new houses and deleting them so more new houses could come in. The HHS holds 48 houses max, and at the same time AC:NL can only hold 10 new Streetpasses at a time, so you have to keep checking on it if you want more Streetpasses and houses. I feel like overall that day I received enough Streepasses to fill my showcase twice 😛


16 responses to “Streetpasses

  1. Lucky you! I tend to get a lot of small houses with furniture I don’t want when someone comes to the HHA 😛 Then I went to this one event and got a lot of StreetPasses…but then Reggie was gone from my Showcase D;
    Your town looks great and I’m looking forward to seeing it in the Dream Suite!

    Marina/Mira from A Box of Stale Cupcakes

    • Ack! Shoulda fav’ed his house >_< Of course I get plenty of small houses too with half-hearted interiors, but I just didn't show them 😆

      Thank you, and thanks for the follow. I'll be checking your dream town out too!

      Btw cute blog name x3

      • The thing was I didn’t even think about the fact that my HH Showcase could fill up 😛
        I’m actually not going to have Internet for a few days, but I’ll make a visit to Arcadia right now! I also just updated my dream town last night (and I saw you’re the latest client today!).
        Aww, thanks :3 It’s great to know that people like it!


    • Yeah, I was really stoked once when I randomly got a Japanese streetpass (this wasn’t even at the event, just some other ordinary day), and they had all these cool Japan-only items.

  2. Ah cool, jealous of your full showcase! I wish I could visit it in person, but I don’t think that’s possible is it? I’m too worried about my 3DS being lost or stolen or dropped on accident to carry it with me too much, and I don’t know how many streetpasses I would get on my daily commute anyway. So I’m very thankful for the SpotPass houses they release, though I wish it worked the way we speculated it did months ago (everyone getting random, unique houses… like how Blanca worked in past games).
    Really like some of these houses! 🙂 I loove the fairy-tale house with the mix of different house parts; it has a cozier cottage feel than the standard fairy-tale house, but still has elegance. The mermaid wall on that candy house reminds me of frosting, and the stars on the mermaid fence could be little sprinkles. ^_^ I’ve been wanting a moving painting to go in my mermaid bathroom as well to fit the sea theme, but I already donated a genuine one to the museum, so I doubt I’ll get a hold of another real one. 😛 Argh, jealous of that last room, I see how that would be frustrating xP But I’m sure we’ll collect some of that stuff in time!
    Cool post Teru, it was fun seeing these houses 😀

    • It’s too bad it’s too risky to take your 3DS out :/ And I’m probably wrong but the risk of something happening to it probably is more real there than it is here? I tend to think I live and move around in a pretty safe area. But as for losing or dropping it, for me it’s just a matter of being careful, and so far it’s been okay (including my DS before it). Also of course I keep it in a stiff protective pouch. Yeah, I think the HHS is always cordoned off during WiFi -_- I wish you could at least exchange model homes or something when you WiFi with friends, but… nope.
      I can safely say that none of the houses in my HHS come close to any of your homes 🙂

      • Yeah, I think I’d have to have some organization and carefulness to feel good about taking it with me, and I’d want to maybe buy a protective case/bag like you did. Maybe I’ll give it a try one day, once I feel I’ve taken these precautions.
        One reason I’m responding late is because I just found this thread, do you think it’s true? 😮 Are hybrid red roses possibly just a myth?

        • Woah, conspiracy theories!! 😮

          Hmm, after reading the 2nd last post, I still somewhat believe hybrid red roses exist. I also can’t deny that my “hybrid” red roses do regularly breed colours that they normally shouldn’t (whites, yellows), at a rate faster than I would expect villagers to plant them, and also corresponding to the days I watered them.

          On top of this, it’s very normal for company members to not necessarily know all their information. Even though in a case like this it’d be more likely they consulted someone first rather than bluffing outright, the person they asked may have also been misinformed.

          It’s still a possibility that the English version is different to the Japanese, but if hybrid red roses do breed colours regular ones shouldn’t, then it still means they’re special in some way. I guess whether or not that specialness continues to lead to blue roses in the English version will be something that can’t be proven or disproven until someone breeds a blue rose in an English version.

          In any case, I wouldn’t mind mixing my purple and black roses to see what happens. They’ll look nice in the winter too.

          Edit: There do seem to be accounts of other people more recently who have bred blue roses from hybrid reds, for example in this thread.

          • I tried to leave a response to this earlier, but I’m not sure what happened to it xP
            That ACC thread surprised me and shook my confidence in hybrid red roses at first, but after more thought, my confidence in them has been regained. 😛 I agree with you that the Nintendo employee might not be an expert on hybrid-growing in AC:NL, and that it would be a mistake to ignore all the accounts of growing blue roses from hybrid red roses on forums and such (I’ve seen some too). I noticed as well that my hybrid red roses patch produced colors that normal red roses wouldn’t, like orange, yellow, white, and purple.

            On another note, I bet your town looks lovely right now with the red foliage! 🙂 I look forward to maybe seeing it sometime either in person (if/when you’re free), in the Dream Suite, or in pictures later!

            • Arrgh, the spam folder strikes again!

              Yeah, after looking into it more I’m pretty much ruling out the ‘conspiracy theory’ too, especially after seeing such a clear blue-rose breeding guide as this one. The fact/theory that there were other combinations of creating blue roses was new to me, though. I also think I’ve been breeding the red+ roses the wrong way, because I had set up the orange x purple roses as:
              POPOPO (with the two rows touching)
              … so when I think about it, I don’t know if some R+ roses came from OxO or PxP, if that’s possible.
              Also, I set up a patch of black x purple roses, dumped some fertiliser in to speed things up (ohh I got Gracie twice more in quick succession and got the Emporium! :shock:), and 10 out of 10 of the resulting offspring were red 😕

              And in response to your comment recovered from the shredder, it’s a huge hassle that hybrids aren’t the way we know them anymore, but I do think it’s kind of cool that this means blue roses are a combination of all basic rose colours/genes. It makes a tiny bit more sense if you think of it that way (although the RxP=R+ combo in the guide doesn’t particularly support that line of thought).

              • Thanks so much for your research! It really doesn’t seem like BlackxPurple is the way to go to try to get blue roses, then, so it’s a shame that info’s in the official guide, misguiding so many people. >_<

                That guide you linked does seem very clear and well-done! Nice that it has pictures for visual learners. It's interesting that there are more ways than one to make hybrid red roses, but the only one I'd put my trust in personally is the PurplexOrange-formed Red+, since it's what I hear most about.

                Yeah, keeping PurplexBlack=Blue like past games would've been a lot simpler, but I see what you mean about the neatness of blue roses now being formed from a combination of all the basic rose genes. It might explain why people in the TBT thread I linked earlier have gotten blue roses from other hybrid sources; maybe the hybrids that grew the blue roses were third-generation hybrids that had a variety of the different rose genes in them. Or something… :s

                Congratulations on getting your Emporium, by the way! 😀 And good luck on growing your own blue roses, if that's a goal of yours! 🙂 I might not give up on growing my own blue rose from scratch, just so that I can say I've finally done it after all these years 😆

        • I was reading and participating in this thread, and on page 2 someone linked to the ACC thread, which surprised me and shook my confidence in hybrid red roses. But I think my confidence has been re-gained 😛

          I agree, I think it would be a mistake to look over all the accounts of people who have managed to grow blue roses from hybrid red roses, and put too much value in an email from an unknown Nintendo employee who might not be very knowledgeable about the hybrid workings of AC:NL.

          I also got many flowers from my hybrid red roses patch that wouldn’t be produced from regular red roses, I don’t think, like purple, orange, yellow, and white. Never managed to get blue (until Ryann gave me a pair), but I heard it’s a 5% chance…

          At the same time, I can kind of see the person’s point who started that ACC thread and sent Nintendo an email; it seems very confusing to have to produce blue roses from hybrid red roses that look the same as regular red roses. I don’t know why they didn’t just make it BlackxPurple like past games 😛

  3. Awesome! I actually went to an Anime Convention back at August and everything you said was right, My streetpasses went nuts when i came in! I didn’t even know there were so many Animal Crossing players in the Philippines.. I wonder if I get to encounter one online too. 😀 I didn’t know you get to attend Anime Conventions too! 🙂 Did you have fun though? xD haha.

    Your streetpass houses are great.. I only found about 2 or 3 houses with designs I actually like.. 😛 The good houses I actually wanted to favorite/save was deleted because I forgot to favorite/save them. T____T At least you keep in check with your streetpasses. I only checked once and I really didn’t expect to have so many streetpasses so poof! no more houses I like.. xD

    • Yeah we have those anime conventions too, but I know they’re nowhere near as good as the ones in the US or Japan. Still, it’s a fun day out, to be around a whole different genre of people than usual and see their cosplays and market stalls 😆
      Most of the houses that look pretty in my HHS have interiors that aren’t that appealing to me, and vice versa for the nice interiors 😛

      • Yeah! I wanna go to some international conventions in the future.. I’m pretty sure they’re a lot more fun. 😛

        Haha! True.. But I found a few houses with nice interiors and appealing houses on the outside. 😀 Yep, they’re all going down my favorites. ^____^

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