Tree Story

2013.12.02 Intro

Another super quick post, but something I thought was pretty cool. (Ugh, originally this had a spoiler warning, but WordPress Reader thought it was smart to disregard my featured pic and shove the entire gallery in everyone’s faces.)

Sooo every time I go past my town tree I have the urge to sit down and snap a pic, even though I know it’ll be the same dang pic I took the time before. I just can’t help it xP Which means I have a LOT of town tree pics. Recently I organised all those pictures in folders, ordering them by various properties such as time of day, time of year and weather. The collection was starting to get somewhere, so I wanted to share ^_^

Daytime Pics by Time of Year

First are the daytime pics in mostly fine weather, ordered by time of year. In other words, it’s kinda like the stages of the tree and surrounds, though I wasn’t very strict about having one pic per stage. Obviously they only start from the time you could sit under it. If you hover over or open each pic, you can see the date and time.

It kinda sucks that you don’t get to see a red town tree, before it just turns into that awkward 3-clumped thing (or 2- if your tree tree was smaller). At this point I really appreciate that we got the game in the middle of summer and had a good, long time to enjoy a healthy green tree and watch it grow normally.

By Colour and Time of Day

In another folder, I ordered all the pictures taken in fine weather according to tree colour, and then according to time of day for each colour. It looked really nice in the end so I made an image of all of the thumbnails (click to enlarge).

Untitled-6 No Gaps smaller

As you can see, each colour is a mash of tree shapes and sizes xP For this set I just completely disregarded the chronological stage of the tree (though it’s still roughly in order) and only grouped them by colour. The yellow tree can be pretty misleading during different times of the day, but those are all one colour! 😛 (Rows 6-8)

You can probably see that in said lot of yellow trees, there are 3 pictures with circle marks on them whose colours don’t fit properly into the evening sequence. Those are correctly ordered by time of day. I dunno if it was a dust storm or what (Sydney 2009? :P) but on that particular evening the sunset was super red. It was the 27th October if that has any significance. I thought it must have just been my imagination, but now that the pictures are side-by-side with regular evenings, you can see it was totally different o_o

And that’s it for this little town tree feature. I hope you enjoyed it! :mrgreen:

A little note for the near future:

My semester just ended and I am finishing up with the last of my uni commitments. Although that means I will be very soonly FREE *angels’ voices*… I will be leaving in a little over a week, for Japan!! Yes, my trip somehow changed from Europe to Japan. I’m going with a friend and Europe was a bit big to fit into the free time slot we have in common (so… save it for a better time? 🙂 ). Since it’s in 9 days and I haven’t packed, finished my final assignment, or finalised some trip details, I don’t know if I’ll actually have time to post a proper update before I leave (although I really want to!).

I’ll be staying there for a month, just visiting various cities and attractions, seeing how the Japanese live and in general seeing what it’s all about, especially when New Year comes around! I’m definitely bringing my 3DS though, so no worries about my town 😛 And who knows, a couple of the places we will be staying has WiFi, so I might be able to ‘meet’ you there 🙂

So whether I post or not, until next time~

2013.12.02 Feature Whole

P.S. I am loving winter! It’s barely started but omigosh snow falling and holly growing and snowflakes twirling and Gracie gorgeous furniture and Jingle items and and and… x3


24 responses to “Tree Story

  1. Wow, this is really cool! 😮 I take pictures when my tree grows or when it’s a color I especially like (the gold one, for example), but I don’t have nearly as many pictures at different times of day and such! It’s beautiful to see them all together like that, and I love that merged picture at the bottom 😀 It’ll be cool if you keep doing this, so you can get lots of pictures of the Spring tree variations and of your tree at bigger sizes ^_^

    I’ve called that type of sunset a “fiery sunset” since it looks extra reddish orange compared to the usual sunset, which is more pink and purple. AC:NL has more variety of weather conditions, including special sunsets, special sunrises (they’re reallyyy pretty! I haven’t seen one in my own town yet :(), meteor showers, rainbows and double rainbows, and super-heavy rain. Every town’s weather is unique, so these little weather events won’t happen for everyone at the same time. My town’s actually on October 27th right now and I don’t have that special fiery sunset, but I think I had it back in July or August or something (it seems pretty rare).

    I’m hoping to finish my little gold-trees-landscaping-project soon and was thinking of updating my dream town on Halloween — the tree is still fully sized and gold that day, right?

    Congratulations on finishing the semester, and I hope you enjoy your vacation and trip to Japan! 😀 Maybe you can get some cool StreetPass houses while you’re there 😛

    • Yeah I can’t wait to see all the spring tree forms! And I hope by then our trees would have grown up to the next stage.

      Wow I never thought they would have varying sunsets and sunrises, so that never occured to me! Now that I think about it I remember having that sunset for a couple of evenings, and when I played a little earlier on one of them, the entire town was bathed in golden light, and my trees were all in the golden stage at the time. I was quite a sight =.= I hope you catch a special sunrise eventually (cos I sure won’t, lol; I’m counting on you xP)!

      Ooh I can’t wait to see it! Yep the tree is still full (though I think it shrinks a bit when it turns golden.) It shrunk to the 3 clumps very shortly after -.-

      That’s my secret plan xP I hope I get to collect some of the Japan-exclusive DLC so far. And also just to see if streetpassing is as hectic as they say in Japan 😛

      Oh you’re not going to keep Phoebe longer? 😮 I’d love to take her if you’re sure :mrgreen: I also have something to give you (if you don’t get it somewhere else), cos the other day Japan got the Sagittarius Arrow, the first of the Astrology series, and an angel on ACC gave me one! And it’s reorderable!
      Oh btw in terms of villagers’ moveaway dates, I don’t know if you already found out while working on your town, but TTing backward counts as moving 1 day ahead and if it happens villagers’ moving dates are brought forward. I don’t know if you’ve needed to TT at all for your town though, so it might not affect you at all. I’ve been guilty of experimenting a bit with TTing 😳

      • Yeah, it’s really neat that there are special sunsets and sunrises! I actually don’t know if I necessarily prefer the special sunset to the regular sunset, since I loove the pink and purple colors of the regular sunset, but it’s definitely really cool to see every now and then! Ahh I wish I could get the fiery sunset while I have gold trees, that would probably be pretty amazing to witness! But I do prefer the special sunrise to the regular sunrise — it’s my goal to one day update my dream address during a special sunrise!

        Tbh, I wouldn’t have minded keeping Phoebe a bit longer, but I also don’t want to convince her to stay and then have her stick around for months and months afterwards. Her house is in an awkward spot and she’s not a dream neighbor, and I’m extremely eager to get my dream neighbors (so I can build Fern’s house, build the PWPs I actually want and where I want instead of for house-repelling purposes, and make more patterns than I’m currently able to). Plus I can visit her in your town sometimes 🙂 (I wonder if she’d remember me if I visited in a dream? :o) So yeah, anyway, I’ll let you know when she’s all packed up!

        Oh my gosh, wow, I was wondering when that would be released! 😯 I thought it would be in January! That’s great you were able to get a hold of one, and thanks so much for offering to give me one! :mrgreen: I love the Astrology set and think many of the pieces would be fitting in Estel’s house ^_^

        I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed that personally (I try not to TT days backwards), but I heard about that on a forum. Yeah, it’s okay, I’m guilty of manipulating the time a bit as well — not TTing ahead in order to progress my town, but TTing to catch up safely through days I missed (without dream neighbors moving out), and keeping it in October so I can complete this little landscaping project with the gold trees. I went a solid few months after release without TTing at all, though, so I got a good taste of the pure playing of AC:NL 🙂 Hopefully I can get back to that eventually, I kinda miss it…

        Here’s hoping you end up getting lots of awesome StreetPass houses and Japan-exclusive DLC! 😀 Haha, that’d be like virtual souvenirs from your trip 😛

  2. Oh, btw, Phoebe just asked to move! She’ll be in boxes on November 1st in my game, which hopefully won’t be too far away in real life — just want to finish my landscaping for the gold trees first (the hardest part is out of the way) and experience Halloween a bit.

  3. Whoa! That’s a looooot of tree pics. xD Hehe.. I can’t wait for the ground to be covered in snow! 😀 I also can’t wait for the falling snowflakes that i’ve been hearing about ~

    btw, *takes a deeeep breath* YOU’RE GOING TO JAPAN?! *hyperventilates* o-oohh wow.. It’s my DREAM to go there! damn, you better post some pics of your trip.. ;; ___ ;; I would love to see what Japan is like. xP I hope you enjoy your trip there with your friend! 😀

    • Yeah I can’t wait x3 It should be around the 10th or 11th? But then it means the pretty holly berries will get covered up 😛
      I’m going to Japan!! xD Hehe, of course I’ll post pics!

  4. I thought of you when I saw this fan art! It reminded me of Bundeena since you had Antonio, Cyrano, and Anabelle all at once a while back, and you’ve wanted Pango for a while as well. 😛 Are you hoping to maybe get some of your old favorites like Anabelle and Cyrano in New Leaf?

    • Awww that’s so cute, and Anabelle is at the very top ❤ Poor Olaf, though 😆 Actually he's in my town right now! I've been trying to get his whirlpool bath for you but he won't let me buy it (twice now)! xP
      I want Pango even more in NL because of her house; it's like she's the perfect package now 🙂 I still really like Anabelle and Cyrano so I'd be thrilled if they showed up. Once again though, Anabelle's tastes in houses could be better and she might need to pull a Wart-jr for me to keep her 😆 Cyrano trails behind Anabelle by a little bit but then his house is nicer 😛

      • Oh haha, I didn’t even notice the anteater being squashed at the bottom there 😆 And aww, that’s really nice of you! 🙂 You don’t have to continue trying to get it for me, though, because I went island-hopping on Club Tortimer not too long ago and got myself one!
        Yeah, I’m kind of hoping to get Pango as well, I love her house! And I have Gloria’s house in my town now, which I think would coordinate really well with Pango’s.
        That’s the bummer about New Leaf houses… In Wild World/City Folk, as long as you reset until you got house styles you liked, all the houses in your town could look nice, no matter who the neighbors is. But ah well, New Leaf house exteriors reflect the unique tastes of the villagers more, so I guess that’s cool. Good luck with getting the neighbors you’re hoping for — though I do think you started the game with (and currently have) great villagers already ^_^

  5. Hey Teru! Phoebe is packed up now, if you’re still interested! You can pick her up whenever, there’s no rush, I can keep it on this date for a little while if necessary. 🙂

    • Hi Amy! Oh awesome 😀 I’m actually leaving in 20 hours, so great timing lol 😆 (I hope you didn’t rush yourself on my account!)
      Oh my gosh I just noticed you’re still online (is it 4am over there? Did you get up already or are you sleeping late? o_o), i’ll search for your gates right now just in case.
      Otherwise I’ll be able to WiFi later tonight (7am-ish your time, or earlier/later if it suits you), or tomorrow morning (7pm-ish your time? :P).
      Thank you and I can’t wait to meet her!

      Oh oh oh and I was gonna tell you, I got a blue rose today! O_O It was completely unexpected cos it bred from some of my cast-off red roses I used to border my town. They were red roses that bred from red+ roses.

      • I woke up early, hehe, I’m on a weird schedule where I go to bed really early and have a few hours before classes start in which I can mess around. xP
        Sure, I’ll open my gates now! I’m sorry that there’s stuff on the ground, it’s the leftovers from Halloween that won’t fit in my storage (probably end up selling it or moving it to my digital town later).
        WOW, congratulations on the blue rose!! 😀 That’s really exciting! I guess I shouldn’t have tossed away the red roses bred from my hybrid red roses after all! Feel free to let me know if now that you’ve grown one yourself, you’d like to have another one to grow them more easily (and not have to mess with hybrid reds anymore). ‘Cause I have plenty now! 🙂

        • Wow, on a day where I’m being really bad I could still be up at 4am lol.
          Toward the end I started feeling like having a large number of red+ roses didn’t make breeding easier (I felt like even when I watered a lot of them, I still only got a few new flowers), so I actually reduced my patch to 7, which I watered and buried fertiliser around every day. Then of course the blue rose pops up from a group of 9 red roses elsewhere I just spontaneously watered (I don’t do much watering now) the day before because I wanted more red roses.

          Thanks for Phoebe! If all goes well I’ll be on the plane tomorrow resetting her house 😀

          • Oh okay, that’s interesting to hear your experience because I had tonss of hybrid red roses (like a whole field of them, at least 30+) and I felt like that would increase my chances of growing one, but it ended up just frustrating me since I had to water them all everyday with no results. xP A smaller patch is easier to maintain, and with some fertilizer you’re bound to get one sooner than later! I guess it’s too bad I gave in before I got the Emporium, haha. 😛

            You’re welcome, and thank you for the Sagittarius arrow! 😀 Good luck in getting Phoebe’s house in a good place, and I hope you have a great time in Japan (I’m sure you will)!

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  7. Aww yay, I was happy when I saw your update in the sidebar! 🙂 I hope you have a great new year too, Teru, and that you’ve had a great time in Japan so far! 😀 Congrats on picking up the Capricorn Ornament that way! CK let me catalog one recently, and I’m very happy with how the item corresponding to my own sign turned out! I’ve put like 4 in Estel’s house haha xP

    • Ahhhh sorry for the super late reply Dx Thank you, I had a great new year (we went to a local midnight fox parade at a temple 😮 ). I got back about 2 weeks ago but err… started tidying my room and it took 2 weeks. It was messy.
      Yay, two down, ten to go! I wonder if the third one will be given out soon. If you didn’t get a Capricorn ornament it would have been your birthday present anyway 😆 (And oh my gosh I totally missed it!! A belated Happy Birthday to you! >_< )

      edit: Btw if you saw me +follow you recently, I don’t know why but WordPress had randomly taken you off my subscriptions list some time over the past month -.-

      • Welcome back!! Wow that sounds cool, I’m glad you were able to start off the year that way; and that you had a good time in Japan! 😀
        I heard the Aquarius urn is out, actually! I haven’t gotten it yet but maybe I can post an offer/request on one of the AC forums sometime.
        Aww, thank you very much for the birthday wishes!! 😀
        Ahh I’m really looking forward to your new posts! But no rush/pressure, haha 😛
        I’ve been contributing to the quietness of the AC WordPress community lately, since I’m taking some demanding classes (like organic chemistry >_<) that are sucking up a lot of my time; also Marina/Mira and Grape are taking a hiatus, and Choco hasn't found her 3DS yet. 😦 My town's in winter now, though, so I'm excited about getting to decorate my town for the snow, and post on that eventually! ^_^ I bet your town looks lovely with all the red roses against the white snow! x3

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