Town Story ~ Autumn to Winter

2013 09 01 -- 1709 45

Hey~ Do you remember this?
(Do you remember me? 😛 I’m Teru…)

I am finally back from hiatus (again, for now) and just finished going through the 4000 or so pictures of the past 5 months and reduced them to a reasonable number . But they would still be such a mess if I just posted them chronologically that instead I’m splitting them into categories and putting one category in each post, starting with this post about how my town itself has been doing.

Somewhere along the line I’ll also post about my recent trip to Japan, which was AWESOME ^_^ Also, sorry for not being around to read and comment on everybody else’s posts over the past couple of months! 😕 I promise I will be getting to doing that in the next few days x3

Warning that there will be a TON of pictures of my town in this post. You can skip to the bottom if you get bored 😛

So to start off… you might remember (or not) that we left off in the last post about my town with an incoming 10th villager, who demolished some trees and special stump and also took the location of the future windmill.

2013 09 01 -- 1710 32

Aaand yes, it did turn out to be Boomer from my old Arcadia. I couldn’t stay mad at him because I liked him quite a bit.

2013 09 06 -- 1738 48 merge

To be honest, his house actually looked quite nice in this spot, and I also liked the way it peeked out from between the trees when you were in the plaza, especially when you could see smoke rising from its chimney.
As you can probably tell from the use of past tense though 😛 , he did move away in the end.

2013 09 01 -- 1716 14
2013 09 01 -- 1825 04

Enjoying my [then] new lighthouse in different settings.

2013 09 02 -- 1301 15

The heavy rains and thunderstorms sure are a sight in New Leaf.

2013 09 04 -- 1139 15 Close Houses

Not the best picture to show it, but I’m glad to say that Julian and Renée’s houses there moved away in the end, freeing up the space in front of the space in front of my house. Can’t get enough space xD

2013 09 08 -- 1243 09 Colour Change

I’ve heard differing opinions about it, but I loved the new green that came on toward the end of summer! It made everything feel so fresh and in my opinion fit into the palette of the rest of the town more nicely than the darker green from before.

2013 09 08 -- 1243 54

… That dark green, lol.

2013 09 08 -- 1640 23

New scribble.

2013 09 08 -- 1245 07

Frrreeesh! 😀

2013 09 27 -- 1759 09

I loooved the colours at sunset x3

2013 09 19 -- 2210 09

The way the new green glowed in the moonlight was kinda weird though 😛

2013 09 21 -- 1656 00

2013 09 21 -- 1720 12

The red flowers lining my plaza look so much more vibrant now.

2013 09 08 -- 1535 59

Not sure this colour change felt as natural as the others, but it was cool.

2013 09 12 -- 1556 25

My very first red+ rose ^_^ Now they’re all over the place.

2013 09 26 -- 1001 34

I realised I was down to the final missing piece of the dinosaur exhibit earlier than I expected, and it was from the seismosaur, making it the last incomplete fossil just like in the movie :mrgreen:

2013 10 07 -- 1735

2013 10 07 -- 1738 20

The missing piece turned up soon afterwards 😀 Hooray.

2013 09 19 -- 1642 44

Was this called the Autumn Moon festival? The veggie basket from Isabelle on this day is pretty much the only decent exclusive item Europe gets over the US. Not happy 😡

2013 09 27 -- 1937 31 merge

Taking advantage of the meteor showers 🙂 This is the bridge north of the plaza. I didn’t really like how flat the opposite bank was, but it certainly made for a good viewing spot for fireworks and shooting stars.

2013 10 05 -- 1226 Sweet Deirdre

Hahaha, some flower silliness 😀 I was hitting this yellow tulip in a test to see how many times it took to destroy it with the bug net. Well I got to about 50 hits with my villagers watching nearby, and up came Deirdre and watered the poor thing T^T I couldn’t continue hitting it after that x3
Also I have a feeling flowers are invincible to the bug net, lol 😆

2013 10 11 -- 1651 12

Enjoying the plaza with villagers I like.

2013 10 12 -- 1232 07 merge

Chip’s tent in my plaza is much more bearable than Nat’s in my opinion.

2013 10 14 -- 1257 02

Sitting under my tree again and then…

2013 10 14 -- 1300 34

Bam, I finally realise that it’s grown a whole stage 😆

2013 10 14 -- 1301 09

I didn’t notice for four days xD

And then three days later…

2013 10 17 -- 1859 33

… It shrunk again -.-

2013 10 18 -- 1150 08

Oh well, it was nice knowing you, big tree.

2013 10 27 -- 1806 21 merge 2

A week or so after the map yellowed for autumn, I got a crazy red sunset 😮

2013 10 27 -- 1806 49
2013 10 27 -- 1807 41
2013 10 27 -- 1811 40

I had experienced the same sort of sunset at the island before, so I just thought it was seasonal autumn thing.

2013 11 04 -- 1111 53

I figured the two hydrangea bushes I planted north of the plaza bridge weren’t going to bloom anytime soon, and decided trees would better frame the headland, anyway. I also changed the flowers to try to match the reddening autumn colours better.

2013 11 24 -- 1105 46

Oh uh… yeah, that is totally the spot, Isabelle.

In addition to the trees, I also tried to balance out the rock that sits on the right after crossing the bridge.

2013 11 25 -- 1 1115 35

I put a water pump opposite the rock 😆

2013 11 25 -- 1129 09

Before this I actually tried putting a stone tablet here, but when it was finished it actually looked pretty bad. It was too big and had a green tinge to it, not complementing the area or the other rock at all.

2013 11 25 -- 1115 35 2013 11 26 -- 1418 44

The lilies still looked messy so later on I replaced them with roses. To be honest, the purple and blue violets might have done best after all. As much as I was looking forward to the warm hues of autumn, once it set in all the red flowers in my town were quite overwhelming.

2013 11 11 -- 1658 52

At first it didn’t seem like I was going to get the Emporium anytime soon, but I got really lucky with Gracie visits toward the end and got it well in time for winter.

2013 11 18 -- 1759 23 1

Experimenting with crossing purple and black roses, the combination needed in Wild World to breed blue roses. Ten out of ten of the offspring were red -_-

2013 11 26 -- 1022 50

After Boomer moved and Deirdre made the sensible request, I was able to put the windmill in its rightful place in my town, in the corner northeast of the plaza 😀

2013 11 20 -- 1721

I usually pay things off on the day, but since this was a long-term plan, I was happy to pay it off over a few days, paying in denominations of 100,000. It was great to see how much the villagers pitched in in the mean time, more than a thousand Bells per day 🙂

2013 11 26 -- 1346 31

My poor tree became naked D:

2013 11 27 -- 1405 56

Pausing to enjoy the first snow :mrgreen:
These are the four wisteria trellises I’ve built between my station and cafe to repel villager houses, as well as to be a bit of a feature where I can display some flowers. Here I am breeding red+ roses in the centre in hopes to get a blue rose.

2013 12 01 -- 1425 51

A sorely-needed bridge linking the two banks in the upper-right part of town. This is the area I’m hoping to start letting villagers move into, while I clear up the bottom area along the cliff and beach. It’s going to be an ambitious project that will use up all my 30 PWPs and also eventually make me lose Baabara, who is my favourite resident.

2013 12 06 -- 1439 13 merge

Me, me and Olaf xD

Naughty-or-Nice Day, (allow me to vent again) is the ONLY Europe-exclusive holiday??? What in the HELL, Nintendo?!! 😡

Anyhoo… back to the post, and my last day before the Japan trip…

2013 12 10 -- 1254 44 Day before Japan

I got a blue rose! From my cast-off red roses 😯 😯 😯

I line my town with red roses, and 9 or so of these roses were ones that were offspring of the red+ roses I was trying to get blue roses with. Because I wasn’t sure 2nd-generation red roses from red+ roses still counted as red+, I used them as regular red roses instead to border my town. Well, guess I was wrong xP

Of course the huddle of 1st gen red+ roses in my actual breeding area that I watered and fertilised carefully didn’t yield a single blue -_-

2013 12 11 -- 1626 13 1st day of Japan - SNOW

On the day I left for Japan, the snow started sticking! It looked sooo nice.


2013 12 11 -- 1629 00

I got a second blue rose!! Two blue roses in two days O_O I suppose the second one was easier since one parent was blue.

2013 12 11 -- 1638 20

The hedged area outside my house. These are all red+ roses I originally tried breeding blue roses with, by the way. They just never gave me anything blue…

2013 12 06 -- 1416 00

This is how the hedge looked before the holly got covered by snow. I hope I get to see how it looks on green grass after the snow melts.

2013 12 13 -- 1236 07

The path from the plaza bridge. I really wish the winter got its purple trees again, like in Wild World… In New Leaf it’s like the fall never fully relinquishes its hold, and then transitions straight into a murky green colour in the onset of spring 😕

2014 02 06 -- 1239 57

2013 12 13 -- 1355 02

Patches of snow on the wisteria trellis ^_^ Actually the wisteria in our garden loses all of its leaves and flowers in winter… I guess it’s good the seasons in AC aren’t completely realistic.

2013 12 15 -- 1339 49 LIGHTS

Noticing the fairy lights in the fir trees 😀

2014 01 27 -- 1054 01

The plaza looked really unflattering all through the first half of winter, but now with some green replacing the dry brown from before, there’s a bit more reason to sit down and take a picture 🙂

OH, I also just noticed again in the pic that my tree grew while it was ‘dead’ xD It took me days to realise it in-game as well. One day I decided to see if the two dried leaves that had miraculously hung to the town tree’s bare branches all through winter had magically turned green along with the rest of the smaller trees, and when I got there there were three dried leaves instead of two xD Then I realised the whole dang tree was bigger 😆

2014 01 27 -- 1141 04 merge 2

I keep showing you the northern side of this bridge; now here’s the plaza side.

2014 02 05 -- 1924 43

This was much better than the flat nothingness that used to lie on the other side. I would plant a 3rd tree on either side, but funnily enough there’s just not enough place on both sides, one side because of the cliff, the other because of the streetlamp.

2014 02 06 -- 1258 32

Left of the bridge is the little area with the waterfall.

2014 02 09 -- 1908 49

Right of the bridge are lots of trees 😆 Then further right is the windmill.

2014 02 04 -- 1508 56 PWP Woes

Sigh… I’ve been hit with this conundrum too. I don’t understand what the rule is for building near the plaza. Further up along the straight edge the usual 2-space allowance is fine. Perhaps confusion only arises around the corners? I was trying to build a wisteria trellis.

2014 02 05 -- 1012 03

Along the bottom of town, a fair bit of space has been freed up, with Savannah, Peggy and Papi all moving out. This thoroughfare felt a bit narrow with so many residences along it.

2014 02 06 -- 1326 54

Instead I am encouraging villagers to move into the upper-right quarter of town. At the back in this picture lives Phoebe, whom I got from Amy in December and will show more pictures of later, and the down the front is where my newest villager Moe is planning to move in.

2014 02 04 -- 2058 53

FINALLY, I get to see my first aurora!! Even though I played regularly during the month in Japan, I only played long enough to go about my daily business, checking on neighbours and shops. When I got back, I was still busy with other things and didn’t play as much, so by the end of January I was pretty much resigned to the fact that seeing the northern lights would very likely have to be part of next year’s to-do list.

Then one night I came back from the island with a good evening’s haul and bam, there was the aurora :mrgreen:

2014 02 04 -- 2123 42 merge 2
2014 02 04 -- 2108 06

It’s beautiful T___T

A couple nights later, it showed up again ^_^

So that’s about it for how my town has gone since the beginning of autumn… which isn’t particularly far, but at the least that’s how it changed with the seasons 🙂 In the next post I’ll show you around my house and surrounds ^_^ (Don’t expect it to be much, though; it’s still a mess!)

Now for a little extra…

2014 02 05 -- 1604 39

As I mentioned before, I have a particularly ambitious plan PWP-wise going on in my town… It basically involves putting PWPs up everywhere (in as tasteful a manner as I can manage) across town to ‘guide’ villager houses, and will eventually take up all 30 PWPs. It even involves demolishing some smaller projects I have now in order to be more resourceful.

Well… since I haven’t started replacing any of those smaller PWPs (mostly streetlamps) and have only been adding on more, I did a count and found out I am currently AT THIRTY PWPs. With this new surprising fact, I went to see if Isabelle had any different dialogue when I tried to build something new, and well… everything was exactly the same as always o_o

My town currently had 30 PWPs in it (not counting the cafe or other establishments), and yet Isabelle calmly and happily accepted my request to build a new wisteria trellis. She was letting me build a 31st PWP.

Sooo we went on a walk together in a video and counted, again. Apologies for the shakiness; I wasn’t able to set up a camera or 3ds stand.

I really don’t think I miscounted anything, and I even counted 30 on the map Isabelle brings up for demolition. My best guess is that one of my brick bridges is being mistaken for the original bridge? Or perhaps something changed with the bridge rule (initial bridge doesn’t count unless you replace it) in a patch? Or is there something that doesn’t count toward the limit that I don’t know about and accidentally counted?

Unfortunately I don’t want to build that wisteria trellis just yet because Kody’s house is in the way, but once he moves I will be trying to build that 31st project again!


10 responses to “Town Story ~ Autumn to Winter

  1. You got a veggie basket? I thought it was cool. I love the sunset.. I had that once. ONCE! Did you ever get the item for groundhog day? I didn’t get it, and I wondered if you had it..

    • I didn’t get it either 😦 Australia (where I am) gets all the exact same holidays, items and DLC as the UK/Europe version, so you and I will always get the same things 😕

      • oh right. I have a few American DLC’s, but I traded them with the stuff I didn’t like, like the tam -o- shanter nintendo sent us. Thanks for telling me! 🙂

  2. My classes were cancelled today because of snow, so I was just lazily laying in bed with my 3DS, and decided to use the internet on it and check my blog and your blog…then I was really surprised and thrilled to see a new post’s preview image at the top of the page, yay! x3 Just thought it was funny that I discovered it by randomly visiting your blog on my 3DS, rather than the WordPress reader 😛

    It’s really fun to read about the news of your town lately with your point of view! Because I knew some of the news by visiting your town in the Dream Suite, but it’s so much more to read a post about it ^_^

    Your pictures during the special sunset are gorgeous! :O I wonder if it is somewhat seasonal, I can’t imagine getting it with snow on the ground for some reason. (But I got one during the summer, so it’s not just an Autumn-only thing)

    I love all your new projects! From the windmill to the rose arch to the unique wisteria trellis spot to the water pump very cleverly balancing out that rock! I wish I could do the same with the rock by my town hall, but I don’t know what to balance it with that wouldn’t look out of place. And it’s interesting to hear about your new plans for villager houses and house-repelling with PWPs! I thought all along you were planning on having your villagers line the southern cliff, since you had them arranged like that since early on. I’ve been having trouble myself with balancing PWPs for both house-repelling purposes and aesthetic purposes. >_< I couldn't bear to give up some of the pretty PWP spots in my town, but at the same time, it would be much easier to reset for houses if I just used PWPs for house-repelling purposes. 😦

    I noticed the same thing about being able to build 31 PWPS! I thought I was mistaken even though I counted like 3 times, but now that you've noticed it too, I guess I won't doubt myself any longer 😛 I bet it has something to do with a bridge, like you said. Maybe one of the bridges doesn't count, since you need at least one bridge for your town to function.

    Your town manages to look beautiful at all times of year! I loved it with the light green grass, the warm Autumn colors, and I love it now with the snow! 😀 Your house looks soo good with the snow on top and the cedar trees behind it and all ^_^

    Congratulations on the second blue rose!! 😀 Woww, I can't believe you were able to get another so fast, that's awesome xD Also congrats on your completed exhibit, and getting your first aurora — it looks very pretty in your town! 🙂

    • Haha, maybe you have a 6th sense. Thank you for discovering it that way, because the reader ignored my feature pic again replaced it with the ugly video preview xP

      Maybe in winter/spring the air is clearer so there are less red sunsets? 😛 (I have no idea if that’s true xP) It’s true I haven’t seen one yet in any of the winter months.

      When I was contemplating what to build opposite the rock, I thought wouldn’t it be cool if one day the gem rock sprouted there? But if it did and I treated it as a permanent feature, I would be so paranoid everyday about WiFi-ing or breaking it accidentally, and would be so annoyed if it did break. But who knows? Maybe it would have been possible 😛 At the moment my gem rock’s been sitting in the same spot near Re-Tail for a good few months now because I haven’t bothered to break it.

      Originally when I wasn’t fully decided on where to keep all my villagers I figured right along the cliff would be good and out of the way, especially since a couple lived there already. But then I got greedy and want that space too now xD But like you, if I fulfill my plans I won’t be able to have a lot of the pretty PWPs I wanted like the statue fountain, bell and iron bench 😕 But there are also other decorative PWPs like the lighthouse and some streetlamps that I won’t budge on so easily. It’s important that you don’t sacrifice too much of your town! >_<

      Naw, I was secretly hoping that maybe Isabelle'd keep on going and allow a 32nd project, too 😆 Come to think of it, players probably came up with that rule about the first bridge based on logic rather than evidence. I never thought to question it.

      • Woah, thanks for giving me the idea about having a permanent gem rock to balance out the rock by my town hall, I think I’m gonna try that! Don’t know why I didn’t think of it before; I was thinking in terms of items I could drop on the ground (I dropped a sapphire on the ground opposite the rock once, but it was ofc too small to balance the rock at all), or PWPs I could build, etc. I think the gem rock would have to be exactly the same shape for me to want to keep it, though, so I hope one pops up like that eventually, and in the right spot.
        When I saw the water pump in your dream town, I just thought it was a cute new feature with a “functional” purpose (watering the flowers nearby), so it does more than just balance out the rock — which it does really well, since it’s about the same size and same color and everything!

        • I’m glad I gave you a new idea xD It’s a pretty weird one. Ooh that sounds like it’s gonna take a bit of luck, getting it in the right place as well as the same shape x3 Good luck with it!!
          Time to let the rocks work for you instead of against you!! >=D

          edit: I just realised that perhaps filling the town with flowers can guide the rock where you want? 😮 I never noticed if the rock avoided landing on them, since my town doesn’t have that many.

          • Thanks! I hope I can get it eventually, I think it would bug me a lot less if the rocks could at least be symmetric like the rest of my town hall area 🙂 And yep, the gem rock only appears in empty spaces, so that’s one way to control it a bit. I don’t have flowers covering every inch of my town (yet :P), but already I have enough to where I see the rock appearing in the same sorts of locations a lot (like right in the middle of my dirt paths xP).

  3. Wow, I forgot how beautiful your town is! I really like the spot just north of your bridge 🙂 And 31 PWPs, that’s kind of weird but funny 😆 You’ll be able to tell everyone who visits that your town is so awesome that Isabelle let you build an extra PWP!


    • Ahh I don’t know how I missed this comment! >__< Aww thank you x3 Too bad it really was just 31, I was kinda hoping she'd keep going 😆

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