House Story ~ Autumn to Winter

2013 09 01 -- 1725 30

Dang, even when I try to post often, it still takes a while, huh? Without further ado, here are some pictures (and extremely repetitive ones at that) showing changes and other random happenings in and around my house over the past few months 🙂

2013 09 14 -- 1201 172013 09 14 -- 1225 322013 09 18 -- 1722 47

The red and black roses lining the path outside my house slowly proliferated over time.
To the left there are my perfect cherry trees (which don’t look as nice as the normal cherry trees, so these are the only ones I have) with the mini cedar forest behind them.

2013 09 01 -- 1730 03

When these bell crickets came out in September I couldn’t help adding a couple to my main room for their sound, and loved how they appeared in little cages when displayed.
I actually saw some cricket cages in a souvenir shop in Arashiyama near Kyoto where a famous bamboo forest grows. The cages were bamboo and so finely made, and looked just like these ones in AC :). They didn’t look like a suitable souvenir to pack in with my luggage though, so I opted for a somewhat studier-looking cup made from a segment of thick bamboo.

2013 09 15 -- 1644 10

I also end up taking a lot of pictures in front of my house because that’s where you start off in your town each day and find out if it’s a special event, or if Pete’s waiting for you with a present, or if the sky is falling.

2013 09 16 -- 2126 11merge
2013 09 16 -- 2127 36

The eerie time of night in early-autumn when the bright full moon wafts between clouds and the grass glows strangely.

2013 09 19 -- 1657 03

But I looove this grass and tree colour in the daytime.

2013 09 19 -- 1653 19

A veggie basket for the main room, haha 😆

2013 09 02 -- 1214 04 2013 10 29 -- 1743 46

I sooo want this cool globe for my house, too. But I’m too short.

2013 09 23 -- 2318 25

What happens when Retail is closed.

2013 09 22 -- 1158 10

Finding a snail on my hedge.

2013 09 25 -- 1126 49

Gulliver sent me a souvenir from America, but it didn’t go so well with my souvenir from Red– the Louvre.

2013 09 28 -- 1134 54

The star I wished on during the meteor shower? It sent me the moon 🙂

2013 10 05 -- 1200 48

This fake rock sprouted twice in the same place  xD

2013 10 15 -- 1631 58

One of my villagers gave me this plated armor as a present, and I always got a bit of a shock when I came in the door 😆

2013 11 05 -- 1424 53

The first time that I saw my letterbox go crazy. I had ordered a bunch of things from the HHS and the Nooklings.

2013 11 05 -- 1427 40

After upgrading my house by adding a back room, I wondered what happened to the stained glass that was hanging in the main room where the gaping doorway now was, and found it hanging happily in the back of the new room 😆

2013 11 05 -- 1747 49

Which I instantly decorated to my liking 🙂 My reason for building an extra room was to have this sort of Rococo/gardeny room inspired by the chapel room in Kinmokusei, though later I moved some of the features to the upstairs room, while this room became storage 😆
Here I was trying out two variations of the stained glass. I think on the left is Natural+Natural and right is Natural+Nautical. The one on the right is definitely my favourite of all the remake options.

2013 11 23 -- 1157 51

Trying out two variations of the Alpine chair, with a really nice wood/tile pattern I found somewhere and can’t remember now >__< I kind of like the darker one better, but I don’t know how it would go with the parquet floor that I’m planning to use eventually when I get my hands on one.

2013 12 01 -- 1335 40

From Redd I got a real Nike statue x3 It’s a 2×2 item though, which sometimes catches me off-guard when I try to arrange furniture.

2013 12 06 -- 1419 41 Holiday stocking

When December came around I wasted no time in spending all my savings on Gracie’s furniture 😛 , and I think the Christmas items out at the time went well with it too.

2013 12 06 -- 1445 20

Daaang Olaf, you wanna live here?

2013 12 07 -- 2357 18

I thought this item went so well in the Gorgeous room, even though it’s… vinegar =_=;

2013 12 07 -- 1908 15

I added an extra row of lanterns further down from the original boundary of my “property”, to keep future villagers away from the fence that’s keeping them away from the house……

2013 11 25 -- 1135 03

I cut down a couple of the trees outside my house for sitting on (though villagers don’t come this way enough to be caught on them >_< ) and got a famous mushroom ^_^

2013 12 07 -- 1934 41

I loved this ‘Christmas’ item – the snow globe! ^__^

2013 12 09 -- 1203 31

I finally succumbed to the need for more space, and built the left wing of the house too. At first I didn’t really like how the outside looked and preferred the appearance of the stone exterior when it was lopsided, but now I’m used to it and I do like the fuller shape. One thing I really did not like though, was how dark it made my main room.

2013 12 10 -- 1248 00 Super Snow

Some serious snowstorm going on.

2013 12 18 -- 1803 04

I love the feeling the snow and lights on at night gives off x3

2014 02 04 -- 2101 27

Finally getting the aurora in February ^^

2013 12 29 -- 0918 20

When I got to building snowpeople, I couldn’t help turning my main room into a semi-ice room, and in this pic I was trying to inconspicuously display the turnips I bought one Sunday when I managed to play before midday 😛

2013 12 01 -- 1343 512013 12 11 -- 1638 20 2014 02 05 -- 1913 39

The holly hedge that replaced the hibiscus that used to surround this side of my house. Since holly was a darker coloured shrub and solid hedges were also a hassle to perfect, I figured it was win-win to just plant them every 2nd space 😛 It’s a pity the holly gets covered in snow most of the time it’s….uh, doing whatever holly does.

2014 02 05 -- 2027 34

An out-of-season picture, but this is my right room, which hasn’t really changed since I first got it – only become more packed with items. It’s a completely useless room but I just really like the autumn feel and can’t bring myself to get rid of it, even though I’m already sorely in need of more space 😛 Anyway I thought it was odd (though not unappealing) how the back wall was giving a purpley glow o_o

2014 02 05 -- 2304 55

Not a decoration I kept for very long, but I remade the mobile at Retail and like its new look!

2014 02 06 -- 1209 12

Took a gamble inviting Saharah to my house once again and for once, her combo was actually pretty nice o_o

2014 02 06 -- 1347 08 merge

And to finish off, a picture of my basement, whose theme also hasn’t really changed since I first got it, although it may have become creepier over time 😛

So that’s it for how my house has been going, wasn’t that exciting?? (Not. 😛 )
It’s still got a long ways to go, including that random “autumn” room that needs changing, and the room that’s supposed to be Kinmokusei-inspired that is still being used as storage… But I still feel like I’ve got a long ways to play, too, so I’m not hurried 🙂

Fortunately the next post has already been written, so I know it won’t take forever to go up 😆 . So… see you all then~

2013 09 27 -- 1755 19


14 responses to “House Story ~ Autumn to Winter

  1. I’m guessing you traded for the veggie basket, right? Lol about the globe, you’l just have to wait until Katie comes along. To be honest, I think the statue of liberty looks great with the Louvre! I saw the mailbox go crazy. Its kinda funny! That new room looks amazing.. You know the snow globe? Is it reorder able? if it is, please could I have one?

    • Hmm? Didn’t you get the veggie basket from Isabelle from the Autumn Moon festival? We’re the same region xD
      Actually, I got the globe from Katie and it’s just the regular desktop globe. I believe the ‘cool globe’ which is the one in the town hall is from a NA-exclusive event in April 😕
      The snow globe should be reorderable since I bought it from the Nooklings… If it is I’ll order one for you 🙂

      • Yes, I got it from the Autumn moon festival.. Oh yeah, I just remembered Australia gets the same DLC as Europe, XD.
        Oh.. you better see if you can trade for one then.
        Thanks 🙂 what would you like in return?

  2. Haha your proliferating roses, I love the way you said that, I remember feeling the same way in Dafdilly sometimes xD (And in AC:NL it’s even easier to accumulate flowers, with the flower tours and beautiful town ordinance) I really love all the features in your garden, from the roses to the hedge to the streetlights to the cedar trees with little places to sit hidden among them — and it all looks great year round! ^_^ It’s interesting about that fake rock appearing in the same place twice, and in a similar shape as the rock near it — gives me hope for my rock plans 😛

    I always enjoy seeing your room decorations and additions too! I love how you decorate, and how the rooms gradually and organically change over time (especially since I don’t really do that, but I think it’s neat)! It’s interesting how similar our semi-ice main rooms turned out, with the capricorn statues, columns, and cupid bench 😮 I also really like the autumn room, the creepy room (still with many clocks), the elegant bedroom with the stained glass (I have the parquet floor to give you sometime, if you want), and the gorgeous room! Woww, Olaf does look at home in there 😆 He seems like he would be a fun neighbor to have, looking so dressed up all the time xP

    Haha I remember when my first mailbox went wild, it was while you were over! I’d just ordered a bunch of rococo furniture that CK let me catalog 🙂 Oh, and I think I remember seeing that wood tile design in Kinmokusei, but I’m not sure if they were the original maker or not.

    • Proliferating is what they do x_x At least they’re the flowers I want; I feel kinda bad about it but I’ve just taken to digging up everything else that pops up with my shovel ^^; Aside from that, my town requires the laziest maintenance xD

      Hehe, I like your use of ‘organically’ to describe it. It just feels like a mess to me and a constant juggle between cool new items I get and trying to keep my rooms to their original theme 😛 I’m kind of annoyed at winter for pressuring me to change my main room with such beautiful items that I now don’t want to get rid of 😆 Oh thank you, I don’t know yet how well the parquet floor will actually go, but if I don’t find it anytime soon, that’d be appreciated 🙂 Olaf is a fun neighbour, and there’ll be more of him in the next post xD

      Ah thank youuu, yes it was from Kinmokusei! Wow, I’m taking a lot from that town 😛

      • Sure, feel free to let me know if you want to meet up sometime for me to give it to you (don’t know what your schedule’s like though, so if you’re too busy, that’s fine!) 🙂 I also have a cool globe I can give you, if you want! I was TTing with my other game to figure out what colors I should use for the variations of the fairytale bridge path, and I skipped most of the holidays, but happened to get that globe one day 😛

        • Woooah, you got the cool globe?? I am no longer busy LOL (ok maybe still a bit 😛 ). That would be so awesome, but only if you’re sure you don’t want it! I have something for you too ^_^ I might be able to WiFi this Sunday afternoon/your Saturday night, or possibly anytime Friday *depending* on how my schedule turns out (I don’t know my own schedue yet >_> ).

          • Sure, those days sound fine! Feel free to shoot me a reply (or you know, something that’ll give a notification) when you want to WiFi 🙂

            • Awesome. Looks like today won’t be possible, but if things go well Sunday should be ok. I’ll tell you closer to time though; just wanted to respond now so you weren’t waiting the whole time until then.

                • Hey Amy, I was wondering about tomorrow, would ~10pm my time (7am yours I think) work? It’s just that Jessnook wants to meet up too, so I thought I’d open my gates for both of you, but then I have an early class the next day, so I can’t make it too late. Otherwise I can do ~1pm (your 10pm tonight)

                  • Yeah, either of those times would be fine actually, so whatever works best for you! If the 7 AM time works best for meeting up with Jessica at the same time, we could do that one; I actually have a trade to do with her as well 🙂 But if 10 PM would be pushing it for your class the next day, 1 PM your time would be totally fine too!
                    (Oh and btw, my timezone recently switched from NA EST to EDT, I hope that’s not messing anything up)

                    • Ok cool 🙂 In that case to make things easier I’ll open my gates for you 10pm/7am regardless of what Jessica decides (I’m waiting for her response), just so we have a set time. It’s also the time I have least chance of being interrupted. I hope it’s not unnecessarily early for you!
                      I know right now (9am-ish my time) would have been a comfortable time for everyone, but I have something on every Sunday morning >_<

                    • Sounds good, see you in a few hours! 🙂 Don’t worry, it’s not too early for me, I’m awake and it’s 5 AM xP

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