Villager Story ~ Autumn to Winter

2014 02 04 -- 1245 12 Cuuute

So enough empty pictures of plazas and rooms and decorations, here’s a post dedicated to the villagers who breathe life into the town 🙂

Btw isn’t Baabara cuuute? x3

2013 09 01 -- 1710 32

Finally we meet the infamous “Max”, or Boomer.

2013 09 01 -- 1711 11

Resigned to the fact 😛
(Of course I don’t feel this way anymore. This was a while ago and this spot is where the windmill went in the end.)

2013 09 12 -- 2236 48

He is cute when he sleeps though! And his room was pretty cool with all its sci-fi equipment.

2013 09 20 -- 1545 11

Naww, but that was your mayoral welcome 🙂

2013 10 04 -- 1058 41

2013 09 22 -- 1041 45

Random outdoor villager pics strike again. I love her umbrella ^_^

2013 09 16 -- 1648 09

Another picture inside Baabara’s lovely abode.

2013 09 21 -- 1322 14

More messing with my villagers. Julian’s the victim this time.

2013 09 16 -- 1654 31 edit

Wart Jr. was bound to snap eventually…

2013 10 08 -- 1836 00

After a few days of not playing, I loaded the game to have Isabelle inform me that Julian was in boxes. He wasn’t necessarily one of my faves, but after inviting him to live in Old Arcadia on my other card, it was a little sad to see this message on his door when I tried to visit him one last time:
“I no longer live here.

2013 10 08 -- 1834 54


2013 10 20 -- 2248 43 2013 09 14 -- 1311 34

2013 10 20 -- 2248 43

Meeting Savannah and Kody in the cafe. It’s interesting you can see the differences in their coffee based on their preferences. Savannah is saying she never takes sugar (and so most likely neither milk), and by the looks of it Kody likes his pretty rich?

2013 10 19 -- 1659 41

Aand here’s the 3rd horse, Papi. It’s kinda mean but I took this picture cos his depressed purple aura complimented the dry autumnal landscape. Thanks Papi 😆

2013 10 21 -- 2138

I found a lost package lying on the ground. It couldn’t belong to that single villager that I haven’t met yet who just moved into town… could it?

2013 10 27 -- 1821 14

And yeah, it was a long while before I actually managed to visit Nibbles’ house 😛 It’s not bad.

2013 10 27 -- 1832

I totally agree with you Baabara! xD

2013 10 22 -- 1601 05

2013 10 22 -- 1601 42

I’m glad I took precautions after a WiFi session with Jessnook, because this 10th villager moved in a couple days later! (You cannot escape her, Jessnook 😈 ) I got Paula in my old town early on too, and I quite like her house.

2013 10 25 -- 1234 39


2013 10 29 -- 17252013 10 29 -- 1726 39

You tell him, Peggy 😆

Unfortunately Peggy moved away some time after this.

2013 11 02 -- 1147 12

2013 11 02 -- 1333

Haha, Gracie was just standing there calmly while a bunch of rowdy children prepare for hide-and-seek around him/her.

2013 11 02 -- 1334 12

Arrrgh, who planted this pumpkin– I mean– pitfall here?? 😡

2013 11 03 -- 1639 31

I visited Baabara once, and found Boomer in her home 😀

2013 11 07 -- 1341 06

And then a couple days later, he was there again. Something going on between them…? 😛

2013 11 07 -- 1342 01

Something strange…

2013 11 04 -- 1104 13

Pfft, Savannah looked so dumb and cute at the same time when she faced straight toward the camera.

2013 11 08 -- 1849

No comment.

2013 11 10 -- 1628 00 2013 11 18 -- 1826 29

The weird suit-wearing anteater moved into Arcadia! xD Back before the game was out and I only saw him in promotional pics, I swear he was some kind of NPC 😆 He looks like he should run a posh department store or a hotel or something.

2013 11 10 -- 1628 00

His house is so-so. Matches the fall landscape for now.

2013 11 10 -- 1735 32

That’s good to know, Boomer. Now let me go get my daily coffee…

2013 11 15 -- 1723 11

Boomer was quite cooperative about moving out in a timely manner. I was sort of hoping to keep him long enough to earn his picture, but the prospect of being able to free up his house plot soon was too tempting.

2013 11 10 -- 1737 06

Baabara wastes no time in finding a new friend.

2013 11 13 -- 1749 14

Hahaha, I tried to give her a bamboo shoot as a fruit.

2013 11 20 -- 1723 42

A new arrival! After some deliberation I decided I had nothing against a good house moving in to the spot next to the lighthouse. They could even sort of be the lighthouse keeper, ignoring the fact that their home is nearly twice the size of the lighthouse 😆

2013 11 20 -- 1724 01

The owner of this new home was Tangy! For some reason I always thought she was a he, and even now I still forget her gender.

2013 11 23 -- 1125 46

Hey Olaf. Do you work here?

2013 11 22 -- 1752 41 Do you work here

Hey Olaf. Do you work here?

(And repost from previous:)
2013 12 06 -- 1445 20

Hey Olaf. Do you live here?

2013 11 25 -- 1201 132013 11 25 -- 1202 03

I noticed a couple polka-dotted umbrellas popping up in the rain around town. Who owns the first one? 🙂

2013 11 26 -- 1427 092013 11 26 -- 1427 09 B
2013 11 26 -- 1127 33

Do not disturb.

2013 12 05 -- 1047 50

Hehe, after walking in on a lot of villagers snoozing, I thought I’d find out once and for all when they would actually wake up if I resisted the temptation to poke them.

2013 12 05 -- 1053

I stood next to Wart Jr. for a bit, and ding dong, when it got to 11 o’clock, he woke up right on cue. I thought he would have a bigger reaction to finding me standing next to him than just gaze at me coolly. Or sleepily.

2013 12 05 -- 1146

Deirdre’s turn, and this sleepyhead took much longer. I stood in her house for nearly an hour xD

2013 12 06 -- 1443 33

I’m… glad you think so.

2013 12 06 -- 2132 36

I finally got my hands on a zebra tee in Gracie’s store for 6400 Bells and posted it to Savannah. What does she do? Display it in her room!!!

2013 12 10 -- 1348 30

There was a period when Baabara got a little too caught up in selling her own furniture. I’m still working at getting her to buy it all back, because I’m too lazy to send them out in letters 😛

2013 12 13 -- 1228 25

I got to play as Warzi!
No, not really. But hooray for MiiVerse and its high quality screenshots and overriding the no-pics-on-start-screen rule 😀 It’s just a huge hassle to take pictures this way >_>

2013 12 13 -- 1231 25

I was able to invite Phoebe the flamboyant phoenix (okay, more likely peacock 🙂 ) to move in from Amy‘s town Citàlune ^_^ I love her design and house and I know Amy also put a lot of effort into restoring the inside of her home after she originally got her.

2013 12 13 -- 1232 27

I spent the first few hours of my flight to Japan finding a nice spot for her to move into ^_^ The bamboo grove was there originally and not really as a permanent feature, but it happens to go well with her house and I thus far haven’t had the heart to chop it down 😛

2013 12 26 -- 1731 12

Having her over at my place.
Wanna stay for dinner, Phoebe?

2013 12 27 -- 1908 28

Haha, cuts straight to the chase.

2014 01 01 -- 1750

Wow. So another villager tasks me with delivering a package to Papi, and when I do, he tells me it was actually a present for me. What is it? A trash can.

2014 01 16 -- 1347 17

For that Papi, you are evicted from Arcadia!
Just kidding. I actually want to build a wisteria trellis where your house is 🙂 Savannah’s was another house I needed gone from along the bottom cliff, and she eventually moved as well, a couple weeks later.

2014 01 27 -- 1041 55

A few days later I received this letter, and thought it was strange that a villager would ask me to do something via a letter.

2014 01 27 -- 1122 26

Anyway I went to the back of Retail and dug up the time capsule, was prepared to find Papi to return it to him, and then I remembered he had already moved away. No wonder he asked me in a letter 😆

2014 02 04 -- 1424

It was kinda funny that both my horses moved away within a week of their birthdays, Papi on the 16th and Savannah on the 28th.

2014 02 05 -- 2250

I finally got a villager pic without them moving away 😀

2014 02 05 -- 2257 36

That is an awesome saying.

2014 02 06 -- 1328 25

Legs of an anteater, heart of an old man.

2014 02 06 -- 1332 50


2014 02 07 -- 0944 1 Not weird at all

Not weird at all…

2014 02 07 -- 0944 56

Well it kinda left a warm feeling receiving snow boots for winter from my “fairy godfather”…… But receiving them from Fairy godfather Olaf is still weird!!!

2014 02 09 -- 1857 22

Moe the lazy cat moved into that plot that was further down from Phoebe’s place in the new ‘villager quarter’ in the upper right of town. The inside of his house is… interesting. He seems to have picked up a medical degree in the time since I last met him.

2014 02 07 -- 1009 25

Can’t overlook it…

So that’s about it for the “villager story” of my town, at least up to where these pictures go. In the remaining days of February, Kody the blue bear moved out and two new villagers moved in in quick succession. Maybe they’ll be covered in a future post 🙂

Btw I got my golden slingshot and Wart Jr was safe and sound 🙂

2013 09 16 -- 1655 09
2013 09 16 -- 1655 58


15 responses to “Villager Story ~ Autumn to Winter

  1. Aww.. in AC:WW I had Baabara. She was epic. Still is, huh?
    Aww.. that was so sad about Julian. If he hadn’t left already, I might’ve taken him 😈
    Paula will haunt my AC character in her dreams, nuu Xd
    If you don’t watch out when your’e in that pitfall, a lazy villager might graze on you wearing that hat 😛
    Boomer and Barbara.. reckon there might be fluffy little penguins there next? (get it? :P)
    Tangy!? She was my fav villager in AC:WW!
    I tried to poke the sleeping Simon this morning. He is sure a heavy sleeper..

    • There were 2 snooties I happened to really love in AC:WW, Matilda and Baabara. I think in real life I’d stay away from that type of personality 😛
      Haha, thinking about my villagers doing that while I’m in the pitfall is oddly disturbing… 😆
      Fluffy little penguins! I never thought of that! ❤

      Oh btw I have acquired the snow globe successfully, so I hope I can get that to you soon (maybe even tomorrow Friday!).

      • I thought Barbara was a normal villager? I totally agree, I would stay away from snooty people.
        Yes, you can’t escape from da villagers munching you 😛
        Hmm.. what is your GMT time? I normally see you on at like 6-7am ish. I’d like to wifi at Sunday, if thats ok?

        • I’m GMT+11 (At the very bottom of my blog above the fruit, there should be a small line of writing which is my current time, if it works properly). Sunday might be ok, depending on how a group assignment meeting goes the day before.

            • Oh, hmm I thought everywhere across Europe was either 10am or 11am when it’s my 9pm… Maybe just google “Sydney time” once more to double-check and compere with your time? I don’t kmow your location so I can’t check it (I thouh you were in the UK, but not if you’re 12 hours behind me lol).

    • Thanks! Hehe, I did get lazy with the language practice toward the end – I was having to learn 3 names for each villager and item xD
      Nooo, sorry for misleading you! xP Villagers NEVER float around on balloons. I just saw Wart Jr walking on the beach under the balloons and couldn’t help taking a screenshot and adding the lines in photo-editing 😆

      • It was like that when I played the English version after having played the Japanese! XD;;

        I was really confused! Nice trick.. ;p I actually fell for it, hehe!

  2. Hehe I think you meant windmill instead of lighthouse (re:Boomer’s house) 😛 It’s good he was able to free up that location quickly ^_^

    Oh man, Savannah’s refusal to wear zebra print clothes continues! I would’ve thought she’d give in by now 😆

    It took scrolling through the post a second time for me to spot Wart Jr. in that picture 😮 Even his warts help him blend in, since they’re the same color as the triangles on the grass!

    I noticed when visiting your dream town once how Boomer’s and Baabara’s houses looked nice together in the fall colors with their matching(!) brick fences — and even matching smoke shapes 😀 If that was just chance, it’s really lucky! ^_^ And after seeing Tangy next to your lighthouse in a dream visit, I admit I was inspired to plan on putting one of my dream neighbors next to a lighthouse too. I thought the same thing about it being like the villager is the lighthouse keeper or something, I like the concept! (But first Charlise has to move out of my town xP)

    I’m glad you found a spot you liked okay with Phoebe! I visited her in a dream and she remembered me, and I saw that you improved her house even more 🙂

    Haha those Olaf pictures are funny 😛 I love how he was even fittingly asking the “did you find everything okay?” sort of line in the Emporium one.

    Wow, Papi asked you to dig up a time capsule even after he moved away? That seems weird o_O (But cool!)

    • Wow… I proofread this at least twice and didn’t notice -_- It’s like how I switch fridge and microwave sometimes in Chinese, or mirror and window (in any language), even when consciously I know full well what they are.

      Haha, I knew Wart Jr was blended in well, but not that well 😛

      Hehe and I guess you meant Olaf instead of Boomer re: matching brick fences 😆 (though it’s not fair since you couldn’t edit :P). I never noticed they matched so well though, especially with the smoke O: Which is cool cos I always sort of saw the two of them as a unit: both of them somewhat being ‘nail houses’ because I want to keep their owners longer yet at the same time am waiting for them to go so I can complete the PWP takeover of the lower town, and also how it seems fitting that the snooty and smug are together.

      Thanks again for Phoebe. I’m glad you still like her room; I couldn’t help giving into the occasional furniture or buy request :P. Though there’s no way I’m letting her replace anything like her gorgeous bed. She also fit in so perfectly on Festivale 😀 Btw, from your experience have villagers ever received say a 1×1 item and used it to replace something 1×2 or 2×2?

      Ok, off to fix the windmill now…

      • Haha yeah, I mentally associate the windmill and lighthouse PWPs too! I don’t have either in my town currently, but I’m thinking about having both once I get all my dream neighbors and don’t need to use PWPs for house-repelling purposes anymore 🙂

        Oops yeah I meant Olaf’s house xD Funny that I would make a mix-up words mistake right after I’d corrected you on one 😛 I do think those houses look lovely together, and that in general, having some cottage-y houses with warm colors and some consistent fences (like brick ones) would be a nice overall house style theme to have in your town! But of course, I don’t know if you have house style plans like that, or even dream neighbors at all, and your town would look great either way ^_^ Red houses like Phoebe’s would look nice too.

        Oh yeah, you’re of course free to do whatever you like with Phoebe’s house, I just commented that I thought you continued the improvement (replaced a random tie-die shirt she had, for example) ^_^ From my experience, no, I think villagers have certain set, unchanging layouts of furniture — like they’ll only replace a 2×2 with a 2×2, a 2×1 with a 2×1, etc. And they tend to put 1×1 items that can go on tables, on tables instead of the ground. I could be wrong, maybe the layouts aren’t set in stone and are changeable, but that’s what I’ve personally noticed.
        Ooh I can imagine Phoebe looking pretty with those Festivale accessories! 🙂

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