Event Story ~ Autumn to Winter

2013 11 02 -- 1141 14

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Okay, last post in this mini-series. Maybe. Sort of. 2nd last. 3rd. Bang.
Okay seriously now 😛 This Autumn-to-Winter catchup has taken a LONG time. This is the last main installment. Aside from this there are a couple more possible posts but I don’t know if they’ll go up. It depends purely on how I go for time (and energy) after this. But who knows, if uni has taught me one thing, it’s how much more I work on my blog when I actually have work I should be doing (procrastination alert), and lazy I can be when I have all the time in the world.

Anyway… here are the last main events of the past few months, which are… literally the main events -_-
Starting with……


2013 10 01 -- 1127 06

I got a bit of a start when one October afternoon I found Jack the Pumpkin King (or Pumpking in the Japanese version 😆 ) hanging around my house! He informed me that he would be back at the end of the month and that I should collect as many masks as possible in the meantime.

2013 10 31 -- 1733 50

In preparation for the festivities, I made myself an altered version of my usual ‘Teepo’ dress ^^

2013 10 31 -- 1739 22 merge

And collected the spooky series items as they showed up in the Nooklings’.

2013 10 31 -- 1816 09

While sussing out what each villager was afraid of, Savannah made me stop to think a bit ._.

2013 10 31 -- 1822 32 merge

The day has come 😀

2013 10 31 -- 1959 22 merge 2

My villagers liked to gang up on me. No fair! Why don’t you trick-or-treat each other? >_<

2013 10 31 -- 2046 51

Muhahaha, thwarted!
Yes they were smart enough to wait outside and ambushed me when I came back out -_-;;

2013 10 31 -- 2036 36

Finding the real Pumpkin King, who was full of pranks, creepy furniture, self-importance, levitating tricks, and candy by the time I was done with him.

2013 11 01 -- 1451 11

My front room was a cobwebby mess of creepy items by the time I was done with Halloween. Jack even gave me some creepy pieces for common candy.

2013 11 10 -- 1653 05

For the rest of the night, I occupied myself with collecting the heads of rogue pumpkin spirits. Not a bad haul this Halloween ^__^

Next was…

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The Harvest Festival

2013 11 28 -- 0959 40

It was great to see Franklin the turkey for the first time, and the little work station he had set up on the plaza. Like Halloween which involved some risk to personal items and grasswear, I was a bit nervous about completing the Harvest Festival, mainly in the aspect of gathering all necessary ingredients, especially if he asked for something difficult.

2013 11 28 -- 1156 12

And he did ask for what I wished he wouldn’t… but fortunately it was taken care of quickly ^_^

2013 11 28 -- 1318 43

My villagers were also experiencing the trials of the Harvest Festival.

2013 11 28 -- 1356 19

Each dish was completed without a hitch, including the invisible dessert dish; it’s there, you just can’t see it.

2013 11 28 -- 1438 08

For completing all of the dishes perfectly (okay I needed a guide for at least one of the secret ingredients), I received the… hang on while I look the name up… cornucopia. Well that certainly works better than the Copernicus.

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Toy Day

When Toy Day came around, I loaded the game up at ten to six not knowing the exact details about Toy Day, and panicked when I didn’t find Jingle anywhere. I looked up a guide, found out the event starts at 6, and panicked even more when it told me I needed the full Santa attire to do the job, and so far all I had been bothered to buy was the hat! Would I even be able to do Toy Day without an atrocious amount of time-travelling??
First, to the shops!! D:<

2013 12 24 -- 1751 26 - 1752 42

2013 12 24 -- 1757 32 Dressed at 3 minutes to

Mabel and Sable had the jacket and the pants, Labelle had the beard, Kicks had the boots, and my museum storage room had the hat! WHOOOOOOO, just in time!

2013 12 24 -- 1837

I had been taking notes throughout December on what the villagers wanted (the 3DS’s Game Notes really came in handy for this event!) and eventually delivered everyone’s desired present. I say ‘eventually’ because when I got around to Papi, he wanted a brown present, and the only thing that came close to brown in my sack was birch flooring, which turned out to be wrong, and I ended up resetting (seeing a villager disappointed with his gift sucked >.< ). Who knew the swell tee actually classified as ‘brown’? 😕

2013 12 24 -- 1838 43

Done ^_^

2013 12 24 -- 1838 OHHH

Ohhh, I see 😛

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Happy New Year!

2014 01 01 -- 0004 37

And the final main event was… celebrating the end of the year!! 😀

2013 12 31 -- 2359

Here it comes!!! x3

2014 01 01 -- 0000 05 merge


2014 01 01 -- 0005 02

Happy 2014!!! :mrgreen:


This is how I celebrated this day in real life, so the only fireworks I got to see were in Arcadia ^_^ Though doesn’t something else in this scene look familiar…

2014 01 01 -- 0059 23


1st Jan.

2014 01 01 -- 1732 14

On the plaza on the first day of the year was this colourful photo op display, where I posed with me, myself and I.

2014 01 01 -- 1744 12

Tangy’s take on the new year…

2014 01 01 -- 1642 31 1

Pete also had a present for me.

2014 01 01 -- 1642 31 2014 01 03 -- 1858 16 merge

It was a Kadomatsu! After the last couple weeks of December in Japan, I knew where these went ^^ Well, they’re meant to go in front of your house, but this was close enough :mrgreen:

And lastly…………

2013 12 15 -- 1348 51 2013 12 31 -- 0936 48

Remember that old bingo card that had FIVE possible bingos that just kept eluding me?

I decided to give them snowman eyes one more spin…

2014 01 01 -- 1734 29 Snake-eyes for New Years Whoo

Snake eyes… on January 1st 🙂

2014 01 01 -- 1734 45




13 responses to “Event Story ~ Autumn to Winter

  1. I love the harvest festival tune! I also loved the gift I got. The cornucopia. Also, I got Jingle’s pic for Toy Day. Did you?
    Wow.. the new year event was great, apart from I didn’t get anything good from Redd.
    A kadomatsu?? I hope I don’t sound rude.. but are those reorderable? Could I have one? (I could try and get a Resseti model for you)
    You are sooo lucky 😛 I never won anything from that guy

    • Yeah, I got the wreath and Jingle’s pic. I don’t have a specific place to display pictures like I did in AC:WW though, so all my pics are in storage.
      Yes, the kadomatsu is orderable 🙂 Ooh, the Resetti model would be really cool, if you could get your hands on one x3

      • Good 🙂 I just put the pics in random spaces all over my house, though some of them are in storage. Hmm.. I’l see tonight whether it is reorderable or not then. 🙂

  2. When I heard that you had another post planned, I wondered if it would be on the events/holidays, go me! 😛 I’m glad that you got to experience them all, I thought that you might have been too busy in Japan.

    I remember visiting your dream town sometime after Halloween and being tickled to see your character wearing a pumpkin mask and the Halloween version of your dress, with the masks still laid out (here’s a pic I took of it) 😛

    Ooh I wouldn’t have liked to have to track down a lobster for the harvest festival, I don’t like diving for the undersea creatures. (I wonder if that’ll prevent me from ever completing the museum -_-) I loove the cornucopia item!

    Woww that seems really intense, having to track down all those Santa clothes the day of Toy Day! Maybe there are always all the Santa clothes on sale on Toy Day to help people out at the last minute 😛
    That’s good you were able to complete at least one bingo game! I’m wondering how on earth people get all the bingo prizes, it seems so hard to win a single game (at least, without resetting until you get certain numbers, or stuff like that). I got a Kadomatsu too ^_^ Though I didn’t get a turkey, which you and many others got, so that seems strange. Looks like you had a fun new years’ eve in both real life and AC! 😀

      • Haha yep, I couldn’t leave these important holidays unposted x3 And I hadn’t experienced most of them too, so I wasn’t gonna let Japan stop me 😆

        Oh, I don’t even remember doing a dream update and leaving all those masks out 😮 I wonder if I was just really disorganised xD I get pretty excited with every seasonal palette change and can’t help doing an update right away 😛

        Oh my gooosh I hate diving, I feel like I’m being outsmarted by crustaceans >_< . . . . . .*awkward pause while truth sinks in*. I think Pascal has been a huge motivation for me to get in the water at all.

        Whuh…I thought the turkey would have been a NA item o_o Info about it online seems a bit scarce too which is weird (aside from a ton of sources saying it was out in Japan in 2012). I wish I had the foresight to get a few extras with new characters at the time >_< But something tells me they’re going to recycle it for NA this year, like they did with old Japanese DLCs we didn’t get until 2013. Nintendo are really making some weird decisions with their DLC distributions…

        • Yeah, I think that getting some scallops to see Pascal should be more of a motivation for me too 🙂 I’d like to get some of the pirate furniture (if only just to send to Rod), and Pascal was always one of my favorite NPCs in Wild World.

          Aw I didn’t mean to make you feel bad about getting the turkey, please don’t! Just thought it was weird that we would both get the kadomatsu in the mail, but have other mail-DLC differences; and I heard about people on TBT getting turkeys in the mail too ❓ But yeah, maybe this upcoming Thanksgiving they’ll give out the turkey again, or I can always look for a trade on a forum 🙂

  3. Oh my!! Those snowmen scared me :s

    Hiiii there, Teru!! Long time no see, I’m sort of revisiting my closest blogging friends… having a bit of a nostalgic evening heheh.
    Awww I liked how you tell us about your experience on some of the most interesting days of the season, but seriously though… the snowman… *creepy scary movie music*
    Hahahah aww and you got to be Santa for the neighbors, I’m dying of cuteness over here.
    I loved all the pictures, and especially the gifs made this post very entertaining! And I’m definitely using that “Sad Old Day” joke from Tangy on New Years Eve hahahaha.

    The blog looks amazing, Teru. I absolutely love it!!

    • Hi Jemma!! Yeah long time no see! 😀 Thanks for dropping by ^^

      Oh man… now I just looked at snowmen and I think they’re creepy xP The standard AC:WW-style snowman still exists though, and there’s also a baby version snowman who is oh-so-cute x3
      I love all the holidays and events that were missed in WW like Christmas and Halloween, and a bunch of other dates I didn’t even expect to be turned into special occasions in AC!

      Ah it’s good to hear from you again… and hear of your future plans – woohoo! 😀

  4. I swear I’ve read a page on one of your blogs about funny or hilarous ac stuff. recognize it? well if you do could you send me a limk please?

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