Spring in Arcadia part 1

Loop Flip xD 6

No time to talk. TOO MANY PICTURES!!! Let’s GOOOOO!

2014 02 21 -- 0212 34 merge 1

Oh, hello there~
Sooo by the time I was done with the “Autumn to Winter” series, I had a whole new pile of pictures spanning months to catch up on again x_x This is the first half of them.

2014 02 21 -- 2221 35

To start with are the last moments of winter in Arcadia.
I was glad to get one more aurora just before the snow left.

2014 02 15 -- 1851 06

2014 02 15 -- 1838 08

2014 02 15 -- 1907 30

2014 02 20 -- 1122 30

I’ll miss the snowflakes x3

2014 02 21 -- 1918 33

One final shot of Kody’s house before he moves. After this I was able to continue with my “hallway” of wisteria trellises (though I don’t use it as a hallway :P)
I did quite like Kody’s house though.

2014 02 21 -- 1851 56

Enter Aurora! She moved in from my old Arcadia, and was also one of my earliest villagers in Wild World.

2014 02 19 -- 0054 56

I finally caught a coelacanth! 😀 Both times in WW and NL I didn’t catch my first one until I actually got down to it and hunted for one. This day during the snow I caught one after a good long hunt. Then the next day it snowed again and I caught three almost straight away when I wasn’t looking for them -_-

2014 02 12 -- 1304 17

For fun and out of curiosity, I built a snowtyke under a wisteria trellis! 😛

2014 02 12 -- 1305 07

As expected, he wasn’t allowed to stay there.

2014 02 10 -- 1501 38

Often I would find a snowflake or two ‘stuck’ under the lamp posts; they would still flip and flutter in the air, but it wouldn’t move from that spot until I blew it away with a net.

2014 02 20 -- 1344 03

I really like these darumas but never have anywhere appropriate to display them… so here’s a commemorative photo of a giant one I got xD

2014 02 21 -- 1919 02

And here’s something really random. I had my eye on the Bluebear in old Arcadia and wanted to have her move in some time. She was a cute little character that I had very shortly in my WW town, and her house was perfect. But the strange thing was, I was doing a bit of TT-ing back and forth in old Arcadia, played on an ordinary day, TT’d back a bit to do something (which counts as a day forward no matter what), and Bluebear’s house was completely gone 😮 Not just her house, but there was no dirt patch left in the ground. I hadn’t really been paying attention to Isabelle on the startups so I wasn’t sure if she ever notified me of her moving (in which case I would definitely have put TT-ing on hold and invited her to move), but the lack of a dirt patch was the weirdest thing.

Speaking of old Arcadia, this is what the TT-ing was for:

2014 02 22 -- 1902 14 to 1935 44

I wanted the Flower Set items! Mainly the lily lamp and lily record player, and there was no way I was ever going to get them in my main town. And GOD THAT LAST WEED! I found 59 weeds in the first eight minutes, and then that last one took twenty-five!

2014 02 22 -- 1937 24

Despite how much of a headache old Arcadia gave me, prompting the creation of New Arcadia, there were some locations I really liked.

I’ve always loved the idea of having a house viewable from across the river, and was very happy with how the old German-style timber frame cottage looked. I’m actually currently in the process of doing the same in New Arcadia 🙂

2014 02 22 -- 1914 24

A closeup 🙂

2014 04 26 -- 1354 57

And old Rain’s house.

2014 04 26 -- 1346 39

2014 04 26 -- 1351 19

Aaand also two villager houses in old Arcadia minus Bluebear’s that I really like. I believe they belong to Rod and Bettina, two mice I unfortunately have no intention of bringing to New Arcadia >_<

2014 02 23 -- 1057 42

Aaand not the nicest weather, but this is my other favourite spot in the old town. Just a little protrusion in the bank near the waterfall, looking across at the thin strip of land in front of the train tracks hidden by more cherry trees.

2014 02 22 -- 2046 10 - 21

Oh Isabelle, if only you knew.

2014 02 27 -- 1100 04

Aaand back to New Arcadia and real time, where it really is spring and a seagull that can’t swim is washed up onshore.

2014 02 27 -- 1102 13

My newest villager to replace Kody showed up in an interesting house. These are hardly the house parts I would think to use in my town, and I liked it more the more I looked at it xD Good location too, in the ‘residential quarter’ east of the wisteria trellis square.

2014 03 11 -- 1710 51

It belongs to Lyman the jock koala – my first one ^_^

2014 02 27 -- 1114 31

My tree is back 😀 Sort of.

2014 03 02 -- 1236 35 Hehe

Whooo celebration!

2014 02 28 -- 1559 59

Aaand this is how I look right before I fall down xD
I had bad luck this day and I tried to get a picture of the wide-eyed look before you face-plant, but it turned out it’s just impossible to take a picture then. The camera either snaps too early or lags slightly until it passes.

2014 03 03 -- 0741 01

Plenty of other ways to get that look though ^^

2014 03 02 -- 1340 38


2014 03 03 -- 1339 08

I thoroughly enjoyed this holiday. Under normal circumstances the requirements for succeeding in this event are just mundane and frustrating, but having Pavé and all the confetti in town and seeing everyone dressed up and partying made it all very worthwhile 😀

2014 03 03 -- 1342 52 merge

2014 03 03 -- 1542 43

2014 03 03 -- 1541 38

2014 03 03 -- 1533 08

2014 03 03 -- 1328 26

2014 03 03 -- 1351 35

Babsi can take on Pavé any day 😎

2014 03 03 -- 1416 44

And Phoebe, you were made for Festivale 😀

2014 03 03 -- 1459 27

I was actually at uni on Festivale and met up with an AC-playing friend. I started a conversation with Baabara and completely blocked off the bridge he wanted to cross xD

2014 03 10 -- 1000 34

I spent a long time on Festivale, and filled up the plaza with feathers until I finally got the last piece of Pavé furniture, the bureau. Then I accidentally sold it when I went to get rid of all my duplicate items. Whoops xP

Anyway, I really enjoyed experiencing this holiday for the first time ^^

2014 03 09 -- 1842 15

I managed to get a 2nd legit Nike statue from Redd, so I could finally do this 😀 It’s a very awkward item to place though, as I think I’ve mentioned before. The 2×2 dimensions means you can’t really pass in between them like it looks like you can. I would have loved a corridor of these >_<

2014 03 11 -- 1705 53

2014 03 11 -- 1719 36 - 1720 12

Pete drops in to share a few thoughts. I share some too.

2014 03 18 -- 1749 53

2014 03 18 -- 1803 18

2014 03 18 -- 1804 42

Some scenic pictures I couldn’t help taking with the new palette spring brought on. I usually don’t think much of Re-tail’s appearance but it looks gorgeous at dusk when the lights come on.

2014 03 11 -- 1724 29

2014 03 11 -- 1726 12

The path along here was completely obliterated by winter and hasn’t come back yet 😛

2014 03 16 -- 1735 21

In March I had a couple of visitors: Jessica and Amy 😀

2014 03 16 -- 1725 39

Somehow things escalated to an axe fight.
Though I prefer to use a toy hammer >_>

2014 03 16 -- 1727 28

2014 03 16 -- 1728 53

I tried to chase after Jessica, but she showed up behind me D:

2014 03 16 -- 1733 33

My villager Tangy’s was walking around with her mouth in an open grin for a good part of the WiFi. It was slightly unnerving =_=
In Amy’s pictures it was stuck on an open-mouthed frown o.o

2014 03 16 -- 1747 08

2014 03 16 -- 1804 55

After Jessica left early, we grabbed a coffee at the Roost and Amy exchanged a few words with her old villager, Phoebe 🙂

2014 03 21 -- 1045 15 - 47 22

I gave Pascal yet another scallop and messed around swimming along with him and when he slipped off-screen for a bit… Picture explains all xD

2014 04 18 -- 1056 51

The next time I made sure to follow him like a hawk, and sure enough, he suddenly starting rapping on that scallop and wolfing it down.

2014 03 11 -- 1636 27

Just a random picture enjoying the green some more along the hedge of my house. To be honest I really wished Aurora’s house wasn’t there because of the clash of aesthetics and it was slightly in the way >_< But after she moved, I allowed somebody else to move in there anyway xP

2014 03 21 -- 1048 17

No, shmoopy.

2014 03 21 -- 1201 42

You know how you wonder if you’ll ever reach 500 hours when you learn for the first time that’s what it takes (along with 500 days) to get the final stage for the town tree? Child’s play. Literally. No really, see it’s a game, and one that children can pl…. okay I’ll shut up 😛
But yeah, when you have the time to play regularly and stay loyal to the same town, you really don’t feel that time stack up. I would never have thought that I’d have played Wild World for that long, but now I’m quite certain I did.

2014 03 21 -- 1205 00 merge

Seriously, these must have evaded me for days!!

2014 03 22 -- 0943 15

I WiFied with someone and got their Jeremiah, another villager that I’ve had before in Wild World.

2014 03 30 -- 1720 43

2014 03 26 -- 1713 28 merge 3

At first I was a bit unsure where I liked or disliked his house, but after I put a few red roses around his fence and walked past it a few times, I really warmed up to it! It’s not anything fancy, but really added something to the area around it and the riverbank beside it. (More pictures later when I dig them up, cos I couldn’t resist taking them!)

2014 03 22 -- 1558 45


I felt it was high time I updated the About page (it was still stuck on my pre-AC:NL message!) and took a new picture to replace the generic pre-release image that I used as the header. Now it’s MY coffee.

2014 03 24 -- 0728 01

Did a quick local-wireless to my uni friend’s town and he had Gracie over, who wanted an Ornate outfit that he didn’t have. We looked through my storage and managed to put… something… together 😆

2014 04 05 -- 1154 11

On another visit to my town, I was talking to Cheri outside the post office when he came out, and disrupted our conversation. I don’t think I pressed anything.

2014 03 24 -- 1100 21

Dropped in on Phoebe and she had a new emperor butterfly that I didn’t give her :O

2014 03 31 -- 1839 16

2014 03 24 -- 1524 31

A nice picture of Paula with her new kiwi shirt that matched her pretty well. She eventually moved out some weeks ago.

2014 03 27 -- 1453 34

Arrrgh, being…swallowed up…. by the… grass– Oh it’s Lyman.

2014 03 27 -- 1513 50 merge

This does not bode well.

Actually just doing some landscaping in preparation for a special time of year…… You know what it is 😛

2014 03 27 -- 1517 30

… But I got a bit carried away with the chopping, and cut down all of my already-non-fruit trees ^^;

2014 03 28 -- 1616 28

2014 03 28 -- 1617 58

There. See? I didn’t destroy my town.

2014 03 28 -- 1619 11

Lyman asked me to take a photo of him, so I did 😀

2014 03 31 -- 1130 48

This tree gets victimised a lot because it’s the most convenient one to shake.

2014 03 31 -- 1847 16 merge

You can’t hide from me, blue frog. This is the first place I check when hide-and-seek kicks off.

2014 04 03 -- 1040 56

This is one frog I can seriously have trouble finding, though. He’s the reason for the first game of hide-and-seek I lost. Though I’m sure he was just hiding on the beach >_> Which I did NOT know they could do until WAY later.

And now…

2014 04 02 -- 0842 27 merge 3

2014 04 05 -- 1059 06

2014 04 05 -- 1147 38

Bring on the cherry blossoms!!! :mrgreen:

And April Fools!

2014 04 01 -- 0853 56

I’m gonna be honest here. This was how not to design an April Fools’ event. I met Blanca in my plaza, who proceeded to explain to me exactly why she was here and how she was going to prank people. Which, in short, completely defeats the purpose of the event.

2014 04 01 -- 2236 29

2014 04 01 -- 0857 02

At least the villagers still experience April Fools’ as it should be.

2014 04 01 -- 2233 00

2014 04 01 -- 1730 08

2014 04 01 -- 1733 52

2014 04 01 -- 0923 01

And my villagers make some pretty strange faces at me ^^;

And I did pretty well. Before the event I browsed through the online cheat sheet out of interest, but on the day I refused to look anything up, and got nearly everyone correct! Except…

2014 04 01 -- 1739 57

… Phoebe >.< I think I failed on getting her dream job.

2014 04 01 -- 2247 44

Blanca’s final backflip in my town.

2014 04 01 -- 2256 24

All the villager pics I got.

2014 04 01 -- 1725 50 merge

2014 04 01 -- 0858 43

The wisteria trellis garden and Lyman and Phoebe’s houses in the residential area.

2014 04 03 -- 1746 54 merge 2

Phoebe’s home and the newly done-up forest behind it. There used to be some bamboos and random trees, but now it’s a smaller scale of the old welcoming forest in my Wild World town with red tulips through it ^_^

2014 04 03 -- 1738 30

There’s a sleep goblin behind her house. It makes unwary passersby sleepy >:D

2014 04 03 -- 1734 20

2014 04 03 -- 1756 48 merge

2014 04 06 -- 1804 02 merge

I looooved the colours brought out by the sunset. It’s completely different to the daytime and does something magical to the pink.
Baabara makes every picture perfect, too 😛

2014 04 03 -- 1747 30

2014 04 07 -- 1628 45

Some more tree-planting in this section of the bank opposite my house that I never really bothered to do anything with ._.

2014 04 03 -- 1750 10

Dang, I thought the fish in New Leaf were plain dumb, but they’ve just been using reverse psychology on me this whole time??

2014 04 03 -- 1759 33

Just three, Tangy. I’ve spoken to you three times.

2014 04 05 -- 1250 30

2014 04 06 -- 1722 16

Just the cafe and Baabara, two things I can’t help taking photos of 😛

Oh and I really wanted to give Baabara something to wear to change her out of the shearling coat scarf, and the amethyst shirt worked better than I hoped ^_^

2014 04 06 -- 1723 28

Started a game of hide-and-seek and instantly got distracted by the pretty new plaza x3

2014 04 06 -- 1734 30

Baabara– only you are allowed to say that.

Also I took this picture because after hide-and-seek, interacting with villagers was a little bit glitched so that Rain wouldn’t turn to face whoever she was talking to, including when exchanging items (she held it straight out in front of her, and it floated to wherever it needed to go).

2014 04 07 -- 1831 42

I planted some more normal trees above my wisteria trellis place and really liked the feeling the station lights gave off through them in the dusk.

2014 04 09 -- 1639 27

I altered the flag slightly for the cherry blossoms 🙂 I’ve been reading One Piece and it kind of reminds me of Chopper, though I didn’t realise it until after I made it.

Now for some random pics, if the ones until now weren’t random enough 😛 :

2014 04 06 -- 1743 28 Smart Blur merge

My current favourite room in the house with the afternoon sun streaking in 🙂

2014 04 06 -- 1747 27

Come… baaaaaack……

2014 04 07 -- 1706 00 - 07 03

Apparently I’d visited Katrina 20 times 😮 A commemorative photo of her opulent tent at the end of the GIF, but in the end I chose to hold off building her shop. I prefer her visiting in her tent for now 🙂

2014 04 08 -- 1451 05

2014 04 08 -- 1456 19

Lyman -_- Sometimes he doesn’t even make sense.
Wait, when did any of Animal Crossing ever make sense? =.=

2014 04 07 -- 1657 55

2014 04 09 -- 1727 40

My zebra shirt club. Savannah was too cool for this.

2014 04 03 -- 1033 32

Apparently the fact that it was a French maid’s outfit that was displayed in the open wasn’t the issue.

2014 04 01 -- 0847 35

I followed the technique I learned from an AC:NL Let’s Play to catch bees, and caught one on the first try! Instead of quick-equipping your net with the D-pad after running up and away, go into your menu to equip your net, which actually keeps the bees away for as long as it’s open.
(I think it was Chuggaaconroy’s Let’s Play.)

2014 04 09 -- 1745 42 2

I just wanted a nice photo with Deirdre and I got photobombed by a purple balloon xD

2014 04 10 -- 1652 16 merge

Finally, a picture of my town tree covered in cherry blossoms.

I also heard that viewing the cherry blossoms at night was a special experience.

2014 04 10 -- 1929 49 merge

Whoever said that was right 🙂

2014 04 07 -- 1829 03 merge



11 responses to “Spring in Arcadia part 1

  1. Aww this was such a fun post to read, Teru! I enjoyed seeing your town’s transitions from winter to spring!
    I loved a lot of your funny Gifs ^^ hahaha, and your town looks gorgeous in every picture!! You have an old Arcadia? I never knew that, it sounds like a good idea to celebrate weeding day there, since I suppose it’s less developed, and congratulations on that bureau from the Pavé furniture series, although I’m sorry you sold it by accident, that’s happened to me multiple times!

    Th-th-thr-three coelacanths? Whaa? How did you even- but-but… hahahah I’ve heard they are very difficult to catch, I guess you’re just a fishing expert, just like you are at hide-and-seek :mrgreen:
    I think cherry blossoms really compliment your town, and April Fools sounds really fun! I’m looking forward to celebrate a bunch of holidays in Lilycott 😀

    Also, congratulations on that bee! And thanks for sharing that technique, thanks to you I just caught my first one today, hehe.
    I like your updated town flag! And your café just fits your town so perfectly! And can I just say that your exotic/classy bedroom is sooooooo beautifuuuul!! I absolutely love rooms like that!

    • Aww, thanks for all the compliments, Jemma 😀 Haha yeah, old Arcadia was my main town for about a week, before some nitpicks I had about it really got to me and I got another game to find a new town >_< It's confusing now that I have two Mayor Rains and two Arcadias xP

      You know what I'd really love to catch if I'm such an expert? A char! God it's been one whole year and I’ve been watching out for them every day and still haven’t caught one, and the season’s nearly over again xD (Lesson: Catch a char while you’re still fresh and young.)

      Oh, I’m glad the bee-catching worked. Congrats on yours too 😀 And I can’t wait to see how your town progresses through the seasons and holidays, too!

  2. It’s nice to see a bit more of winter Arcadia at the top of this post! 🙂 Btw, did you notice how the (blank) snow looks especially gorgeous at night in your photos, like it’s glistening? Maybe I should leave a few spots around my town free of flowers next time winter rolls around… And aww, the snowtyke under the wisteria trellis is so cute! ❤ With Bluebear's dirt patch being gone, the only thing I can think of is that snow piles up on dirt quick & thick in the wintertime; otherwise it seems pretty glitchy! o_o

    It's nice to see glimpses of old Arcadia 🙂 And I'm excited about your plans for a new cute little riverside cottage!!

    Yay, your first koala! I remember you saying you'd never had koalas in your towns before. Now you can have a piece of Australia in your town, haha, I dunno xP I think it's great that you can have such a variety of neighbors moving in and out (instead of strict dream neighbors), and enjoy their stay in Arcadia, and implement all their temporary different houses well into the landscape (like Jeremiah's — which I wouldn't have thought much of before, but it looks nice in your pics! 🙂 )

    I was looking forward to seeing Phoebe during Festivale, and what color headpiece she'd get 😀 It's the exact same coral color as her body, pretty!

    Aww, I really love that you incorporated the cedar forest with red tulips from Bundeena into Arcadia! ❤ And Arcadia looks soo gorgeous during the cherry blossoms! It's really pretty how they change colors throughout the day, like at sunset and at night and early morning. I look forward to seeing what they look like in my town ^_^

    • Waaah, sorry for another late reply T_T It’s really not the smartest for me to put up a new blog post right before things get hectic and I can’t reply (another assignment, professional experience resumed, and I got sick with the flu– though that gave me a break to respond earlier I think :P)

      Yeah the serenity that came with an uncluttered snowy ground always caught my attention, in WW too, when I actually felt having all the colourful flowers I did detracted from the beauty of winter (but I didn’t want to get rid of them, either xP). It does practically glisten in NL too!

      Haha, I’ve been having fun giving Lyman really clichéd Aussie greetings 😆 And it feels like I’ve been playing so long, but still have so many species I have yet to see in my town, like lions, octopi, hamsters — not even a chicken!

      I think Phoebe was the only villager the festivale shirt didn’t do justice xD But the red feathers were perfect for her. I wonder if all villagers have a designated colour.

      I can’t wait to see what your town will be like when the cherry blossoms come around, especially with the stage your town tree is at and all the gorgeous flower arrangements! 

      • Aww no, I’m sorry you’re sick 😦 I hope you feel better soon, and best of luck to you with your hectic schedule and school work!
        Yeah, I do think that all the villagers have assigned headdresses of the color that best flatters them — like Julian and Bruce, two blue neighbors in my town, both had blue headdresses. Some neighbors look better than others with them, though, like Phoebe! I saw a picture of Ribbot with a yellow feather headdress and it really cracked me up xP
        I’m curious how the cherry blossoms will look in my town, hope I can manage to make them look good ^^ I’ll probably have to make some adjustments and preparations like you did! At the moment I’m stuck plot resetting >_<

        • Thanks x3 To be honest I brought it upon myself, but ah well, might as well take advantage of the break 😛

          Ahahaha, those pics of Ribbot 😆 He does otherwise look very serious (when his mouth’s shut).

          Ohhh, you’re still stuck in resetting that plot huh? >_< I can't for the life of me find mention in your recent posts of who that new dreamie is – Are they a secret until they move in? 😛 (Or does their name start with *psst* 'P'? :o)
          Good luck with it, I hope it doesn't take too much longer! T_T

          • Hope you enjoy your break as much as you can! 🙂
            Yep I think you know, it’s *pssst* Pango! I’m pretty excited about her house exterior, and how it would look aligned just right across from Gloria’s, so I’d really love for her plot to go right where I want it to. The frustrating thing is she keeps putting her plot very close to where I want it to go, but not quite. >_< I might end up accepting something like that eventually if it goes on long enough, but I'm not ready to give up just yet. Thanks for the luck, heh I need it! xP

  3. Awww.. There are some cool pictures there. You enjoyed festivale? I didn’t. The decor was nice though. I remember Tangy.. She had an open mouthed frown on our Axe fight.like she was shocked.

    • Oh you and Amy both saw the frowny Tangy? That’s interesting 😮 Yeah, I guess Festivale and Halloween are the types of events I will put a lot of effort into the first time, and not so much the following years, where I think I’ll just enjoy the atmospheric changes they bring to your town. They’re a lot of work x_x

      • Yeah! It was like she was dissatisfied with our behavior XD Yeah, I like harvest festival. I like the atmospheric changes too. Especialy spring.Yeah, it is a lot of work. Especially changing bushes.

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