Spring in Arcadia part 2


2014 05 05 -- 1656 16 merge

Time for Part 2! And to start of with, some pictures that somehow didn’t make it into the last post, where they belonged.

2014 02 23 -- 1115 51

This is the museum display room where I’ve kept all the items I got from all of the weeding I did in old Arcadia. It took me a lot of rose sofas (not all pictured) before I realised I needed input from both Rains in weeding the town 😛 As a storage room, this turned out better than half the rooms in my house >_>

Speaking of my house…

2014 02 27 -- 1048 08

2014 02 27 -- 1050 52

My current house and garden, as per…… late February. Well, things don’t change much around here xP

2014 03 02 -- 1337 55

Aand last random catch-up pic of the plaza bridge. Again.

Now we can get onto the Spring pictures post-cherry-blossoms, in somewhat-kinda-sorta-messed-up-chronological order (prepare for random) 🙂

2014 04 18 -- 1240 17

Aaand this one continues on quite well 😛 I was using the villagers’ dialogue as a means of getting a zoomed-in pic of Rain in action outdoors. This one with Tangy’s help turned out the nicest.

2014 04 20 -- 1101 53 merge

Lol, this is what happens when you need to construct an oversize screenshot out of multiple sources xD Well, it was more interesting this way so I didn’t edit either doppelgänger out 😛

I made this to give a better idea of the area around the left side of Jeremiah’s house. Don’t ask me what my obsession with his house is at the moment; I don’t know x3

Now a bit of a (repetitive) gallery of my house and surrounds…

2014 05 05 -- 1853 43

2014 05 30 -- 1848 06

2014 05 05 -- 1853 53

The river left of my house that I probably never exclusively take a picture of, haha.

2014 05 30 -- 1934 08

(And this bridge nowhere near my house, lol 😛 )

2014 05 11 -- 0038 03

Did I tell you my house gets haunted late at night? 😈

2014 05 09 -- 1153 54 super merge

A stitched-together full view of my upstairs room in its current state ^__^

2014 04 27 -- 2030 47 to 31 12

This is what happens any time you stop to enjoy a quiet couple of minutes in your own home.

2014 04 13 -- 2218 36 - 25 33

So… Paula was sick. The shop was closed. In order to get medicine for her, I got stung by bees and asked my villagers to take pity on me, but nobody obliged.
I went to talk to Paula, she treated me like a usual bee-sting patient and gave me medicine 😮 Then she went back to shivering o_o So I talked to her, offered her the medicine, and she thanked me for saving her life.

2014 04 23 -- 1331 12 - 41

2014 04 24 -- 0956 10

Story tells itself.

2014 05 02 -- 1231 55

At home already.

I never really got caught up in all the Marshal hype so I never planned specifically to have him in my town, but when his plot shows up on the 2nd villager reset for a new villager in a not-so-terrible-but-still-inconvenient spot, I feel that it’d at least be nice to get to know him for a while. Even overlooking his horrible concrete slab house, which I tried my best to beautify xP

2014 05 05 -- 1351 08

After a couple of days of not playing, I was ambushed by Isabelle’s infamous “sombody’s moving” announcement!! D: But I was veeery lucky the mover was Paula, who would have been the ONLY villager I was willing to let go at the time. Phew!

Theeen, barely two weeks after Marshal moved in…

2014 05 08 -- 1811 39 - 1814 07

2014 05 09 -- 1037 18

Another story that tells itself xP After seeing a superbly positioned new plot from the start screen when a 9th villager was due in, I thought now was as good a time as any to test whether the start screen had any hold over the actual happenings of the game. Nope.
I’m really testing my luck with this game… I need to start being more careful! 😆

2014 05 13 -- 1123 23 edit

And so then we had this gooorgeous little house move in behind Marshal’s, beside my garden hedge. Even if Marshal gets the boot one day, I doubt I will be letting this one go anytime soon.

2014 05 16 -- 1153 40

“This one” being our second squirrel (not counting Nibbles way back when), the very tropical-looking Caroline.

2014 05 16 -- 1154 38

… Her interior wasn’t quite as tropical as I’d expected. Beach-themed sure, but Caroline, you can do better. Cabana-better, *hint hint* 😉

2014 05 30 -- 1843 46

This is a common scene now right after I come out of the house 🙂

2014 05 06 -- 1504 14

Sooo I agreed to build the Reset Centre here on the path (like, literally on the path) to Retail, set up Lloid, paid it off…… and then chickened out by resetting xD

I think I must be going crazy though but I am still toying with the idea of building Resetti’s manhole cover somewhere around town. After playing AC for a while I’m glad that the early instance of my 3DS freezing on the Friends List was a one-off and other glitches are not so common, so I’ve opened up to the idea of giving Resetti his job back a little more.

On top of this, I really like the idea lately of having Resetti’s manhole cover in the middle of a regularly-used path, as a part of town and not hidden somewhere in a dejected corner. Additionally that gives the player the benefit of trampling his front door on a daily basis 😛 I’ve also seen some pictures of his door open on evenings after the rain, and the golden light it emits is so inviting and makes the surrounding area so cozy ^^

But anyway, until I can do it without resetting my decision, it’s still just an idea… 😛

2014 04 27 -- 2004 49

Here’s different kind of object that propped itself in the middle of a path xD I don’t know why I find it funny, but I kept this guy and he’s still there in my town now.

2014 04 30 -- 1012 25

Hide-and-seek with Marshal ^_^

2014 04 24 -- 1035 24

2014 04 24 -- 1054 51 2

2014 05 02 -- 1220 55 merge

2014 05 15 -- 1334 19

Some more scenic pictures.

2014 05 02 -- 1225 37 - 43

I thought I would be smart and block Saharah on the other side of said bridge >:D

2014 05 02 -- 1229 03

We made it.

2014 05 02 -- 1227 21 2

An -I think- odd instance of a red rose appearing partway through a play session, not touching any other rose, meaning a villager didn’t plant it… What?

2014 05 05 -- 1717 18

More Pete awesomeness 😎

2014 05 06 -- 1838 50

2014 05 06 -- 1838 50 - 2014 06 04 -- 1001 19

My museum room for storing unorderable Gracie clothing, though after winter and spring, it’s already running out of space >_<

2014 05 13 -- 2046 37

The Emporium’s name long enough in German??

2014 05 24 -- 1415 47

A completed section of the art exhibit ^^ My parents actually went to Italy recently and saw that statue on the right 😮

2014 05 15 -- 1346 31

After donating the worthy painting and viewing it beside the much smaller quaint painting, the low res of the larger works really becomes apparent. I really wish they had given the paintings a resolution based on their display size :/

2014 05 14 -- 1634 30

Can’t resist x3

2014 04 15 -- 1349 18

I think I’ve been secretly waiting ever since New Leaf was announced to catch this xP But my reaction is still the same… PUT THAT THING BACK WHERE IT CAME FROM AND GET FAR FAR AWAY!!!

2014 05 14 -- 1725 09

I know people who sneeze like this.

2014 05 16 -- 1235 05

I have no intention of building the police station, but I took Isabelle for a walk with me one day and tested out this spot by the cliff, where I’ve wondered if a villager could possibly move into. Well, still don’t know about the villager house, but the police station sure can :/

2014 05 16 -- 1242 26

For one brief moment I was set on building the campsite here, across the river from the windmill, deciding it wouldn’t be an eyesore and figuring it would also take the place of the two streetlamps and freeing up a PWP slot. Wrongo, the campsite counts as one of the 30 PWP; it wasn’t even on the list -_- An undemolishable project that takes up a PWP count? No thank you.

2014 05 27 -- 1731 05

Yet another random item that pops up in villager’s houses, this time Deirdre’s o_o

2014 04 20 -- 1304 51 2

And of course some time between the last post and now was Bunny Day, and judging by the lack of images I have, I must have been either unimpressed by Zipper T. Bunny’s appearance in my town, the tedious nature of the event, or I was just tuckered out from taking pictures for the last three events. Most likely it was all three.

It was fun finding all the different eggs around town, but I think the repetitive and childish dialogue from Zipper just wore my patience thin with this event. Or his own lack of enthusiasm rubbed off. What would you expect?

2014 04 22 -- 1025 20

I also refused to receive more than one picture of that ugly mug, so I now have these spare grand-prize tickets littering my museum room floor, that I think cost me to throw away. I did intentionally keep extras of my two favourite egg types, though.

2014 04 21 -- 1403 16

This is yet another museum room (hey all 4 of them made it into this post :P) for storage, more for “normal” items and the odd un-orderable. I pasted my dress on the walls and floor and it looked pretty eye-catching xD

2014 04 15 -- 1932 56

2014 04 15 -- 1931 51

I took a visit to the lovely Citàlune in my dreams, set on a winters night under a majestic aurora. The town was decked out beautifully to match the season.

2014 04 15 -- 1944 25

2014 04 15 -- 1958 39

The interiors were equally impressive and special, with a lot of improvements and work done since the last time I visited.

2014 04 15 -- 1953 43

2014 04 15 -- 1956 06

Some clever ideas and unique decorating combinations genuinely took me by surprise, and they worked so well.

2014 04 18 -- 1201 35

2014 04 18 -- 1204 00

2014 04 18 -- 1206 56

A few interesting houses at the model homes neighbourhood.

2014 04 18 -- 1211 58

Using Julian to get a close-up of Gracie’s flag 😛

2014 04 17 -- 1611 13

Bird-chasing fun >:D

2014 04 18 -- 1113 40 - 15 26

Why would you do that? 😦

2014 04 12 -- 1200 10

Some silliness on the beach with a pair of lace-up boots 😛

2014 05 30 -- 1731 03

On May 30th, I started up my game (in German, accidentally :P)… and Baabara was here to pick me up ❤

2014 05 30 -- 1731 39

2014 05 30 -- 1731 43

She took me back to her place, and it was odd to see myself walk into her house, but the door stay open 😛

2014 05 30 -- 1733 06

2014 05 30 -- 1735 08

Aww, thank you~ xD

2014 05 30 -- 1735 25

“If you don’t blow the candles out soon, I will!”
Woah, calm down there Babsi 😛

2014 05 30 -- 1736 52

. . . I’m not sure what Wart Jr. finds so great about wax-filled cake, but that’s what he says I’ll get if I don’t hurry.

2014 05 30 -- 1752 12

“All the best… and um… good health and… cheer. When are we having the cake already??”
Oh Wart Jr xD

2014 05 30 -- 1803 14

Back to my normal routine, the villagers including Baabara wished me ‘Happy Birthday’ all over again.
“Am I mistaken or is it your birthday today? I knew it!” 😛

2014 05 31 -- 1051 16

Caroline is quick to discover the cafe after moving to town ^_^

2014 05 31 -- 1111 59

Marshal… first you hide in the super obvious spot behind the windmill next to the plaza, then you hide behind your own house. You need some work at this…

2014 06 07 -- 2138 48

Woah, a bad hair day for Baabara must be really bad. Like, baaaaaa~d xP

2014 05 31 -- 1117 40

Mini-nook has the grace to laugh with me.

2014 06 03 -- 1130 26

Oooh I finally got to catch one of these! They weren’t in Wild World but I think they fit perfectly into the Animal Crossing world full of wacky and interesting catchables.

2014 06 03 -- 1133 33

The shark?? Woah what’s what? Tell me about it!
This is almost as good as the “Have you heard of the insect called a snail?” question xD

2014 06 03 -- 1158 24 - 41

This is not how medicine works.

2014 06 03 -- 1213 21 merge

Mah two squirrel buddies xD

2014 06 04 -- 0945 27

My citrus buddy 🙂

2014 06 07 -- 1639 37

Always appreciated ^_^

2014 06 07 -- 1628 32 merge

My tree grew! 😮 Once again I walked back and forth in front of it a bit before realising it had grown. Seems to just be the way things are here xD

2014 06 07 -- 1731 58

Enjoying my nice shady new tree~

2014 06 09 -- 1136 59

Which was apparently like that for only 1 day, because on June 8th the vegetation officially fully recovered from the winter! It sure took a while 😮
Though I wouldn’t have minded keeping my springtime tree a little longer x3

Sooo that’s it with the marathon of another catchup! We’re finally up to the present!! (Sort of. For now.) I hope it wasn’t too much all over the place.

To finish off, I’ll leave you with this 🙂

01 0549 24 - 06 11 34 14



12 responses to “Spring in Arcadia part 2

  1. Hehe I managed to get a hold of most of the flower series as well from TTing on my second copy, though my goal in TTing was to figure out the grass colors needed for my fairytale bridge path seasonal variations, so the flower furniture was an added bonus ^_^ I’m happy for you that you’ve collected all that great stuff, it’s such pretty furniture and I’m sure you can use it well! 🙂

    Oooh I like your stitched-together pictures — both the outdoor one of Jeremiah’s house and the one of your beautiful bedroom! I gotta figure out how to do that 😛

    I agree that Caroline’s house is gorgeous! ❤ It's a house I even considered a bit for my town, but I think it suits yours better with the red roof coordinating well with all your red flowers and fruit, and the warm brick wall and fence seem to really suit your town too! 😀

    I don't think your idea of building Resetti's manhole cover is crazy! I was actually thinking of doing the same thing in Bywater, putting it in the middle of a path somewhere (since isn't that how manhole covers often are in real life — in the middle of a road?). I don't want to make it this huge to-do, like landscaping heavily around it or anything, I just kind of want it…to be…there. I hope we can both work up the courage to build it eventually 😛 I think the spot you picked out for it is great! Wow and I didn't know that about the campsite, weird o_O

    Awww, thanks for the nice words and pictures of my dream town, I appreciate it! ❤ It's great seeing the little spots and rooms you especially liked! 🙂 I've visited Arcadia during the cherry blossoms quite a bit, and it's always such a lovely visit and wonderful atmosphere!

    It's fun reading all about your (and your neighbors') silly around-town antics in this post, along with seeing all the beautiful scenery pictures, and that gif at the end–wow! :O

    • The flower series are one of my favourite furniture additions to NL ^^ I just wish the nicer ones weren’t so hard to get (needing to be from another town and kind of random)!

      Woah, I’m so glad you totally get me with wanting to put Resetti where I want to 😀 I don’t want to make a fuss about him, but I don’t want him to be invisible either. Another reason I chickened out is because right from the start I had come up with and loved the Retail path idea, and after I paid it off (i.e. just before the point-of-no-return :P), I was suddenly asking myself how I knew it wouldn’t go better in X location (eg. the middle of the residential area), and then that killed my confidence -.- So if you say the location on the path to Retail isn’t that wacky after all, I might go back to my initial idea ^^

      Yeah, I really think the campsite shouldn’t count >_< I'd pretty much decided that there would be no campsite in my town, but then started thinking it'd actually be kind of fun to meet campers and get beautiful igloos in winter, buuut well, I'm done with that whim for good now xP

      I loooved your dream town (and of course your real town 😆 ), and there were so many more charming details that I didn't get as good pictures of like the little dirt side paths and even Fern's tent that had a special feel to it knowing outside was the bittercold winter x3

      • Oh, I’m sure it might look nice in the residential area too! I guess the only potential problem I might see with that, is that the residential area might be more in-flux than the Re-Tail area, since there might be neighbors moving in and out…so what if the Resetti center gets in the way at some point? Just a thought! But maybe you’d find a great spot for it in the residential area that wouldn’t get in the way of any potential houses 🙂 I really liked the look of it in front of Re-Tail, though! Thought it was a nice addition to that path.

        I sort of had the same thought as you at one point about the campsite — I was determined to build it when I thought I found a good spot for it, but Isabelle said it was too close to the plaza 😦 Oh well, I’ve built it in Bywater now (so I can experience it there), and I’m thinking of putting a windmill in that spot in Citalune where I was going to put the campsite 🙂 I agree that it seems very strange that it takes up a PWP slot! 😮 Maybe you could build it in old Arcadia, though?

        Awww, thank you, I’m glad you liked it! 😀 Heheh my dream town does feel pretty different from my real town, especially at this point 😆

  2. aaah I still love your town!! 😀 I like how you positioned all those gracie clothes like a maze xP Pretty handy if you wanna get only a certain gracie clothes/accessories! I put all my items in the museum back then randomly so it’s hard to get a specific item if it’s an unreachable place. 😆

    Aw! Marshal! x3 I’m not really into the marshal hype too but he’s kinda cute. I wouldn’t mind having him on my town but I agree..his house exterior is…blah. xP

    Also, I love that gif showing your town tree’s improvements! hehe. 😀

    • Thanks Choco! ^^ Haha my other rooms are like that because I just ran out of space to store everything x3
      The good thing is, I can look up at Caroline’s house and Marshal’s is completely invisible, like it’s not there xD
      Thanks! Lol, only I could have a hiatus so long that it skips that many stages of the tree 😛

  3. Hey Teru! Just out of curiosity, when were the week(s?) in July that you would be more free? I remember reading it in a comment on Choco’s blog when we were trying to figure out the WiFi meeting between the four of us. Maybe we could try it again then! 🙂
    I finished plot resetting for both Pango and Melba btw! 😀 Since Erik is no longer the newest resident in my town, there should be no reason why he won’t ask to move soon…so I’ll let you know when he’s moving, if you’re still interested!

    • Double CONGRATULATIONS!!! Good thing you didn’t give up! @_@ I’m still interested in Erik ^^ Though until now I haven’t found a spot in town to do his house justice 😛 Also hope I don’t pick up any voided villagers because they would make my 10th…
      Those weeks were actually right now, and there’s this week left (until ~Saturday night) 😛 Sorry for the late notice >.< But I think I can pretty much WiFi anytime during my evenings or mornings without interruption until the break ends ^^

      • Thank you very much! 😀 I’m really glad I didn’t give up too! I had just given myself that last day to reset for her house location, and then I was thinking of asking to move someone else instead, re-doing my layout of PWPs, then asking Pango to move in again later on… such a relief to not have to go through all that!

        I’ve progressed through time a bit and Alice has asked to move out like 3 times 😮 Maybe she misses her koala buddy, Melba 😛 But yeah, Erik still hasn’t asked to move yet…hopefully soon, I’ll let you know!

        I was wondering if you wanted to try the Choco-Jemma-me-you WiFi again on Saturday at 5 AM my time (NA EDT)? If it works out for all of us, I’ll be sure to go to sleep early the night before this time (last time I was up late plot resetting xP), and to set my alarm (last time I didn’t because I wasn’t sure if the WiFi was on or not).

        • That is lucky =_= Speaking of asking to move someone else, does that mean you are able to invite someone else to replace the current move-in?

          That time is probably a bit difficult for me (sorry, I know I said evenings, but I was thinking after I was “in bed” xP), because it’s right on our dinnertime and last time I made the excuse I was doing work with a friend online…which won’t work this time >_<

          Would say sometime 7-11pm yours (Fri)/9am-1pm mine (Sat) be feasible? I haven't checked what this translates to in other regions, though.

          edit: Nevermind about the 7-11pm cos it's in the middle of the night for Jemma o_o
          Back to the original plan: how late will you be able to play before work? I should be able to get on my 3ds straight after dinner, maybe ~6am your time or as early as I can finish eating without looking suspicious 😛

        • Yep, if you ask more than one villager to move into your town, only one of them will of course move in, and it will be the last one you invited. 🙂 So I could have overwritten the Pango invitation and invited her another time (well, with a different Pango)…glad I didn’t!

          Ohhh okay! I only suggested 5 AM because I figured the earlier it was for me, the better it would be for everyone else. But I’m free later on in the morning too 🙂 I work 3-10:30 PM on Friday and Saturday, so I’d be available in the mornings from 5AM-2:15PM, and at night from 10:30 PM onwards. Saturday at 6 AM or so sounds great to me if it is for you and the others! ^_^

          PS I’m sorry that I’m referring to everything in my time! But hmm, it’s 10PM as I’m writing this and the running clock on your page says it’s 12PM there…so I guess you’re 14 hours ahead of me?

          • Oh that’s good to know, in case I ever get a move-in I absolutely do not want 😛 I had seen instances of move-ins failing and a letter being received instead, so I wasn’t sure if it was anything to do with that.

            Oh cool, I’ll see you guys after dinner then ^^ I hope everyone can make it! Also I’ll just put it out there that I’m ok with any day (Thu-Sat), in case it works better for anyone. And yeah I should be 14 hours ahead; I forgot about that clock, I’m glad it works! xD
            And oh my gosh working til 10:30pm T_T

            • I hope so too! I commented their wordpress blogs the other day, but they haven’t responded yet. It didn’t occur to me that this might be too short notice since I check my WordPress pretty often, several times a day. Ah well I hope it works out and they see it in time 🙂

              Yeah, that’s my least favorite shift xP At least it lets me sleep in, though!

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