2014 06 28 -- 1441 11 HOW I DO THIS

Hiiii again guys… It’s been a while, huh? ^^’
Sooo last few months were hectic, and the hectic will start again soon. I had a beautiful long holiday coming up over the New Year and then craaazy stuff hapened, and not the Redd kind, and my holiday got taken up too. Juicy details if you want them 😛

ANYWAY, that’s neither here nor there. While I was sorting through my 3000-odd pictures accumulated over the last 6 months, I stumbled across this screenshot I took back in June, and I can’t believe I forgot about it:

If you stand in front of a door and pan the camera up before pressing A to enter, you can get a whole zoomed-in picture of the villager house!

The past few months I’ve just been speeding through Animal Crossing distractedly while keeping up with work, and whenever I found this out it slipped straight through my mind and into the backburner, where it got smothered by everything else there. Not being able to take full pictures of villagers’ houses has been something that has bugged me since the very beginning and I’m amazed the solution was right there the whole time. (And I’m equally amazed I forgot!)

After I relearned this trick I promptly went around town today and snapped more pictures! (I’m still catching up from October :P)

It also works with the other buildings…

…though since they’re bigger you’ll often have to take the pic before the door closes. But in these cases I think the sliver of light is quite nice 🙂 (Here is a picture of the café with the door shut, which I edited on.)

By comparison, these are pictures I took in the past of some houses where I didn’t know to pan the camera:

I’m starting to doubt myself though… this method is so obvious that maybe I’m the last person to know about it? 😮 Or I used to know it and it slipped my mind that it slipped my mind? I better not think too hard about it =_=



5 responses to “HOW COULD I FORGET THIS?

  1. Hey hey hey welcome back! I’ve been following your blog for a while, and I’m glad to see a new post! 😀 I actually knew about this trick when I did it by accident, but I never thought to take a picture 😛 It would be a cool idea to make a guide, but that would take too lon, I suppose 😛

    The holidays were a hectic for me, too! And now school stuff is going to take up most of my time, too u-u But I wish that you’ll get through whatever crazy stuff that’s going to happen ^_^

    • Thanks Tanachan! It’s nice to get a welcome back ^_^ And thanks for following my blog! 😀 I really wish I knew this trick sooner, because villagers’ houses are one of my biggest focuses in the game (don’t ask why) and I’m always taking pictures of them xP
      Aww thank you, I hope things don’t get too hectic for you too 🙂

  2. I can’t express how happy I was to see a new post from you in my reader, Teru!! x3 I’ve really missed you! I’m sorry life’s been hectic for you, and that your holiday was taken up by crazy stuff 😦 If you want or don’t mind sharing the juicy details, I would listen to them and learn what your life’s been like lately!

    I did this once a long time ago on accident, with Bunnie’s house here, and for a while I would just gaze at that photo like “how did I do that?” Because it was by far the best villager house photo in my whole guide, and different from the others in how zoomed in and professional it looked. For a while it was a mystery to me, until one day I accidentally did it again, this time noticing and realizing how I did it (the pan-up+entering a house thing you’ve described here). It was exciting to realize, but at the same time frustrating, because if I’d known earlier I could’ve had a better quality house exterior guide 😛 And now I don’t know if I feel like re-taking all those pictures, lol. Still, it’ll at least be a nice trick to use to capture buildings in my town, or favorite villager houses I come across in others’ 🙂

    Heheh and I have to say, it’s been nice having an online AC buddy over the past couple years who’s about as interested in villager house exteriors and whatnot as me! We used to discuss little house discoveries like this in AC:WW and it’s continued into AC:NL, it’s fun ^^

    • Argh I know, I wish we’d known earlier! x3 I even took some more pictures of houses after this ‘the dumb way’ cos I forgot. I won’t make much use of it now either, aside from maybe cataloguing my own neighbours’ houses.

      Haha well if I remember this right… 2nd last day of work on the way home and another car cuts in front of me and destroys the car ˃_˂ It was our only car and my parents (painters) relied on it for work, but that model wasn’t very common anymore. At the same time we had also been talking about me getting my own little car cos ‘real life’ was starting. So from about mid-Dec to New Year was a mad rush to first buy my car cos it was easier, then use it to shop for their car. Then completely unrelated, after that settled, my 99-year-old grandpa in China was writing an autobiography and they had been waiting for my holidays to let me do all the editing and book design. Fun. 😛 A few days into that (and after tentatively working on a few ACNL posts), my laptop dies. Then a couple days later the phone dies. And the internet dies. ‘Round about when I’m expecting for the television to maybe blow up or for the roof to cave in, things start working out again and I get everything fixed, restored, edited and done, but now I’m SO behind on blogs xP
      TL;DR: Car written off, edited a book, laptop died, phone + internet died, if there’s anything else I wiped it from memory 😛

      It’s been awesome having someone to exchange tidbits of research and ideas with who actually shares your interest and excitement rather than thinking you’re a total nitpick and a bore (though no-one ever said that out loud xP). I’m so glad for the first comment you ever left on my blog 🙂
      Also just looking back at our comments, just one month or so after we ‘met’, AC:3DS was already announced and we were talking about it?? :O I completely forgot, it felt as though we’d been talking much earlier than that, or ACNL was much newer!

      • Oh my gosh, that all does sound super crazy and hectic! I’m glad you’re okay, though! And that must have been a cool experience, editing and designing a book, I’m sure you did a great job 🙂 And man, both your computer and phone dying… D:

        Aww I agree, our little online AC friendship has meant a lot to me, and we’ve learned a lot about little AC tidbits/secrets (esp related to house exteriors) together over time, it’s great 😀 Hehe aww, you remember that first comment xP I feel bad for being pretty absent from the AC WP community for the past couple months, my own life has gotten pretty recently as well! I miss it and value it a lot, though, and I’d like to make as much time for it as I can. x3
        Yeahh, we were talking about and expecting AC:NL for a loong time. Those first teasers that came out ended up looking pretty different from the finished product, though (at least to my eyes)!

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