Little Fruit Seller

I already have the next main post ready to go, but there’s one little post that belongs here 🙂

2014 07 12 -- 1727 29

Sooo if you remember the last post about events a year ago, I had paid a visit to Erik in Amy’s town Citàlune…

2014 07 12 -- 1728 19

… to invite him to my town ^^

2014 07 12 -- 2213 00

I felt there was a slim chance his house could fit in this spot here in the ‘tulip forest’ area behind Phoebe’s house – at least a police station could – so I cut down a few of the fir trees, but after some resetting it didn’t seem like a compatible spot after all.

2014 07 13 -- 0833 13

This was a spot Erik’s house had no problem popping up in, across the river from the scenic windmill area that would have been really nice, but I still sort of wanted to keep that part of the town free of houses and more of a… ‘public recreational space’?… so I ended up putting Erik in the residential area with everyone else.

2014 08 18 -- 1651 56 merge

He ended up here right behind Caroline’s home.

2014 10 15 -- 1649 10

2014 07 13 -- 1542 40

Welcome! 😀

2014 07 13 -- 1543 31

The inside of his home is veeery nice, it’s like the perfect little winter log cabin, even if it’s summer outside.

And then began the cutest series of exchanges with Erik 🙂 If it’s confusing the last GIF is a summary of it all:

2014 07 13 -- 1544 24 - 46 10

2014 07 13 -- 1546 18 - 21 2014 07 13 -- 1546 45 - 50 2014 07 13 -- 1548 27 - 50 20 2014 07 13 -- 1551 1 - 6


Amy later explained that while Erik was in her town, she had given him a lot of fruit xD

2014 08 14 -- 1742 24

It’s also so cute how as soon as Erik moved into town, it seemed like he and Deirdre were smitten with each other.

2014 08 14 -- 1910 28

One more just for good measure!

2014 08 16 -- 2111 41 2014 08 16 -- 2111 53


Also a little extra:

2014 08 13 -- 1544 452014 08 13 -- 1545 38 - 46 Umbrella

へ  へ
の  の


7 responses to “Little Fruit Seller

  1. Silly Erik, you were supposed to enjoy eating the fruit, not rip off my buddy once moving to her town 😆 It made for a cute, funny series of exchanges though 😛 That’s so adorable about him and Deirdre x3 And nice that they’re the same species & flirting, unlike Gloria and Rod in my town…xP

    In response to the misgivings on Erik’s house location you told me about, I don’t think his house location is bad, but I guess a potential regret about it I see might have to do with Caroline’s house being right in front, so you can’t exactly walk too far in front of Erik’s house and admire his cottage on the horizon since Caroline’s would get in the way. But I think the cliff-side location is pretty actually, and maybe some more cedar trees and clovers scattered around the area would bring out that rustic cliff-side cottage-y coziness 🙂 And that riverside location across the windmill is beautiful, but there’s nothing stopping you from having another great house there like we discussed ^^

    Haha, that ending gif xD Do you like his umbrella btw? 😛 I always thought it was a weird choice for him, and something like the gelato umbrella would match his tastes better.

    • Haha Gloria and Rod, that’d be an interesting couple xD Erik and Deirdre hit it off so smoothly I wondered if it was just a thing that could happen easily when you get two of the same species in your town.

      For some reason I’m not that bothered about Caroline’s house being right in front of Erik’s, which I guess would be a good thing. Same with Marshal’s concrete block right in front of Caroline’s, I’m perfectly fine with it because whenever I want a good view of Caroline’s house (by looking up), it’ll disappear xP

      I actually tried to surround Erik’s house with some cedars but for some reason one in a position I really wanted died for reasons unknown and I gave up >_ > For some reason I felt a lot better about his house position after talking to you about it though so I’m not that bothered about it anymore ^_^

      I think that umbrella looks weird whoever’s carrying it xD It’s kinda of a cute idea though… It’s based off a little puppet-like thing in Japan that you’d make and hang up in the window when you wanted the rainy weather to clear, so it’s like Erik’s always wishing for nicer weather 🙂

      • Aww that’s great, I’m really glad to hear that you’re feeling better about it 🙂 And I agree, you’re always able to fine-tune the scenery you want to see with the up-view! (I have a lot of fun taking pictures as the up-view is loading, too, so you can really customize the angle & what you want in the picture. It reminds me of what we used to do in AC:WW to get full screenshots of buildings, only it’s lots easier now ^^) In fact, over half of my own villager houses are vertically stacked together, so it was probably weird for me to suggest that in the first place xD

        Ohh I had no idea about the origins of it! I just thought it was some weird little thing xP Now I have a greater appreciation for it, knowing it serves a purpose and makes a reference, so thanks for that! 🙂

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