Mishmash Summer to Autumn 2014

2015.07.10 feature 1 small

Is it strange to say I’m confused by my blog and can’t remember what I have and haven’t posted and need to double-check everything? Maybe especially because I sorted all my screenshots and had material for blog posts prepared a while ago which meant I had mentally already been through what my posts would be about, and then never posted them (I think 😕 ).

Aaaanyway I had 3 or so posts planned (including the previous one) for this period of what is now ancient Arcadian history, two of which have set themes and this extra one seeming to be all the leftover mishmash, so that title is the only way I can really describe this post…

2014 06 14 -- 1702 59

2014 06 14 -- 1708 30

I FINALLY saw an animal sit on a stump, after I think I worked out to be something like 11 months and 23 days after starting the town?

2014 06 28 -- 1425 10

Enter Storm!
. . . At least, I think enter Storm? I haven’t introduced her before, have I?

After some deliberation I decided I wanted a 2nd house across the river from Rain’s house, just as there was in Old Arcadia:

2014 02 22 -- 1937 24

I wanted to keep the old, dark wooden-beam type house and make her a gloomier, more reclusive type of character than Rain and make use of some of the antique-looking items that I haven’t managed to incorporate into Rain’s home.

2014 06 19 -- 1112 53

With the creation of Storm I realised I could save an additional 16 houses in the HH Showcase 😀 That was especially useful when the model homes filled and I had to keep pruning them so my favourites, which exceeded 16, wouldn’t be replaced. No the 16 limit is still in place after all -__-

2014 06 20 -- 1248 55 - 49 45 Clouds

I made this GIF to show how the clouds are sort of like two layers of clouds that split and then meet up again after a while.

2014 06 22 -- 1825 41

I couldn’t help doing this when I got the Cancer table DLC xD

2014 06 21 -- 1732 10 Bug Off

Sorry Deirdre, but this was totally worth seeing your priceless expression 😛

2014 06 21 -- 1822 41

Closeup of the creepy Majora’s Mask. I would have considered the limited edition New 3DS XL if it didn’t have this on the front… (Once again Nintendo failed to launch a sensible plain white XL in Australia so I’m banking on them releasing a decent limited edition some time.)

2014 06 23 -- 1722 09 - 1723 25

I feel like this happens now and then, when villager conversations get a little messed up and either emotions get mixed up or the game forgets who is saying what.

Baabara: [Player focus on Baabara]
Oh, listen to this, Lady R. Deirdre here is bragging about what an amazing talent she is.

Baabara: [Player focus on Deirdre]
I’m not bragging. She just always takes it that way. But if you’re interested, I’ll tell you, Lady R.

Baabara: [Player & Baabara focus on Deirdre]
I made up a new kind of music that smashes electronica and opera together. And that rockin’ dog K.K. Slider said it was the most amazing thing he’d ever heard!

Deirdre: [Player focus on Baabara. Camera pan behind Deirdre]
You know, since K.K. is always taking breaks from his busy schedule to talk to her…not.

Baabara: [Player focus on Deirdre]
I never said K.K. took a break to visit me! I…I…just bumped into him somewhere. Really, it happened!

Deirdre: [Player focus on Baabara. Camera pan behind Deirdre]
Oh don’t get so worked up, Dierdre. I absolutely believe you…not.

Well, whatever the heck my game was on, my villagers need to chill.

2014 06 24 -- 0742 48 Not bad Saharah

Not bad, Saharah.

2014 07 01 -- 1126 50 Rule it now Queen Rain

No good, Saharah.

2014 06 29 -- 1140 12

2014 07 01 -- 1140 41 Umbrella

Villagers are more irresistible to photograph when they have their umbrellas out x3

2014 07 01 -- 1158 31 Umbrella

2014 07 01 -- 1148 27 Umbrella

2014 06 19 -- 1150 58

I’m done 😛

2014 07 12 -- 0045 34


2014 07 12 -- 0055 48

You know that feeling you get at 1am at night that it’s the perfect time to pose in front of public buildings and take scenic pictures? No? -__-

2014 07 12 -- 1711 10

I grew attached to a weed 🙂 It’s still there.

2014 07 19 TT accident 2014 08 19 -- 1142 48

Ohhh man, I made a mistake and somebody moved away xP Long story short (actually because I don’t remember the story), I accidentally TT-ed an extra month ahead. I knew there was no point crying over spilt milk so I didn’t dwell on it, but this probably takes the cake for the biggest stuff up in my town. It was the last ‘nail house’ though preventing me from continuing the wisteria trellis walkway.

2014 07 19 TT accident 2014 08 19 -- 1148 34

😮 !! Go back, go back!

2014 07 20 -- 1237 00


2014 07 20 -- 1251 59

That’s the spirit!
Jeremiah also moved away later as I TT’ed to try to catch up to the present -_- I don’t even remember when I was doing the catching up because there was another huge break I took over the last few months but I was probably at least 3 or so months behind.

2014 09 25 -- 1221 43 2014 10 04 -- 1127 13

But Friga moved into his spot and I liked her even better ^_^

2014 10 31 -- 1144 14

2014 10 04 -- 1140 07 - 1140 33 merge 2

Her house was quite a nice addition to the residential area too.

2014 08 22 -- 2011 53 Silly

And a final silly screenshot-merge 😛


9 responses to “Mishmash Summer to Autumn 2014

  1. I don’t think it’s too strange, partly because you might’ve explained some of the changes like Storm’s house to some of your WordPress buddies already; for instance I seemed to know the reason for building her house in this post of mine. But I still think this is the first time you introduced her on your blog 🙂 Btw I think it’s awesome that Storm is kind of a ~darker~ Rain, especially given that it fits the connection between their names: Rain…Storm! I didn’t realize this (probably obvious) name connection until this post 😳 Also love the idea of old/dark/spooky/antique furniture in her home…maybe you could even move the spooky clock room over to hers. 😛 (But not if you’re too attached to it in Rain’s)

    I feel bad for how long you had to wait for a villager to sit on a stump, I see one of mine sit on a stump probably around once a week xP But how cute it was Marshal! And thanks so much for sharing that tip about saving 16 additional HHA houses with each new character, I had noo idea (and I have four characters so that’s a lot of saving potential!). I’ve got quite a few good ones I want to keep, or at least would rather keep over an undeveloped/more-casual-player house replacing it.

    Besides that picture with Deirdre being funny & cute, it’s also so pretty with the cool colored violets in the foreground mixed with pink roses in the distance, what a pretty combination *_*

    I…don’t get that conversation at all…how strange and kinda freaky o_O And I’m sorry about Baabara btw, I had no idea 😦 It’s a shame she couldn’t leave with your blessing first, though I think it’s good you’ve accepted it so well and see the bright-side of continuing your wisteria walkway.

    Ooh I agree with Saharah’s meadow-wall makeover, so pretty 🙂 Like an outdoor garden temple. I look forward to seeing what you might do with that metal bench! ❤ And I can see why you're attached to that weed, it's cuute next to that cedar tree.

    lol "that's the spirit!" I love that 😆

    I really like Friga's house in that riverside spot, and her house style is so pretty and surprisingly fitting in your town (since it's not especially rustic-looking or red..though I guess that's a very warm reddish pink).

    What happened with your tree? Did it grow when you accidentally TTed ahead or something, and then shrunk again?

    What a beeaautiful picture of those shooting stars, and a great idea ❤ Love it so much! Maybe I gotta try that sommetime..

    • Haha I didn’t put much thought into Storm’s name xD But before I started playing AC:NL I had wanted a secondary character with a darker sort of name (originally I wanted to have a ‘Raven’ and I think she does exist in Old Arcadia, but the name got old by the time I created Storm :P). There’s also a Breeze who is the plot resetter 😛

      Lol, after seeing Marshal sit on the stump I think I’ve seen it twice more. Kinda like how I hunted an hour for a coelacanth, then caught three more the next day when I was just doing some quick fishing.

      Arrgh I hate to disappoint after giving you false hope like that but I was just starting to get paranoia and double-checked the HH Showcase and it turns out creating a new character didn’t give me another 16 favs to mark Dx I don’t know why I was so sure you could when I even visited the place with Storm T_T It turns out she can see houses marked as ‘Rain’s favourites’ and mark her own, but still shares the total limit of 16 -__-

      What happened with the town tree was it turned huge on the day I accidentally TT’ed Baabara away, and I was so shocked I immediately TT’ed back and it went back to normal 😛 I think I was partially worried because I thought it had grown due to thinking I had played more hours/days than I really had and I didn’t want the tree to reflect my playtime untruthfully. But now that I think about it it’s obvious the tree can’t be affected by TT-ing because don’t the days need to be loaded one-by-one to count?
      Now (in the present day) it’s back to the same stage as it was in this blog post, meaning I think it didn’t grow at all in the past year 😛 I did skip a good 8 months of it to get caught up though…

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