Welcome to Arcadia 3.0


Hi again~
Starting small with just a little introduction to my [brand-new-4-months-ago] island and villagers. It’s really changed a fair bit by now, though it also still has a long way to go.


Like many who had been waiting months or possibly years on this game, I had what felt like ample time to consider a name for my island and character. After making a few cursory attempts at coming up with decent ones, however, I ended up concluding that I was both attached to and satisfied enough with ‘Arcadia’ and ‘Rain’ to use them once again, those being respectively the town and mayor names I used in New Leaf. As for why this blog post is jokingly titled ‘Arcadia 3.0’, I had actually made two attempts at my town in New Leaf, having been dissatisfied with my original Arcadia, so this is technically number 3.


I also made an attempt at resetting for an island I wanted, though it felt odd doing so, because I didn’t really know what my options were. Unlike New Leaf, I didn’t have half a year’s worth of research and prior knowledge from stalking Japanese blogs. How could you know what to reset for, if you didn’t know what there was to reset for? In the end, I aimed for:

  • apples
  • blue airport
  • square grass, triangle okay (like I said, I didn’t even know my options)

I managed one reset. My second island ticked all three boxes (third box being triangle grass, obviously) and I was emotionally done with resetting 😂

Picking the hemipshere actually took a fair bit of deliberation. Despite this being a huge and awesome change to the Animal Crossing series, being IRL in the southern hemisphere did not automatically mean I would play in the southern hemisphere. Pros were that obviously for the first time ever, the seasons would match up, but for the cons, I asked myself how much I would miss the seasonal events as I enjoyed them from past games – Christmas, Halloween, the Harvest Festival, Festivale. I was even confused as to whether we would get some of these events at the same time as the northern hemisphere. In the end, I did go with southern hemisphere.


I enjoyed putting together my character in the beginning, and the new character designs are really cute. I ended going for old-style facial features, but loved that new straight hair.

2020032112195200 + 2020032114552200.jpg

Rain’s beginner outfit was the monochrome set, though I soon wanted something prettier and made the blue dress that she ended up wearing for quite a while. At least I matched the barred knifejaw I caught early on.



These were my starter villagers: Bam and Sylvia. In the picture with Sylvia, I was admiring our different footprints in the sand.

Something else that made this new foray back into Animal Crossing really special for me, was that…


…my partner has his own copy and is also playing Animal Crossing! I wouldn’t have counted on this in a million years (though I did do a lot of convincing, including getting him the game) and am super stoked we get to hang out in game and that I just get to share this part of me with him ☺️

Alright, after this post I have about 75 days’ pictures sorted, and I sure as heck am not going to post them all, so I need to go figure out what I’m going to do…


3 responses to “Welcome to Arcadia 3.0

  1. You capture such pretty pictures, always! I’m always so impressed by the shots I see pop up from your AC screenshots Twitter, and I love the Bam and Sylvia footprints pics here ❤

    It's interesting to hear what you reset for! I didn't fully know what to reset for but I still valiantly reset for 12 hours xD It's so funny too because I was resetting for a certain map I thought was cool, and then I ended up bulldozing everything.. . .

    That's so neat that your partner and you get to experience AC together! I hope he's been enjoying it and it must be fun to see his impressions of the game after being a long-time fan yourself 🙂

    • Aww thanks ^^ That’s one of the new features I really love, having an in-game camera with (some) ability to manipulate the perspective and focus. I’m glad they included that in such a beautiful game.

      Ugh, yeah. I don’t even remember if when we started the game we knew whether we could restructure the whole island. I did try to choose pleasing maps of the options offered, but yeah how little it meant in the end 😅

      Haha, funny thing with my partner is, I have a bad habit of breaking out into my town tune when I’m just idling, so he’s always been super familiar with it and knows where it’s from (I could sing the first note and stop myself, and the rest would still play in his head). Ofc I’ve re-used the tune in NH and now he gets to hear all my villagers greet him with it when he visits xD

      • Aww yeah, I can really see how that would be a special feature for you. I think you’ve always taken really good pictures, going way back to the Wild World days where you would take such care in your camera shots. How far we’ve come since those days 😮

        Tbh, I knew about terraforming of course, since there was that direct… but I thought it would be a really late unlock, since it was so powerful. Part of why I was drawn to my map was because the town hall and airport always seemed close together in this map, and I know some people don’t like that, but I really liked the idea of just connecting the two of them and then having the rest of the town to do whatever I wanted.

        That sounds adorable!! You do end up hearing that tune quite a bit while playing, makes sense it would get in your head ^_^

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