Early days

GAH why am I so bad at this?? I can’t even process the amount of pictures anymore, here’s some stuff that happened!

Glad to be out of my tent and and in my band new red-roofed baby house! I also spent long moments appreciating the delicate morning lighting and the movement of the leaves in the breeze.

Blathers was a welcome sight to my island, and I quickly put my newly caught critters to good use!

I unintentionally delayed my museum progress by one day because I had wanted to gain access to the rest of my island before placing my museum tent. Little did I know it was placing the museum that would grant me the pole vault to do just that.

I quickly understood why I had seen ridiculous pictures of other people’s islands piled high with fish and bugs, as I waited for Blathers to get his museum sorted out. I had all my fish stacked up in a wall that went from my house nearly to the sea.

In the meantime I got to spend time with my newest buddy I fished out of a river. I found it so amusing that the game allowed us to plonk a critter down without an enclosure. At first I was very concerned it could just run back into the river if I left it unattended.

Pulling an arapaima out of the water in New Horizons is a pretty ridiculous experience

I didn’t understand early on how there could be an item leaf on the ground on the other side of the river I couldn’t cross. Fooled by the walking leaf!

Here were two more guests on my island:

Gulliver! I think he sent me a Stone Henge the next day.

Wisp, who is so cute in his little form. He probably gave me something much less cool than a Stone Henge…

I really took my time going to Nook Miles islands for the first time, and it was a testament to how poorly I understood the mechanics that I landed on a hybrid non-native flower island and only took a couple flower plants because I thought digging them up required powerups and I had only eaten two apples (which I didn’t notice were still in my belly after digging up the flowers). At least I got a picture.

This was very definitely an unexpected outcome of opening a fridge. I was very confused.

I kept switching my character up between the lighter-coloured look with the pale blue dress, and this one with black hair and a fancy kimono I had a go at designing. So if you see this girl, she’s still Rain!

My partner came to hang out and watch the sunset.

And that’s it for this post. I haven’t decided how long to make each post. This one covered a couple of days. That’s probably good. Next time I might have some shoes!


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