Bits of progress and other stuff

I currently have a ton of these…chunks of days of photos of little substance and the occasional progress. I’ll probably run out of title ideas before I get through them all.

Around town… I got the town hall and the Ables’ shop. And there’s a picture of Nook’s Cranny as well for good measure.

As you can see, I kept with the theme of consolidating my commercial buildings and placed the Ables’ directly beside the Nooklings.

Hello Isabelle!

While we’re here, I updated Arcadia’s town tune. It’s…the same town tune as in the previous Arcadia. Nice singing, Isabelle.

I tried to neaten things up around the museum too and went for two straight rows of trees…which created a surprisingly pleasant space that lent a slight sense of grandeur to this part of my humble island.

In the meantime, Sylvia’s house was severely in the way where I originally placed it, because it ended up right in front of both shops. I moved her into the area behind the shops. You can see her new spot in the background of the picture of the Ables’, which was actually a pretty nice cosy place.

I chose this spot across my eastern river mouth to place the campsite, and planted an apple tree in front of it to make it feel a little cosier.

I planted some bamboo I collected from a mystery island around Annalisa’s home and it looked so good!

I took so many of my favourite photos outside her home!

Another favourite photo I took around that time, was on Celeste’s first visit to my island!

I followed her around for ages, trying to get her somewhere nice long enough for a photo. Eventually I gave up, went around minding my business, and then found her peacefully hanging out on the beach.

Something I’ll always appreciate from early on is the uncluttered landscapes of an untouched island. There’s just an unrivalled beauty to that sweeping grassy plain, or wide, clean beach.

Someone else decided to enjoy the beach shortly after.

One of the first things I customised once I unlocked the ability from Tom Nook was one of each of the decoy ducks.

Be free, my ducklings!

I continued to contribute to the museum exhibits and enjoyed hanging out with my pudgy new ranchu goldfish here.

Catching an arapaima will never get old.

Nor will pulling a sunfish out of the ocean.

By the way, how does fishing even work?

I spent quite a while confused by the crab that popped up in the front room of my fossil exhibit. I didn’t recall donating something like it, and there were no information panels on it. I knew that Blathers added his own decorations to the exhibits as you fill the museum, and eventually realised this was just one of his additions.

In my house, I tried out a botanical tile wall and was impressed by the sunlight filtering in through the window slats.

Bubbles surprised me with her uncharacteristic burst of etymological nerdiness.

Sometimes a bench pops up in the town hall plaza.

Honest questions I had at the time. After it’d been almost two weeks since starting the game and nobody had written anything on the bulletin board, I needed to wonder.

Our two wide-eyed little-Nooks. Tommy looks like he’s had enough for the day.

Admiring a ladybird up close.

And admiring Bam’s house during a golden sunset.

The sun is such a tease in this game… Its golden light glistens tantalisingly through the trees on the horizon at sunset, but it remains ever out of frame when you try to chase it.

April was also the time of many a gorgeous pink sunset.

Surprise photobomb during this pink sunset!

And here we are in the backroom of my house, which I’ve decorated with all the Eastern things I had.

Since I often have items I want to give my partner when he visits, I made a designated storage spot for said items, right behind the large rock at the airport. I quite liked how this cosy little spot fit perfectly here.

Aaand that’s it for this post. See you next time~


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