More early memories

We haven’t even hit Day 20 yet and I’m gonna run out of titles so fast 😆

This photo is probably an apt summary of which time period this post covers.
Here’s another:

I have to say, I mostly innocently enjoyed and did my best during the Bunny Day event. I think I tend to have a lot more patience and tolerance than the average person, and made the most of hunting the eggs daily and getting all the crafting recipes.

In other news…
…New villagers moved in:

Huck had an interesting (beginner) primitive house.

He had a nice cosy area out the front.

And Purrl moved in with a very nice house full of classic –sorry, antique— furniture.

She moved in across the river from my house.

…And I got my third star and first KK concert!

Does KK have a candle in that guitar?

I finally updated my town flag after looking at that plain green leaf for days. Back to the good old deer flag. I took the opportunity to improve it and add cooler antlers.

I enjoyed sticking my head into the town hall to check on Nook and Isabelle. Or I just frequently ended up in there by mistake to sell my bugs and fish.

I met Daisy Mae who introduced herself with her fantastic sales pitch.
Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever actually eaten a turnip. Not in the game either.

I made good use of Nook Mile Islands and met yet another new villager quickly: Melba!

It was a very productive evening. I also found a money rock island…

…and completed my Cast Master achievement, which I only discovered for the first time after I caught my 97th fish in a row! I have to say, it made my experience with this badge remarkably stress-free (except those last 3 catches!).

On one island I fished so much I was able to build a ghost car…

…and make questionable choices with the catches.

The very next day, I met yet another new addition to my island: Wade!
He was so adorable with his penguin chick colouring.

Back home, I met Kabuki in my campsite, but I didn’t invite him to move in.
Elsewhere on the island, I had fun taking photos of my villagers.

Hey Annalisa!…I forgot what I was going to say.

It was actually my first time experiencing rain, and the villagers looked adorable in their raincoats and hats.

Although I’m not sure about Sylvia’s getup.

I enjoyed some photoshoots in the rain too.

Later on, Annalisa swapped out her raincoat for her traditional kimono and a lovely cherry blossom umbrella 🥰

Speaking of Annalisa, she looks super cute when she does her puppy eyes. By comparison, I find her normal eyes just a little off-putting.

I also caught my first coelacanth in the rainy bout! That felt a lot sooner than in my past games!

It looked like Purrl enjoyed the new scenery outside her house.

And Sylvia spent an afternoon enjoying the island pond with her apple juice.

Here are my two deer enjoying island life and being adorable doing it.
… Did I forget to introduce Fauna? I moved her in with an Amiibo card!

Oh Rodeo!

I received this letter from Sylvia and it explained a lot.

I also had a morning where I had barely stepped out of my house and was instantly gifted this whiteboard and traffic cone from my thoughtful neighbours…

Sorry. Annalisa is my new muse.
Here’s even more of her.

Thank you for keeping our island tidy.

Here are my villagers working hard coming up with completely original innovative one-of-a-kind DIYs.

Here they are participating in our first fishing tourney.

I had a go as well.

Rodeo kept me on the straight and narrow with valuable advice.

And Bam went MIA in this very odd glitch.

Whereupon my first response was to go snoop in his wardrobe.
If I remember correctly, I found him wandering out from behind his house shortly after leaving.

Speaking about aspects of the game that we don’t usually see, I played around with the camera to see what it looked like when I walked far away out of frame and then quit out of the camera.

Here’s a shot of the town hall plaza, before the town hall has loaded in. It was raining, too.

I was pretty lucky with my Able sisters stocking pretty dresses and wigs in the beginning couple of weeks.

My partner came over and got dressed up too!

Here I am sneaking up on the island owl in my new gothic outfit.

I also fixed up my kimono design a bit. The right was the initial attempt and the left was after I realised how kimonos are actually folded at the front, after studying the real one in the middle.

These were the outfits I had in my wand. I still have variations of most of these.

My partner came back for another visit, except this time he was Elvis.

I also visited his island more (of course), and admired his new room at the back of his house, where he collected all things – records, numbered shirts, chairs.

Here is his town flag in all its glory. He accidentally picked an empty pattern thinking the designing bit came later but kept it after Isabelle raved about how amazing and perfect it was.
Back in my town, it was actually time to say goodbye to our first move-out:

Bye Sylvia~ I’m sorry I never quite kicked the habit of calling you Mathilda…

I was also going to miss her house a fair bit, with her lovely wrought iron door window lit up in the evenings. Wait…her house is Mathilda-coloured!! Is this why I always got them mixed up??

Aaand I’m gonna leave it here for this post…

…except for this last photo to end off what we started. After alllll those pictures, we’ve only just reach the other end of Eggpocalypse. It wasn’t too bad though, was it? There was barely an egg in my post 🙂



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