Welcome to my Animal Crossing blog!

I first started playing Animal Crossing in 2009, when I bought a copy of AC:Wild World on the same day that I got my Nintendo DS lite. I had a feeling that it was my type of game, and have never looked back. Since then I have also thoroughly enjoyed AC:New Leaf for the 3DS, which the previous posts in this blog have been primarily about, and now, it’s finally time for AC:New Horizons on the Switch.

I originally ran a blog called ACWW Happiness dedicated to my Wild World game that I enjoyed posting on from time to time, and eventually made this blog, AC Lily of the Valley for my New Leaf town. As I’m quite attached to this blog, I would like to continue using it for New Horizons moving forward.

Anyone who knows me knows I am not the best at keeping things up-to-date (ha, it’s been seven years and this is still 100% accurate), but if there’s anything I want to share about Arcadia, this will be the place I go. So welcome to Lily of the Valley and I hope you enjoy your stay!

If any longtime visitors are wondering where the old pages went, including the original About page, they can now be found in the Pages links beneath the Archives, or from the menu options!

Well, that’s everything for now. See you around!

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