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Welcome to my Animal Crossing: New Leaf blog!

I first started playing Animal Crossing in 2009, when I bought a copy of AC: Wild World on the same day that I got my Nintendo DS lite. I had a feeling that it was my type of game, and have never looked back. I got a copy of AC: New Leaf shortly after launch in June 2013 and started my current town Arcadia on my 3DS XL.

I originally ran a blog called ACWW Happiness dedicated to my Wild World game that I enjoyed posting on from time to time, and of course I had to do the same for my new New Leaf town. Anyone who knows me knows I am not the best at keeping things up-to-date, but if there’s anything I want to share about Arcadia, this will be the place I go. So welcome to Lily of the Valley and I hope you enjoy your stay!


Mayor: Rain

Started on 22nd June, 2013

Map 2015 07 10


Lily of the Valley

To be honest, I always felt the blog name ACWW Happiness ^_^ was a little awkward (no kidding, it even comes with a smiley whose mouth disappears every time it gets put into a link -_-). After all, I didn’t put much thought into the name when I hardly even knew what I was doing or how seriously I would take blogging at the time.

Well, the name Lily of the Valley struck me about a year ago, and I thought it would be very appropriate if I were ever to create a new Animal Crossing blog. It’s the name of the flower that got lost in translation: the “Jacob’s Ladder”. When I first learned of the actual species of the flower that signifies a town’s perfect status, I thought it had a lovely name and that it was a shame it was no longer used in the English version. So even if they continue to be localised as Jacob’s Ladders, I wanted to have my own little “Lily of the Valley” right here 🙂

My Blog Theme

I spent a while going through Themes and settled on this one, called Oxygen. My other blog, ACWW Happiness, has a very dark theme that helps enhance the colours of my pictures. Subsequently, I wanted to try a light theme for a spacious, clean feel for this blog.

I also think the Oxygen theme layout is good for my blogging style. When I post, I post lots of pictures. My ACWW Hemingway theme always annoyed me because it simply lists the title of each post, with no sort of preview whatsoever. On the other hand, using a theme that displays entire posts in a list would probably frighten half my visitors away, so I really like Oxygen’s approach.

  • Page Up & Page Down keys are useful for the comment box if you type more than the box shows. Otherwise, my apologies for the cumbersome nature of this theme’s comment box -_-;
  • The coloured villager house icons are designed and created by me. Pretty please don’t steal them 🙂

Well, that’s everything for now. See you around!

Rain Run Drawn 1


34 responses to “Original ACNL Welcome Page

  1. Wow I just noticed this blog, I love how you went for a new one for ACNL as its basically a redesigned Animal Crossing. But wait a minute, have I introduced myself yet? Well if I haven’t, I’m will, I made my blog after seeing yours, Amy’s and Choco’s 🙂 I hope your new blog is successful as ACWW Happiness 😀

    • Yeah I was so excited for AC:NL I wanted to do something so I made this blog, but it was way too early so there’s not much to post about xP
      Hehe, it’s nice to meet you ^^ Though I already saw you a lot on Amy’s and Choco’s blogs (and my other one) 😀 Thank you, I hope so too!

      • Hehe, It’s good to see someone else goes through comments on blogs too 😆 I just realised I forgot the ^_^ in ACWW Happiness ^_^ Unless that doesn’t matter, anyway I hope to hear lots of your AC:NL adventure 🙂

  2. Hello Teru! I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore your blog! 🙂 I remember that I would always enjoy reading your ACWW Happiness ^_^ blog! ^^ This may sound stupid and you may not want to but I would love to be your friend in Animal Crossing New Leaf and just in general! ❤ It would mean a lot to me if you replied to me and could play with me one day! I would be a very happy person! 😀 Much love, Megan 😛

    • Hi Megan, thanks for your kind words and it’s nice to meet you ^_^ I’m not the best at being available for WiFi because of my currently unpredictable schedule, but here’s my FC just in case: 5069 4261 7466. See you around 🙂

    • Awww sweet! My FC should be 5069 4261 7466. I’ve been away for a couple of weeks, can’t wait to read your new post! x3

  3. Pingback: Spring in Arcadia part 1 | ☙ Lily of the Valley ❧·

    • Ahh thanks for asking me, but my town has 10 villagers right now xD Don’t worry, there’s quite a few villagers I’d like to have in my town sometime and I’m not in any particular hurry for any of them 🙂

        • Ah I hope my late reply didn’t lose you the chance to hang onto him >_< But good luck for your next villager! Have you got any from other towns before?

          • It’s alright. 😀 I guess so. It came from my friend, Usagi. 🙂 And Gaston unexpectedly moved from liam’s (another friend) town. xD then a few days later I got Merengue.. which is right next to Gaston’s house.. I feel like my old belltune villagers are moving to delltune. haha. 😆

  4. Teru, I saw that you posted on your noticeboard the 25th of December and flipped out of happiness!! 😀 Hello! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!! I’ll wait for more of your posts…
    We should wifi soon, right? Reunite our little “gang”, I miss you all so much!

    • Hi Jemma!! 😀 Happy Holidays and 2015 to you too! Man, even though I posted that, somehow the holidays are still hectic xP I’m hoping to post again asap!
      Yes we should definitely wifi again soon! I’d love to see how everyone’s towns have progressed. (Mine hasn’t changed at all :P)

      • Yay! Can’t wait to read more of your posts!
        Choco and I talked about maybe meeting this Sunday? Not sure if it’s a good day for you, especially considering all of our different timezones… Let me know if you might be able to attend! I miss all of you, can’t wait to see you sometime, even if this weekend isn’t possible 🙂

        • PS: Hopefully Amy can also attend, I have already mentioned it to her! And we haven’t really confirmed a time, although we were talking about 8pm for Choco, 2pm for me, I think it would be 8am for Amy (which is really early 😦 ) and Choco mentioned you were 2 hours ahead of her which would be 10pm for you, is that too late?
          We have such different timezones it’s hard to decide an hour! 😛

          • Ooh sounds awesome, 10pm would be great. 11pm might even be safer for me (it’s the holidays and parents would be suspicious if I “went to bed” so early 😆 ) but then again we don’t know how late the wifi will go. Hope it works out! If not I’ll still be around for a couple of weeks anyway if we need to try again 😀

            Btw I just checked up on the timezones on Google and it might be different to what you’ve got cos of daylight saving (correct me if I got any regions wrong):

            U.S. EST – 6am
            Spain – 12pm
            Phil. – 7pm
            Sydney – 10pm

          • Ahh this sucks… My parents want me to help with something tonight and I don’t know how long it’ll take 😔 I’ll pop on AC the moment we’re done and see if anyone is still around, but if not it might have to be next time for me >.<

            • Sorry!! I had to attend a family meeting, and they just told me today, so I wasn’t able to go either, agh what a disaster 😛
              I hope we can plan something out soon, can’t wait to revisit all your towns ❤

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