Here are some questions about Animal Crossing: New Leaf that I hear asked a lot.
I’ve tried to organise them into sections, but the best way to find answers is to use Ctrl+F, and search for your topic.
N.B. This page is still a work in progress – things may be added, moved around or mistakes might be found and corrected.



Is there voice chat?
❧ No.

Are there any cross-platform features?
❧ No.
❧ It is also not compatible with the Nintendo Wireless Keyboard.

The Player


How many people can share a game?
❧ 1-4 players can share a game card, which holds one town.

Can players 2-4 be the mayor?
❧ No, only the first player you create will be the mayor. Players 2-4 will be normal residents and not be able to start public works.
❧ If you delete the mayor, you will also delete the town.

Your House


Can you choose where to put your house?
❧ Yes. You are not limited to predetermined locations. The only place you can’t put it is on the beach.

Can you choose to put your house on the beach?
❧ No.

Does each player get their own house?
❧ Yes, and they each get to choose the location.

How many rooms are there?
❧ The starting house has 1 room, 4×4 squares.
❧ The final house has 6 rooms (main, left, right, back, upstairs, basement), 8×8 squares each.

How many upgrades are there?
❧ After the starter house, there are 17 upgrades.
❧ In total, there are 19 loans to pay Tom Nook.
❧ The total cost of all 19 loans is 7,595,800 Bells. Happy upgrading.

How many items can you store in your cupboard/dresser/storage?
❧ 180 items. You can also store fish and bugs.

What is the item limit per room?
❧ 48 items.

What can I customize on the outside?
❧ You can customise your roof, wall, door, fence, letterbox and pavement.
❧ You can customise your house at Nook’s new shop in the main street, Nook’s Homes.




What are the town ordinances/regulations?
❧ Beautiful Town:
Less weeds, more flowers (some planted by your villagers), no wilting
❧ Early Bird Town:
Shops open and villagers are awake an extra 3 hours at the start of the day
❧ Night Owl Town:
Shops open and villagers are awake an extra 3 hours at the end of the day
❧ Rich Town:
Buying and selling prices increase 20%

Can you change your town ordinance?
❧ Yes. It costs 20,000 Bells each time to set it.
❧ You do not start with any ordinance.

❧ Yes. However it is somewhat toned down from what it was in ACCF.

❧ Fertiliser does NOT grow your grass back. Fertiliser encourages flowers to breed and perfect fruit to grow.

What is perfect (delicious) fruit?
❧ A special, ‘upgraded’ version of your town fruit which will appear randomly by replacing a regular fruit. If you plant one, it will grow into a whole perfect fruit tree. Perfect fruits sell for 6x the price of regular fruit: 600 Bells in your own town and 3000 Bells (apiece!) if you sell it in a town with a different native fruit.
❧ Be careful! Plant too many perfect fruit trees and one of the trees might be bug-infested, and die after the first harvest! All perfect fruit trees may die after a certain number of shakes.

Can I plant the perfect fruit of another town?
❧ If you plant a perfect fruit that is not the native fruit of your town, it will grow into a regular fruit tree, not perfect.

Public Works


What are public works (community projects)?
❧ As mayor, you are able to build or install objects outdoors around your town, from things like signposts to bridges to windmills.
❧ After you choose to build something, Lloid the gyroid will appear at the chosen location to accept donations until the cost of the project is raised.
❧ When you start the game, a small list of public works is already available to build.

How do I unlock more public works to build?
❧ All towns start with a default list of available public works. To unlock the remainder (apart from a few exceptions), your villagers need to request them of you. They do this when they see you around town and run up to talk to you.
❧ The exceptions are various buildings and public building upgrades, which each have their own unique requirements to unlock.
❧ The villager requests are based on the villager’s personality and gender.

Do I have to build what a villager requested me?
No. When a villager requests you to build something, they are simply unlocking it for you. Whether you build it is up to you; the villager won’t feel bad or chase you up on it.

How many public works can you build?
❧ There is an overall limit of 30.
❧ Some public works have their own limit of how many can be built.

Can I demolish a public work I have built?
❧ Yes. It costs 10% of construction price to demolish. You cannot delete the public works that are major buildings/upgrades.

Can I build public works on the beach?
❧ No.

How many bridges can you build?
❧ There is a limit of 3.

How do I unlock the town hall redesigns?
❧ Town hall redesigns are unlocked after you gain perfect town status.

How to I unlock the station redesigns?
❧ Station redesigns are unlocked after people visit your town 100 times.



Where are the shops?
❧ Re-Tail (R. Parkers) and the café are the only shops that will be in your town.
❧ Tom Nook’s original shop (now run by Timmy & Tommy), the Ables’, Shampoodle and others are now located in the main street.

What is Re-Tail?
❧ Re-Tail is the new main shop in your town. While Timmy & Tommy will still buy your stuff, Re-Tail is closer and offer better prices.
❧ Re-Tail is a recycling shop. You and villagers can put your items up for sale there, and set your own prices.
❧ Cyrus the blue alpaca can customise your furniture, to other colour combinations or using your pattern designs.

How do QR codes work?
❧ After you befriend Sable at the Able Sisters’ shop, the QR code machine will become available for you to create and scan QR codes to share patterns.  QR codes you create are saved to your SD card.
❧ You can only make QR codes from patterns you have made.

How many patterns can you save?
❧ In addition to the 10 patterns you can keep in your pocket, the Able sisters will store up to 72 extra patterns for you. The difference is that only the 10 in your pocket can be actively used (for clothes, decorating etc). If you replace a pattern in your pocket currently in use, all instances of that pattern displayed around your town will change into the new pattern.

How do I get the Dream Suite?
❧ It is unlocked seven days after you build your first public work.
❧ You need to have a working internet connection.
❧ It costs 234,000 Bells to build.

How do I get Katrina’s shop?
❧ It is unlocked after you visit Katrina 20 times when she comes to your town.
❧ It costs 340,000 Bells to build.

How do I get the 2nd floor of the Museum?
❧ It is unlocked after you donate 20 things to the museum.
❧ You need to have donated at least 1 thing to each exhibit.
❧ It costs 198,000 Bells to build.

How do I get the Cafe?
❧ You need to have donated 50 things to the museum.
❧ Seven days need to have passed since you built the museum’s 2nd floor.
❧ It costs 298,000 Bells to build. It goes in your town.



What is the island?
❧ There is an island accessible by taking Kapp’n’s boat that is always in the summer and has some fruit, bugs and fish not found in your town.
❧ This is where you can play minigames, called Tours.
❧ It costs 1000 Bells to visit each time.
❧ The currency used on the island are medals won in the minigames playable there.

Is there a secret cave?

13 responses to “ACNL FAQ

  1. Oh cool! I heard from Gluxbox’s blog that you can go under the “manhole” community project to go to Resetti’s Base! Your blog is motivating me to researching more about the game, Better to know something than not knowing what to do when I get the game. 😛 It’s not like it has stories or anything that could spoil me right? xD Just a little guide to get me started and your blog is really helping, specially this page! 😀

    • Yes, that’s a funny community project 😛 You only unlock it after you meet Resetti, and you know how you meet him…
      I was debating whether or not to put up this FAQ and how much to put in it, since some new things are spoilerish. I tried to keep the little details to a minimum, though. It’s nicer to discover those things for yourself during gameplay 🙂

      • But I think it’s a really nice page though, If some people are stuck or don’t know what to do, they know where to go, THE FAQS! (The ‘facts’ loool)

  2. Wow, I didn’t notice this page until now, whoops. xD Thanks a lot for doing this page, Teru! 😀 It was done in such an elegant, neat, and clever fashion. It’s well-organized and informative without being spoilery — no images, and I even noticed that as examples for the community projects, you listed ones that were available in City Folk (windmill, bridge), so they aren’t really “new.” (Although I personally don’t mind spoiling myself on the community projects at all, I enjoy learning about them so that I can plan and look forward to implementing certain ones in my town. :D)

    If you plant a perfect fruit tree, will it keep producing that valuable fruit over and over every couple days? If it’s just once, it might be a bit of a hassle… and in general I find harvesting fruit a hassle (though it’ll be made easier in this game with the baskets!) In Wild World I’m not used to harvesting fruit; I’m comfortable with my couple million bells in the bank (not working towards Phyllis’s pic and all) so I just leave fruit on the trees for decoration, almost. It’ll be interesting to see how much I change that in New Leaf, though, because I’ll be completely broke with tons of debt to pay. xP Seriously, I didn’t know there was so much debt! 19? 😯 And I plan on having all four characters… I was thinking of maybe having two fully expanded mansions, though, and two not fully expanded ‘cottages.’

    • Actually I only just made this page 😀 I hope it’s easy to read… I don’t know how to do any of that fancy stuff like expand/collapsible answers.

      If you grow a perfect fruit tree, it’ll produce perfect fruit over and over 😀 Which is why there’s a catch that if you grow too many perfect fruit trees, you start finding bug-infested ones that’ll die after the first time you shake the fruit off. I’m the same, harvesting and selling fruit got so tedious! I even planted an apple orchard right outside my shops, and I’m still too lazy to sell them -.-

      I like that there’s so many upgrades and projects to pay for – it means there’s more to do over a longer period of time 😀 Also, it seems a good haul at the island can get you a few hundred thousand Bells, so money will roll in much more quickly than in WW. They even made your wallet larger 😆

  3. It’s very easy to read with the different categories, bolding, bullet points, etc. Very organized 🙂 I don’t know how to do that stuff either, or if WordPress even supports it…

    Oh okay, that’s good. If it was the other way around, I was wondering if it was even worth it to mess with perfect fruits, but I guess it is. I hope I don’t get any of those dead trees, though! They’d be good for a Halloween-themed haunted village, maybe. 😛

    I was just surprised to hear that there were so many, but I do agree! It’ll be great to work for all those goals over time. I bet I might not get a mansion too quickly because there will be stuff at the shops I want to buy, community projects, etc. Also, it’s almost a bit worthless to keep expanding if you don’t have much of anything to put in the rooms. But I’m glad that the summer-year-round Island will be both a fun place to go during WiFi and also a great way to make money. ^_^ Can’t wait to go there with you and Choco and others!

    • Ooh there’s a well-known Japanese dream village that makes great use of those dead trees… It’s very creepy and desolate >_<
      I can't wait either x3 And I can't wait to see what you and Choco have to say about the game when you get it the week before me :mrgreen: I'll be literally getting the game the day I hand in my last assignment, on the 17th!

      edit: Aww, I just read your Tumblr but I can’t reply there… sorry about your DS 😦 I guess it’s more about the sentimental value, but are you still able to play Wild World on your 3DS, or travel between your towns with another console? I always knew about the DS lite’s proneness to breaking at the hinge, but it sucks to hear it happen to someone you know 😦

      • I’ll feel a little strange posting about my NL town when there’s still people elsewhere waiting for the game! But hopefully anyone who doesn’t want to be spoiled will keep away from AC blogs starting on June 9th. I probably won’t start playing until June 10th, because I have to sign up for my classes in the Fall on the 10th, so I should be focusing on that. It also might take me a few days of resetting, who knows. >_< I'm a little nervous about picking a town! I want to be really happy with it so I don't reset later, but I also don't want to reset for ages. Hopefully it will work out…

        Aw, thanks for the concern! 🙂 I didn't know that hinge problems were common with DS Lites until recently, but it does seem to be true, I've heard that it's happened to other people (via tumblr) and google has lots of pictures that look just like mine. It still seems to be usable, but the top screen is really floppy so I sort of have to hold it up while playing. The only thing I'm not sure about in regards to playing on my 3DS is that my town is still behind, and my 3DS clock is set to real time. I haven't ever changed my 3DS clock before and I'm not sure if it'll mess stuff up like swapnotes. Plus, it won't be practical to have the time wrong when New Leaf comes out. So my town behind behind is kind of getting in the way 😐

        • Yeah, I want to choose a town and name carefully too, so it’ll be a few extra days, if I can hold out that long. I have learnt from AC:WW though that I warm up pretty easily to layouts I might not have previously planned to have. (Fruit and buildings will still bug me :P)

          Oh yeah, when I set my clock back an hour recently cos it was still running on DST, I remember I lost some small data – my Activity of that last hour (steps and software used). I don’t know if it’d work for your case and whether it’s actually good for the DS, but the “rubber band trick” is supposed to help a bit as a short-term solution in keeping the top screen in place.

          • Same here! I want a layout I’m happy with that will allow me to best landscape my desired theme/feel, triangle grass (hope I don’t have to compromise this), apples (maybe wouldn’t mind compromising this as much), and other things I might notice when resetting, like waterfalls or ramps. I wish us both luck 😛

            I’ve never heard of the rubber band trick, but google has some results about it; I’ll look into it, thanks! 🙂 It’s good to know that there are some ways of dealing with this issue.

            Btw, some really beautiful drawings on your deviantart and tumblr! I enjoyed looking through them. 😀 I love the one of the tree and the cottage amongst the foliage!

  4. Yay, I think I might’ve finally found a town I like! 😀 But I have a question before I finalize things by posting on my blog and such… There’s a bridge in my town that’s like right above the waterfall that meets the ocean, and I don’t know if it’s the ideal place I’d put a bridge. I know that you can build an additional bridge later, but could I also maybe demolish this starting one that I have, and build another somewhere else? And how many bridges can you have? Ahh sorry, that’s two questions. xP

    • Yes you can demolish your original bridge if you have a new one somewhere! You can have max 3 bridges.
      I can’t wait to seeee! x3

      edit: But the old bridge doesn’t count towards your 30 public works limit while any replacements will.

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