ACNL House Customisations

House Shapes

A list of all the house parts for customising your home 🙂 All pictures are from my Japanese guide book for AC:NL, which unfortunately doesn’t show sample houses. Picture quality is also not great, but someday when the game comes out I’ll come back and fix this page up.

Hover over to view part names and click to enlarge. They are straight translations of the Japanese names so some might sound a bit strange or differ from their English names. Numbers indicate their original order in the book, though I’m not sure why they were arranged that way.

Roofs – 5200 Bells
Walls – 5600 Bells
Doors – 4000 Bells
Fences – 3500 Bells
Letterboxes – 3600 Bells
Pavements – 2800 Bells
And lastly… Golden house parts from the HRA 🙂

Golden Castle

6 responses to “ACNL House Customisations

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to take the pictures/scan, crop the house parts, and post them so neatly their titles — I’m sure it was a lot of work! It’s so satisfying seeing all of the house parts here together on one page, mixing and matching in your head which ones would look good together. I’m pleasantly surprised by all the different walls available; I don’t only like the candy and Märchen walls, but also a lot of the plainer ones, like all the stone, brick, and wooden variations. And I was surprised to see the pavement, which I didn’t have any idea you could change! I love the gravel, pebbles, and bricks, and how some of them have different color schemes. What is the golden house from the HRA? Do they send you those parts — that you can use on your own house — if you meet certain HRA scores? Or is that like a house model? It looks pretty cool!

    • The golden parts are for use on your own house, like the other customisation parts. I’m not sure how they’re given to you (whether you ask Lyle for them or something), but you unlock the golden parts one by one as you reach the higher HRA score milestones, from 300,000 to 1,100,000!

      I looove the brick and stone options, especially for the walls, though I also like the wooden beam wall. And: roof tiles, HOORAY 😀 I’m really happy with the variety, it’ll give us lots to experiment with. I hope the 2nd to 4th characters you make can also change up their houses 😛 I think at this stage I wouldn’t be satisfied with just one house combination xP

      I actually love looking through pics of architectural designs in real life (yes, I will actually snuggle down with an architectural book or magazine or browse pictures online :P) so I really like this new aspect of Animal Crossing!

      • Oh okay, that makes sense. I like it, it’s very fairy-tale-ish and comes with a lot of parts, including a matching fence and mailbox! Because a few of the house parts look like they’re meant to match certain themes, like kiddie (colorful), robo (futuristic), mermaid, and candy, I actually thought there would be matching fences, mailboxes, walls, and roofs for all the different furniture themes, like the new ice theme (which is gorgeous), the snowman theme, the princess theme from City Folk, the mushroom theme, the lovely theme, etc., but I guess not all of them were included. There’s still a huge variety of options, though, I’m not complaining!

        That’s a good point about having multiple characters, I’d forgotten about that. 😛 I’ve saw the Sosostris blogger write once that their town feels a bit cramped with all the town projects and buildings (like the cafe and things), though, so there might not be enough room for four big player houses, but it’s something to consider; it would be nice to not have to pick between my favorite house part themes, and instead use all of them at once! 😀

        Yeah, this new feature appeals to me a lot, too! I wouldn’t have guessed that they would ever make the outside of your house such a customizable feature — I thought we were going to have those plain smooth-roof houses forever, while your neighbors had the interesting houses! xP Those simple houses are kind of an iconic image for Animal Crossing, I think, like on the AC:GC cover art.

        • Yeah, parts for each of the series would have been amazing. Maybe they didn’t have the space to do all of them. I think it’s still possible to find appropriate customisations for a good part of the furniture selection though, just not the more… unusual ones 😛 (And I just love that ice series too!)

          I’ve seen a few screenshots too of the “coziness” of the new town. There’s no longer a huge plaza before the town hall, and some villagers have no qualms about plonking their houses down right in front of it ^^; Same for the other buildings and your house. That’s why I’m planning to stake out my territory as soon as I get to xP I’m hoping community projects and hedges help. On the other hand, I like that houses will be huddled together in more areas. I always liked getting clusters of dwellings in AC:WW because that gave it a better “town” feel.

          Oh, Happy New Year, by the way! :mrgreen: Ahh, I don’t like writing 13 so many times, though -_-

        • Yeah, that’s true; as an example, I don’t see an obvious lovely wall or roof, with tons of bows, hearts, and roses, but there is a pink wall and a pink roof available, so it’s fitting enough if you wanted a lovely-matching house.

          lol, staking your claim! 😆 That reminds me that I’m still curious about how your neighbors decide where to move in. In the previous games, it was dictated by the signs around town, and I’m actually glad they’re gone now (there were waaay too many signs all over the place in City Folk, blighting the landscape 8O), but without them, now I’m not sure where the villager houses will go! 😛 I’ve seen a few people write that their neighbors moved in on top of paths they had put down. Having more buildings (though I guess you can demolish things like the cafe if you don’t want it) and clustered villager houses in this game will give quite a lovely “town” or even city feel, so I should keep that in mind when thinking what to name it or how I plan on decorating it. Probably lots of paths and appropriate outdoor furniture/decorations to make it seem organized.

          Happy new year, Teru! I hope that 2013 will be a great year for you! :mrgreen: I’ve decided that I do want to play Wild World some more before AC:3DS comes out, and not abandon it just yet. It might take a little while to get my town looking presentable again (I want to make some new patterns and re-plan my trees and flowers), but once I do, maybe we could WiFi again. 🙂 And of course, I especially look forward to New Leaf coming out this year and our future WiFi meet-ups in that game!

          • Every time I’m reminded of naming our AC:NL towns I feel absolutely clueless 😆 I’m glad I have plenty of time left to ponder it. I like the way new neighbours move in now, but it is a bit worrying, the way they seem to show up anywhere 😛 I’m the mayor, I should tell them where to go, lol!

            That’s great, have fun with that! (And I’m looking forward to WiFi-ing ^^) Once you have ongoing projects for your AC:WW town it’s pretty refreshing to keep coming back to it. I especially looked forward to playing each day when I was adding new trees to my orchard and cedar forest.

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