ACNL Public Works

A.K.A. Public Utilities, Community Projects, 公共 事業

These are the projects you can build as mayor to customise your town. To unlock everything, you need to get requests for them from your villagers. You can build a maximum of 30 projects.

N.B. Category names were arbitrary and for organisational purposes only. They don’t necessarily reflect how they are categorised in-game or their function, since it’s impossible for me to know about that at this stage.

Hover over to see rough English names!



Town Hall redesigns: To unlock you need to get Perfect Town Status

 . Station redesigns: To unlock you need to have had 100 visits by other players

 . Projects can be demolished for one tenth of construction cost.

 . Villagers’ personalities affect the projects they request.


Phew, well I was wrong for thinking this’d be a small job. I’m sure there’s still many more out there. This is everything I could find up to today via Google Images, and I’ll add more as I find them. [EDIT: List is complete now.] Excuse the blatant picture-editing on some of them 😛 Some items I could only find bad quality pics for so I cut out the items and slapped them onto the backgrounds of good pics.

Catergorising was also all over the place. I know some of them are a bit iffy (“Posts” 😛 ) and others overlap (and what the heck are wells, water pumps and wind turbines?? I feel like the word classifying them is on the tip of my tongue!).

Before I started this collection [of other people’s pics] I had no idea there was this variety of items! I just assumed, “Oh yeah, customisation items to improve your town – benches, lampposts, bridges, all that jazz.” NORMAL stuff. Then along came all these weirdest and randomest items, lol! (An oil rig??)

Despite the variety though, I feel I’ll still be quite selective about what goes in my town, and right now my wish is to keep it simple. I generally want to give it an old feeling, none of that really modern stuff 😛

Btw, aren’t the first 3 pictures cool? xP You can do a public utilities request to revamp your whole town hall! Those are the only variations wherever I look though, so I don’t know if there are any more. And the cafe is just gorgeous! It’ll be such a lovely addition to the town.

36 responses to “ACNL Public Works

  1. Wow Teru, awesome page! 😀 I haven’t seen half of this stuff! I love that you can give your town hall a makeover. Out of those three options I would probably go with the first wooden one; I hope there are more options, though… I’m not a fan of things in Animal Crossing looking too futuristic or city-like, like the third town hall or that metal looking bridge. And I’m not sure how I feel about the second one, it reminds me of the architecture of palaces in other countries and might seem a bit out of place in an Animal Crossing town for me, I don’t know, I might change my mind. I can see myself putting the rose arch, some type of fountain (didn’t know there was more than one!), a well, hot spring/geyser, and/or the greenery in my town.

    What I think is so cool about all these outdoor decorations is that in previous games people would have to make patterns of these things. For example, this Wild World town has a Victorian theme with hedges, benches, and a fountain, and I could definitely see someone doing a similar theme in New Leaf, but with everything 3D and realistic this time! :mrgreen: The aquarius fountain, benches (there are even a variety of benches, including a fancy looking one that coud work well), the shaped bushes, hedges around the homes, and neat flower beds could all come together to create that sort of theme for AC:3DS. I’ll have to think about what I want my town’s atmosphere to be like with the paths and outdoor decorations, and hopefully think of a town name and town map that would be appropriate for that feel. I don’t have a strong idea yet. :/ It’s great that this stuff can be demolished and rebuilt, too, that takes a lot of stress off for me because it’s not permanent.

    By the way, I hope you don’t mind that I added this blog to my blogroll. Now it’s not just a work in progress, you’ve got a few great informational posts and pages! But feel free to let me know if you would rather it not be on my blogroll 🙂

    • Yeah it’s so cool you can change your whole town hall, I didn’t expect those to show up in the community projects! I really hope they’ll have a couple of Western-style designs. The current one is already a pretty standard Western-style town hall, though, so I shouldn’t complain 😛 The blog I got the futuristic town hall off said it was a ‘school’ design, but it still looks pretty funny as a town hall. I’ll probably opt for something a little less lop-sided 😆

      I don’t have much worked out yet either, but I sort of know what feel I want for my town (something that probably involves lots of street lamps, red roses, and wrought iron :mrgreen: ) But with all that space available, I would probably end up with different atmospheres around different areas (which tends to happen anyway when you’re trying to preserve all your flowers but picky about which ones you want in certain parts).

      That town was pretty impressive, as well as the video o_o If it’s possible to make hedges with the shrubs they’ve introduced in AC:NL, I’d really love to make a little enclosed park, where I could use all the greenery items and fountain/s ^_^ It’s a pity I haven’t heard of any instances where items could be rotated (such as the bench).

      Thanks for adding me (again :P) to your blogroll! I should probably add it to ACWW Happiness as well now, since a couple of our blogging friends seemed to be set on getting New Leaf ^^

      • That’s true, the default town hall(s) aren’t too bad either if you just prefer something simple. I might just keep it like that if none of the remodeling options suit my town. I’ve decided that I like the Märchen decorations (the bridge, clock, and bench), and actually, I think the palace town hall I said I was unsure about would match those items best because they have similar color schemes. 😛 I’ll have to think about it. I noticed a few new additions, most particularly the new station! 😮 It looks like it’s meant to match the palace town hall to me, so I guess there will be matching town hall/train station sets for all the styles. Ooh, I think the bell is new, too, or I didn’t notice it before, I like that a lot.

        That town feel sounds lovely, I can see it now! 🙂 The iron bench would be a good fit for that. And having different atmospheres in different parts of town is a good idea tooo. I got that impression from your AC:WW town, with my favorite area of the pastel flowers, the red tulip clearing in the cedars, the colorful pansies, Tortimer’s romantic rose spot, etc.

        I hope outdoor items can be rotated, I didn’t think of that! If they can’t be rotated, I guess it’s not a disaster though.

        I don’t know why, I think it’s hilarious you can put Stone Henge in your town 😆

        • Yeah, I didn’t pay much attention to the Märchen bridge and bench at first, but once the station and clock turned up the series started showing its charm 😛 (I think the clock’s adorable x3) Now that town hall and station makeovers have shown up in the form of public works, though, I’m not sure anymore about the town hall colour scheme being changeable after settling on a town. I guess it turns out this is how you change it, so what you start with is what you get. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter much anymore, if you can turn it into something better ^_^ And yes, the bell is new 😀 I don’t care how – I’m working that bell into my town’s plan! xP

          Lol it’s crazy in general you can have any of those famous monuments in an Animal Crossing town 😛

        • The Märchen bench is the first item that made me take notice of the series, I like it a lot! But some of the pieces are hit and miss for me. I was excited to see the new lamp you added (it’s awesome how you keep this page so updated! :)), but I made it bigger and the lamp just seemed so thin, like it would be better for a lamp in a room than outside. But overall I think the Märchen/fairytale aesthetic will appeal to me a lot, I love the look of the grand castle gate train station. 🙂 It also looks like a Japanese outdoor series is unfolding, I wonder how many series there are 😮 Dare I hope for a candy outdoor series? 😛

          I’ve seen on (the main AC:3DS blog I’ve been going back to the past week or two) that neighbors will suggest things to add, like recently Margie requested the curved red brick bridge. So I wonder if you don’t have much of a choice of what items and buildings to implement at first…? It will probably take a while before we can start putting a bunch of Märchen/Japanese/candy/whatever series items everywhere (which is probably good, makes it more of a journey and more rewarding at the end).

          • I’ve been bumping into Sosostris quite a lot too. The blogger there has so much valuable information. I think so, too; it seems your community projects are very limited at first (otherwise items for this page wouldn’t be trickling in so slowly :P). All the projects available on the list are supposedly “requests” from your town’s residents, which I think is reasonable, so aside from the few that have set requirements, I think you’ll just have to wait for them to show up.

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  3. Oh my gosh, I’m surprised you got so much information! I think I already know what i’m going to put in my town but they all seem so pricey— 99800 for a fountain? Oh gosh. xD

    Also, the fountain looking project filled with flower looks amazing. 😮

    • Yeah I’m really looking forward to having some of these in my town! ^_^ They’re pricey but making money in ACNL is much easier than before. Still a bit pricey, but in real life these things aren’t cheap to install, either 😛

      That’s the flower clock ^^ It’s a special project that gets unlocked by achieving a perfect town.

      • Yeah, I decided I would have the rich town ordinance on the first days in my town, so double the price when selling. but also buying too (but it’s not like I have to rush things and buy new furniture on the first days. xD) and after i saved up a lot, I’ll be changing it to the beautiful town ordinance. 😀 Amy said flowers won’t die in that ordinance?

        I would love to have that flower clock! It’ll look nice for tiny gardens and such.

        • I think it’s only a 20% price increase, but it’s not a bad plan 😀 (But actually town ordinances themselves cost 20,000 bells to enact, so first you need to make that ^^; )

          It’s not too hard to make money, because of a couple of things:

          The island – It’s always summer there. It costs 1000 bells to go there each day but you can catch soo much good stuff to bring back and sell.

          Perfect fruit – Sometimes on your native fruit trees you will get a “perfect fruit”, which you can plant to grow more. They sell for 600 in your town, but 3000 in another town!

  4. Hey Teru! Feel free to not answer write away if you’re busy, but I’ve been thinking about the community projects I want to work towards in my town, and I’m a little unsure about what counts as a community project towards the limit of 30. I had to choose to build the Dream Suite and pay for it, and I think Isabelle called it a community project, but it seems more like another shop on Main Street than a community project like a bench. So do things like the Dream Suite, Katrina’s shop, museum second floor, train station/town hall remodels, and cafe all count towards the 30 project limit? If so, I guess building those things will quickly put a bit of a dent on the projects allowed. 😛 At least I’m not planning to build all of them; I don’t really think I want the Resetti Center or police station, and maybe I could even do without Katrina’s shop. (Unless there’s something especially important/valuable you can do in her shop.) I don’t know, I’m not really big on the fortunes, but I guess I could build it anyway…

    Also, I was curious if you were planning on building the campsite. It’s permanent, so building it makes me nervous, and when looking through the list here, the look of it doesn’t greatly appeal to me compared to some of the other projects. I’d rather be able to have another lamp post instead of the campsite, for example. But I found out recently that the campsite has the fairly huge functionality of allowing summer campers and winter igloos in your town. I loved these in AC:GC and it would be awesome to have them again! And I’m sure the campsite could look nice if you make the area around it fitting, like have cedar trees and woodland flowers (and I think having the well nearby would be cute!). But still, I could probably live without it… and again, it’s permanent. D: What do you think about it?

    • Had to go to Liquefy for help on that one 😛 Apparently, they don’t count! ^_^

      You can build a maximum of 30 Public Works, not counting the following:
      …Police Station
      …Reset Surveillance Center
      …Dream Mansion
      …Museum Reconstruction
      …Fortune-Telling Mansion
      …Station Renovations
      …Town Hall Renovations
      Even after your town has reached the maximum, you can still do any of the above
      list of “not counting” Public Works, including Station Renovations and Town
      Hall Renovations.

      Either way though, I would have built Katrina’s shop, to complete the main street 😛 Luck also plays a much more prominent role in ACNL, doing more than just make you fall over, and rather than cursing you this time, Katrina tells you how to get better luck. (I saw someone with bad luck shake down 5 beehives in a row.)

      I don’t know about the campsite either. I originally assumed I would have it, but until now I still don’t have any concrete plans about here to have it. Like you said, I don’t find it especially good-looking, and it’s a bit mismatched with the rest of our town themes for the majority of the time. I do like it when it’s an igloo, though! And even if the tent/campsite has a different feel to the rest of town, you can definitely make it look very nice depending on how you decorate the area. I think I will still build it eventually, but since I haven’t reached a decision yet, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it 🙂

      • Thanks for the research and answer — wow, wasn’t what I expected! Great news! 😀 Yeah, guess I’ll definitely be building Katrina’s shop then, when it becomes available. On my first visit she told me that polka dot rain boots were my lucky item, but I didn’t have them at the time. Now I do, but I guess they’re not lucky anymore.

        Thanks for the advice! 🙂 Telling you these things and hearing your response helps clear my head a bit. 😛 I guess I’ll do the same, I’ll put off building it until I’m sure of a good location (or forever, if I decide not to build it). It’d just be a shame to put the campsite in this wonderful location, only to find out later that you’d rather have something prettier like a hot spring or flower clock there! If I build it, I guess I’d try to find a good place on the side of my town with the town tree (because I’d like for that side to be more natural/earthy).

  5. my villagers have not requested anything, and I’m kinda annoyed because I want a fairy tale bridge and some other stuff, and I thought they might start requesting if i built some stuff, and I built a bridge, a fountain, a yellow bench, and the dream suite but they have not requested…. Please help!

    • It sounds like you only recently started your AC:NL town, so I would say you just need to have some patience. Otherwise, Amy at A Forest Life has said some great tips on how to increase chances of getting requests. I’ve been playing since June and so far I’ve only received a handful of requests, only two of which being things I want, and I don’t particularly see the need to rush it more than that. After you play AC:NL for a while you’ll get the hang of when to walk in front of a villager to trigger an errand from them (redo catchphrase, delivery, item ask or sale, public work etc.), and then you can look up which personalities will request the types of projects you want (check online; there’s plenty of info) and try to get more requests from them.

        • Fixed. Oh sorry, I’m one of the people who sort of see something like a year as playing an AC game “a long time”. Anything like a couple of months feels quite recent to me for a game with such longevity.

          • um, I’m making a room in the museum full of instruments, and I wondered if you could help out, because I have no musical intruments at all! (I’ll trade you something good for 6 instruments)

            • Sounds like a cool idea 😀 Unfortunately, I don’t have any instruments right now either. For an easy way of collecting new items, I recommend you take your 3DS out to get streepasses, and then scout the HHS showcase houses for furniture you can order. Otherwise maybe you can make a thread asking for items on the ACC. People are very helpful there and always ready for a good trade.

              • Would you like to visit my town tomorow? If Courtney, Amy, and kiki come on maybe we can have a wifi party, and i’ve just realized we have a time difference of 9 hours i reckon, so does 8:00 am tomorow good for you?

                • Whoops sorry I didn’t see this. I wouldn’t have been able to come anyway, because I had class. Thanks for the invitation anyway and hope you had fun.

                    • Actually I’m really busy with assessments for uni >_< So I don't know if I can WiFi. If I see your gates open whenever I play then I'll come over for a bit, but if not, then no :/

                    • I need to ask a question.

                      I heard something lately in Courtneys post.
                      If i went to mcdonalds, (fast food place) went to pelly and asked for dlc, would she give me a macdonald dlc? because I think Courtney got a macdonald dlc.

                    • It would make more sense for you to ask Courtney about it, but it should be the Nintendo Zone DLC. So far there have been 2 types of DLC for both regions (US and Europe): regular DLC that you can get at home (usually once a month), and Nintendo Zone DLC you can get when connected to a Nintendo Zone hotspot (usually twice a month). You can connect to the Nintendo Zone at participating locations such as Best Buy and McDonald’s.
                      You can also get the Nintendo Zone DLC from home if you trick the 3DS by creating a WiFi connection with the name of the Nintendo Zone hotspot, so look into that if you’re interested.

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