My first WiFi visit(s)!

Omggg it’s been so long that I’m posting about memories from over a year ago! I know I’ve voiced the sentiment before, but it comes to a point where you’re almost letting your pictures tell you what happened. This is probably what it’s like when your grandma sits you down with her photo album to retell her life story.

Well to start us off in our first post back from hiatus, this post is all about the first couple of times I got to wifi with my old AC friend Amy. I was SUPER excited for this, since we hadn’t wifi’ed since my New Leaf days and we had hyped each other up plenty in the lead up to New Horizons.

I don’t think there was really much to see or do in my town (though Amy definitely got a kick out of my snapping turtles 😆), so most of my photos are from her island Ithaelia, which way back in the early days already had some very pretty spots, especially for admiring the cherry blossoms! She also introduced me to the beauty and calm of the 5am mornings.

It was on one of these visits to Amy’s island that I discovered the glitch of how to hide the UI when using the camera, enabling you to take uncluttered videos of camera footage. This was way back in early April, so the actual functionality of hiding the UI wouldn’t be out for another three months.

It was all because of this tulip surprise box in one of Amy’s residential areas. I wanted to take a photo of the princess inside before she disappeared, so I snapped a pic immediately upon opening the camera, which of course glitched the UI into not loading in.
I promptly used this new-found knowledge to take videos of my two favourite spots in early-Ithaelia:

I loooved the combination of the pink and the spring bamboo in this little spot!

(The crackling is from the fire in the stove.)

I pretended to have tea in this spot like a sophisticated lady in my ridiculous newly-acquired Easter dress.

I also really liked this camping spot in the woods. (I wish you could do a funny dance by the bonfire.)


And here were our two houses at the time 😊
(Whoooa since when could you put two pictures side-by-side?)

Time to eat! (Or time for bed?) This was such a cute and cozy kitchen!

Taking in the peaceful sunrise for a moment.
I think these early days visiting Ithaelia actually persuaded me that hyacinths were in fact a very pretty flower.

Thanks for visiting and having me over, Amy! 😊 (Even though this is like 13 months late, haha!)


2 responses to “My first WiFi visit(s)!

  1. These memories ahhh ❤ ❤ Thank you for sharing them!!
    So sweet to look back on all the little things I tried to whip up in my island when I didn't really know what I was doing! I do still like that entrance with the cherry blossoms and shell fountains, looks dreamy with whatever filter you used. I loved all our early NH-days WiFis together as we hustled for cute dresses at Ables and whatnot!

    • Yes, lovely memories ☺️ Haha I was really impressed by your early-game landscaping, it was so carefully and prettily done while mine was a literal mishmash of my newest learned recipes. Then Ithaelia was like, “THIS ISN’T EVEN MY FINAL FORM!” 😂

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