Bridges and Babsi

Some more pictures and events that didn’t make it into the last post. One more post after this and I’ll be caught up with the present ^_^ (That doesn’t include the HUGE chunk of pictures I mentioned in the Town Update post though -_-)

163 HNI_0034

“One only needs to wait long enough, and he is guaranteed to catch something.”
I don’t know about that, I just thought the scene was pretty 😛

163 HNI_0045

So the main even of this post… I decided it was time to put a bridge out the front of my café!
There were pros and cons to having one here, but in the end I decided beautifying the area and adding easier access to the café outweighed the cons of extra grasswear and… extra grasswear.

163 HNI_0048

Where the bridge joins the other bank.

163 HNI_0081

In the meantime, my villagers inform me of a suspicious character sprawled out on the beach. (Well actually they somehow knew him by name and didn’t say he was suspicious at all.) I got a Manneken Pis statue who now stands proudly at my front door ready to greet guests.

163 HNI_0084

Having a bigger tree now makes the side of the plaza feel like a footpath through a park instead ^_^

164 HNI_0048

I think Wart Jr’s was our first birthday in New Arcadia? I gave him a bonsai which I think he likes.

164 HNI_0071

The next day: “Astounding, Rain! I like your house even better than Wart Jr’s!” 😆

165 HNI_0012

The arapaima looks bigger than the sharks…
I’m really bad with this fish’s name. I know it’s arapaima now (for the moment), but I usually can’t decide from arapaima, aiparama and araipama. Whenever I caught one in ACWW I’d call it aiparama in my head.

165 HNI_0097

Wow, Shrunk’s response to this snack is: Delicious! But I think he got back at me by giving me the crying emotion.

166 HNI_0006 + 157 HNI_0050

A followup from a picture in the last post – here is a comparison between the grasswear then (5th Aug) and now (19th August, where Rain has orange hair). It’s like the amount of grasswear remained the same, but the edges just consolidated…

A couple more pics I dug up from the last fireworks show:

163 HNI_0016

I think I like the flower boppers best 🙂 I get bitten on this bridge a lot.

163 HNI_0029

Lots of cool colours.

THE BRIDGE IS DONE!   Done with a D. Cos I read it as a G before…

164 HNI_0035

Celebratory cup of coffee! GLUG GLUG GLUG WHOO xD

163 HNI_0088


165 HNI_0034

The other side, where I only moved a few flowers. I don’t really want to make this side all grand like the bridge at the plaza, especially since I don’t really want to use this bridge as a thoroughfare to the town gate, as convenient as that would make things. It’s just a little out-of-the-way bridge to visit the café 🙂
You probably also noticed that you’re only guided onto one half of the bridge 😆

163 HNI_0078-80

Some nice advice from Baabara. I’ve been planning to go on a trip to Europe at the end of this year, so it felt like she was talking to me directly when she advised me to explore as much of the world as possible in my youth, before priorities change.

“I travelled before, climbed mountains, visited museums and tasted the most unspeakable dishes. These days, I prefer to laze on the beach and grumble about there being no moussaka…”

164 HNI_0080

Back on the plaza bridge, playing with bubbles ^^ This is why I get bitten by mosquitoes 😆
I got the bubble blower from streetpassing with myself. I think you get it on the 6th time you streetpass with the same person.

163 HNI_0056

A peaceful moment under the town tree.
I feel like Baabara’s one of my oldest townies from Wild World, even though she moved away in the end. I liked her then and I like her now.

164 HNI_0077

I got a mushroom! x3 I made this little quiet area just off the upper-right corner of the plaza. It’s surrounded by the river and trees.

164 HNI_0075

Last picture. Because Baabara is cool.

One more post tomorrow 😛


2 responses to “Bridges and Babsi

  1. I guess our similar town tree plazas aren’t the only thing our towns have in common, we both also have a brick bridge as the entrance to the Cafe across the river (except I haven’t built the Cafe yet — waiting for Robin to move out). So I can relate to your dilemmas; I was wondering whether or not I should try to set up a (dirt) path connecting the bridge, Cafe, and the area in the upper part of town (which includes the town hall, train station, etc.). Also, the bridge is two spaces wide, so setting up a two-space-wide path to the one-space wide doorway to the Cafe seems a little awkward… I like how you handled that with the stepping stones and tulips forming a one-space-wide path. 🙂

    That comparison gif is cool to see — the grass/dirt border in the second picture does look a lot neater! That would definitely be the ideal look of an organized, neat dirt path. Ahh, the bubble blower is so cute! 😀 I got a yellow balloon from my dad in the HHA showcase, I guess it was from streetpassing.

    Wow, a trip to Europe, exciting! 😀 I hope you have a great time! It’s cool how Baabara seemed to be talking directly to you, my neighbors never seem to say anything that interesting. xP

    • It’s a very tempting place to put a bridge x3 I can imagine many people with such nooks in their towns wanting to create some sort of feature there with a bridge or three. I was hoping to get by without one, but it was always really awkward getting to the cafe by looping around the back, and also having the cafe just out of sight from the opposite bank was frustrating >_<
      It's a pity things like the bridge and arches can't be properly centered depending on their use. I wish you could place things on the half-square, lol.

      Thanks! It's still a while and whole lotta semester work away though. Come to think of it, the idea to travel at the end of the year came after my mum gave me the same advice Baabara did: do these sorts of things while you're young and have the energy 😀

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