Part VI

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Part VI of the original Welcome to Arcadia post.


0 DAY 15


Woohoo, museum 2nd floor unlocked!
I didn’t unlock this right after donating the Venus statue because apparently you have to have talked with Blathers for 14 days first.


Oh cool, she tells you the name and town of your last dream visitor 🙂


Yeah, of course the one time I buy turnips results in a record low in the stalk market >.>

0000784 0000785-786

Katrina’s first visit! What a specific item…

0000787 0000787b

No. Again.

0000788 0000794

I didn’t plan on making any patterns, but I was messing around trying to make a pattern that could blend in with the grass since no single colour matches it, and after I got a couple colours and scribbled them in together, it sorta worked xD So then I tried out a stepping stone effect that I’ve been wanting to try in New Leaf.

It might be more trouble that it’s worth to do seriously, though, since there’s too much variation in ground texture in this version. In some places you’ll practically have to have patterns made specifically for that spot.


My present from Katie was a world map! Which I then remade here into the vintage version.





I can’t resist taking pictures at sunset 🙂

Day 16

0 DAY 16


I wanted to try out the wrought iron fence, but I think it’s another step back from the stone wall 😛


I didn’t keep the stepping stones near my house, but I put some here, which is the path I have to take every day to go to and from my house.


Saying good-byes to Lily.

0000831 No DIfference

I don’t know where the museum expansion went… cos it’s still the same size.


Can you say kitsch? But I liked the frame so I bought it, then tried remaking 😛


Ehh not much better.


Jungle floor and ivy wall.


Balloon I can’t shoot. I had the slingshot in Old Arcadia but I figured I had plenty of time to collect those balloon items anyway so I didn’t bring it over. On top of that, I don’t really like the balloon series.

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